Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speed session verbiage defined

This past Tuesday, like I promised last week, I ran at night.  But, to add insult to injury, not only did I run at night but I also ran with the jogging stroller!  It was like not only getting arrested for urinating in public, but getting to jail and realizing that the other drunk guy in the holding cell just got back from a political convention.  “Do you know why America is the best? Because we’re...uhhh....'MERCIA!  UUUU SSSS AAAA!!!”  **hiccup**

It was “only” a 5 mile run, but because my jogging stroller is slightly out of alignment it seemed much much longer.  I’ll bet I had to lift it and correct the trajectory just short of 18 BILLION times.  In fact, my arm is sore today as a result.  But, pace was solid @ 7:36, although my son started to squirm around the 3 mile mark and then fell asleep around mile 4.25.


Runners have all sorts of fun terms that make us feel better than everyone else. Pace work, track session, fartlek, booty shorts – each tell everyone that we are indeed special and should be treated as such.  Sort of like saying that something is “Vegan” or is “Certified Organic”.  Just typing that makes me feel better about myself .

One of the most confusing?  Track work.  Take this simple set of Yasso 800s that I gave to one of the gals that I coach.  Might as well have told me that a three four defense is good, but not if you blitz the A-gap. Confusing. (Football on the mind)

So anyway, I thought that I would try to decode what the crap the above meant. I remember years back I had a bit of a lightbulb moment when I was reading Runner’s World and they described it. So, hopefully I’m turning on the headlights for someone (wait, that sounds wrong). There are many variations, but overall they are to mean the following:

Kiss my Yasso
10x800: This would be your “fast” section.  In this case, do 10 reps of 800 meters.  (2 laps of a track or approx half a mile).  I have folks do 400,800,1200, and 1600 lengths, but anything works here.
8:00/mile pace: This is ‘how’ fast you run your fast sections.  This can be in seconds, too: 12x 400 in 80 seconds (5:00 pace).
400 recovery: Basically the distance that you easy run (some people might call it “jog”), gasping for breath counting down the seconds until your next fast part.  This could also be minutes rest... As in “10x800 @ 8:00 pace w/ 2 min rest”

So, the above workout would likely include a warm up mile or so, running half a mile at 8:00, running quarter a mile easy (likely around 10:00 pace) and repeating that 9 more times for a total of ten.  If you puke, you need to eat fewer brownies.

There you have it!  Don’t you feel smarter?  If so, yay!  If not, then go text a friend that you’re eating organic Greek yogurt. That’ll make you feel better.


pensive pumpkin said...

thank you.

signed, yasso noob

: )

Gracie said...

I could never understand track workouts for the longest time. That's why I never ran them for the longest time.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Do you schedule a track session every week/2 weeks? Or do it whenever you feel like it?

Jamoosh said...

You could start a second career: alignment of strollers...and shopping carts.

LifeisaRun said...

We don't wanna eat fewer brownies!! We feel smarter - yay! We've been meaning to do Yasso's but still haven't ever really! Must change. We're still gonna text a friend that we are eating Greek yogurt. Just 'cuz!

Jen said...

It's only the past week I actually learned of Yasso, I think I do them and call them speed intervals lol.

amyrichards said...

i think you must be the person who tok our baby jogger out of the trash! just wait till your little one gets big enough to loop his leg over the side and rest his foot on the wheel! our daughter ended our running careers for a while with this nice ittle trick! She is now 18 and i ran 8 miles last weekend so both survived!