Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Roundup: All about Juice

Spewing the Juice:
This week I've been down for the count with either food poisoning  some sort of 48 hour stomach flu, or quite honestly my innards finally rejecting all of the pop tarts and cheap wine I throw down there.  Starting Tuesday mid day, I didn't feel well and ended up barfing most of the night.  So, that was fun.  Top it off with around 6 hours of naps on Wednesday and I was full blown sick!

Obviously, I haven't done much running,which likely means I'm going to log a handful of sub 25 mile weeks for the first time in oh my god I think I'm getting slow!!! not long enough.  As much as I joke about getting slow, I know that I'm omg I need to go run intervals NOW basically fine. I'll just need to double down on EPO a bit over the next few weeks and get back into racing form.  Which, I did today - with a 8 miler at 7:31 pace that made me want to puke my innards out.  Hmmm.

Doing the Juice: 
The response to my post was about what I expected it would be. Nearly everyone said that they wouldn't cheat - myself included.  But, what if your job depended on it like it does for the top tier professional athletes?

For example, I personally think that medical marijuana is a farce created by the Frito-Lay corporation to increase the consumption of Funyuns - the disgusting fried onion "chip".  Who ELSE would eat those things except for stoners?   However, I make my living typing on a keyboard creating billions of dollars per week authoring this blog working on a laptop.  If for some reason my hands were paralyzed and for some reason medical marijuana could cure me, you bet your ass I'd buy a case of Snickers bars and would throw on the Bob Marley.  If my livelihood depended on it, I'd bend my morals. Just like I suppose some elite athletes choose to.  I like to think I wouldn't either, but then... would I?

Brian @ Earn Your Donuts made a great point in his comment.... putting yourself in a different situation brings all sorts of moral dilemmas....

Drinking the (watered down apple) Juice:  Errrr, my son likes apple juice.  Or milk, which I call "muscle juice".
If you don't have kids, ignore this part and scroll up to the barfing story.  If you do have kids, roll your eyes at someone else posting pictures of their kids and go post some of your own on Facebook.  Because that is what GOOD parents do, they post their kids and then roll their eyes at other parents.  Circle of life.

Last weekend my son and I ventured to one of the local pumpkin patches.  There were donkeys, (didn't like), goats (also didn't like), pigs (liked too much), and even baby chickens (didn't like but giggled when I made him pet them).  We did all the normal pumpkin patch stuff and he had a BLAST.

On the hayride!  Although, he was less interested in hay and more interested in the big fun tractor

I'm pretty sure this straw bale maze was 2 year old size

Time spent w/ pumpkins? 5 min. 
Time spent playing in the play house? 15 min.

If you only knew how long this picture took to set up...

Pumpkin patches take a lot out of you!
(I might have been doing the same thing behind the camera - complete w/ belly shot)


Sue's Ramblings said...

Your son is way too cute!

Jen said...

he really is adorable

Kathy said...

MORE KID PICTURES!!! It has been WAY too long.

Runner Dad said...

Looks like you guys had fun together! We just took my 8 week old pumpkin picking...he slept the whole time!

Renee said...

He is adorable!!

Renee said...

He is adorable!!

Jess said...

He's getting so big!