Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Quick Turn Run

Not all runs are destined to have the perfect setup.  Life gets in the way and causes less sleep than we should get, maybe a little bit of post happy hour dehydration (ok maybe a lot), or maybe just something that throws us off our game like a new sex swing timing.  Over the last 24 hours, I’ve experienced all three in what I am calling the quick turn run – running at night, and then immediately again the next morning.

The concept of a “quick turn” is taken from the airline industry.  Where, while running a bit behind, the ground crew will try as hard as possible to get people off of the plane, restock the barf bags and complimentary mile high club condoms in the bathrooms, and get the old ladies with walkers on for the next flight as fast as possible.  Why they don’t try to do this all the time....

Because of some scheduling issues, I wasn’t able to run Wednesday morning.  No worries – even though I am a morning runner and any run in the afternoon usually makes me feel like I want to barf, I really needed to get in some miles. So, I had planned on doing it in the evening.  But then, a happy hour was scheduled...which turned into a work dinner...which then turned into a big nice dinner.  Oyy.  I could have given myself LOTS of excuses (and, to be fair, I have many times before)....But this time I couldn’t.  I HAD to run, so 3 sangrias and 1 glass of wine later, I was fueled and ready to run!

The run SUCKED.  It was 6 bloated, heart burn inducing, gag reflex testing miles (kind of like all of my first dates!).  But, I was basically on pace, I didn’t die, and I have 6 miles under my belt for the week. Beautiful.

But this morning, 7 hours later and on 6 hours of sleep, I ran 9 more miles. It wasn’t the best run in the world, but it wasn’t shitty. (Both literally (I didn’t shit my pants) and figuratively (it didn’t suck too bad)).  In fact, I negative split it with an overall pace of 7:19.

While not something to do all the time, running evening and then morning CAN be done.  I’ve found....

  • Fueling: Odds are, if you’re running after a big dinner you’re plenty fueled.  Go lighter on the water to avoid any extra “volume” to be barfed up
  • Sleep: Get as much as you can between the runs, but know that the night after you’re going to need to get a little extra
  • Stretch: Going to bed right after a run is BAD, but try to make it as good as possible by giving your legs a good stretch workout before sleeping.
  • Difficulty: The second run will feel harder than you’re used to, but as long as you don’t have speedwork, you’ll be fine.  Running isn’t supposed to be easy 100% of the time.
  • Listen to your body: If you feel injured before you start the second day - don't go. 

Any other tips that I’m missing here?


Jamoosh said...

Isn't this the same as run in the morning and run in the evening except reversed?

If it takes me three times to do word verification does that mean I might be part robot?

Adam Ricklefs said...

Normally when I'd do a morning and then evening run in the same day, they'd be 14ish hours apart (5am and 7pm). These were 7 hours tops (10pm and 4am).

I need to turn that word verification off.... the spam bots were BAD the last few days!

Carilyn said...

Love the blog! I have to admit, I almost puked when I saw that stretching photo, but was able to pull myself together (but will have to spend many hours of therapy trying to erase it from my memory:) ). Love the tips, as I seem to spend an inordinate time feeling like I'm going to puke while I'm running :)

Anonymous said...

Omg that chick in the photo is horrifying...I hope it's fake!?! I always do a friday night/saturday morning run...cause I'm a loser with no life...

pensive pumpkin said...

I'd like to point out the existential crisis in your "what keeps me going" section. It's freaking me out.

And I'd also like to add- racing hungover is bad too. Muy bad. No matter how smart it seems while you are drunk the night before.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Fuel up after the evening run and then immediately get into bed/put your feet up.