Friday, October 12, 2012

10 random things about my running & FFF

This last week post St George, UT marathon has been ROUGH.  Not only did the downhills destroy my quads to the point of not being able to walk on Sunday, but I also seem to have tweaked my hamstring.  So, while I ran 4 miles on Thursday, I am taking today off to try to rest.  Lots of stretching, rolling, and cursing at my leg to make it hurry up and heal.  Some of it is working, most of it isn’t.  I’m likely going to bike on Saturday and try running again on Sunday.  Hopefully. 

Recently, Phoenix run-blogger Missy tagged me to tell 10 random things about myself.    Since this is mostly a running blog, I decided that it would be best served if I made my 10 random things about running!

I didn’t run in high school or middle school.  Period.  The only reason I ran was if I had to pee really really bad or if I was doing the Presidential Fitness test and had to run a mile.  I remember the basketball coach telling me that I should consider track, but looking back I have to think that was sort of like someone saying “you have to smell this, it smells HORRIBLE!”  He was trying to pawn me off so I wouldn’t try to join HIS team!  If your sport has balls, I’m likely not going to know what to do with it. (For the record, goes with lots of things that involve balls)

I “started” running during a summer internship in college (in Normal, IL). I would run along a rails-to-trails path in shoes that I used to mow the lawn. I promptly developed horrible shin splints. This was the first time that I was 100% responsible for my own meals, etc so the running basically fueled my oven chicken nugget and French fry habit.  After that internship, I didn’t run for distance again for another 4 years.

I “started again” after going to the doctor for my first ever physical and finding out that I had high blood pressure.  Blood pressure that was far too high for a 24 year old to ever have. It was 180/100.  Oyy. I was sent home with a blood pressure monitor, a stern lecture about losing weight, and the threat of blood pressure lowering medicine.  As soon as I found out that there were sexual side effects of that, I KNEW that I had to do something.  Lord knows I don’t want any decreased “performance” in that area!  Can you go negative on the “performance” scale?

I’ve lost 50 pounds using the Subway diet and running.  I joke that I used the Subway diet, but looking back for a period of about 8 or 10 months, I’ll bet I ate it 7 or 8 times a week.  I was traveling M-Th for work, so it was either a fairly healthy sandwich or a trip down the cholesterol choo choo train.  First stop: butter.

The very first time that I put on a race bib was at the Kansas City Marathon.  I love this fact because it shows how stupid I was thinking that I would just sign up for a marathon and be totally fine.  I ran that race with a $10 walmart timex watch that I still own and nothing else.

I now NEVER run without my Garmin 910XT.  Praise data, GPS be thy name.

I essentially ran/walked the last 8 miles of that first marathon. Oyy!

Somewhere along the way I’ve won 2 races and placed in an age group in another. They were both SUPER small races where all of the fast people went to a different race in town the same weekend. Winning a race was fun, but it was HARD.  It was essentially like a track session, all by myself

Unfortunately, I’ve had nearly every running injry you can have.  Stress fracture, shin splints, slightly ruptured tendon, strained muscles, hamstring, quad, plantar fasciitis, IT band.  BLARG!!!  Fortunately, 90% of those are before I became a “smart” runner and decided to take rest days when I needed them vs just pushing through pain.

Over an hour separates my personal worst marathon (Chicago 2008, 4:05:49) and my best marathon (Eugene 2012, 3:04:00).


Alright, since I can’t really count and today is Friday, I figure we can probably stop with the facts and we can get on to the funny foto Friday.

RIP Neil. He was a rather quiet guy, but apparently HILARIOUS.

 I literally laughed out loud at this one

Finally, recently I went out to eat w/ my team at a restaurant near Arizona State Univ.  October has always been one of my favorite months, but I have to think that the Octoberfest celebration might just make it a little bit better.  Happy Friday!

IronChad noted that I got the "Lady Size"


Chad Chisholm said...

Fact: 10 is a hot movie. It aged well.

Nobel4Lit said...

Fun facts! My PW and PB marathon gao is over an hour, too. Hoping to increase that even more!

Nobel4Lit said...

^^in the positive way

thekidlesskronicles said...

I just moved to the South Mountain area. Where is the place that serves beer that big????

The Kidless Kronicles

Quix said...

That is one tiny beer you've got there, and you look really sad to be holding it! :)

Hoping to set my personal worst marathon time in a few weeks! (It's my first :D)

Rachel said...

Didn't your momma teach you how to chug?

Thomas said...

The fact that your worst marathon beats my best marathon makes me slightly ill. Especially since I knew you in the pre-runner days (seriously, could there be two less likely candidates from our high school to turn into marathoners as the two of us?).

Adam Ricklefs said...

Tom - the answer to your question is NO!!! I think if there was a vote, no one would have picked us in a million years.

Jen said...

that's a good looking beer right there... another great post - fun to read your running facts.

Crystal said...

You went to college near where I live! Yay boring cornfields of central Illinois. :)

Pat said...

Your worst is better than my best too. Your diet is probably better than mine. Those Five Guy burgers and fries can't be bad, can they?

But, my blood pressure has never been an issue, so I got one thing going for me.

pensive pumpkin said...

I love it when you say things like this. It makes me feel there might be hope for me yet! : )

Sue's Ramblings said...

Wow! That really a huge mug of beer! But hey, it's Friday and Oktoberfest! Have a great weekend Adam.

Jamoosh said...

You call that a beer? Looks like a shot to me...

Liberty said...

I've got to ask... When & where was your internship? I grew up about 15 miles from Normal and worked at the Walmart near ISU's campus for a year or so before heading out of state.

More important... Love reading your blog!

Adam Ricklefs said...

Liberty - I can't figure out how to email you, but I was at State farm summer of 2001 and lived VERY near that Walmart that you worked at!!