Friday, September 28, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: World's Best Dad

Taper is in full force!!  As I type this I'm trying to forget the slight ache in my hamstring (it is nothing) and the fact that I feel like I'm eating too much food for how much I'm running.  The taper crazies are HERE!  I'm currently 8 days away from my next "goal" marathon - in St George, UT.

As you can see, it has a bit of a gangsta lean to the left which will either pound my legs into a pulp or provide a fun fast marathon.  Time will tell!  So, this morning instead of 12 or so miles, I ran 8 miles pretty easy.  It was a great run - which makes me hopeful!!


This week's funny foto Friday isn't so much about running or fitness as it is about being a parent.

So, I have to admit, this morning my son was eating a doughnut for breakfast (his mom gave it to him for the record :) and I uttered words that immediately made me feel like a horrible parent: "Quit horsing around and eat your doughnut".  Ugh.  I might as well have been letting him play with scissors.

Anyway, leave it up to the internet to make me feel better about myself.  I recently ran across the MyModernMet artistic photograph website that had a series of HILARIOUS "World's best dad" pictures.  There are a bunch more on the site, but here are some of the better ones.  Happy Friday!


Neil Zee said...

I've said this:

Please just eat 3 more french fries, then you can eat more of your broccoli.

everydaylivingpnw said...

Ha, those are some really great shots!

Jacy Vergara said...

Yes! I found those the other day too! This dad is making a calendar for his daughter... what a hilarious idea!

G'luck on your marathon... looks like a knee-buster!

Redhead Running said...

The pics are hilarious! Totally showing Spike tonight!

Kathee said...

Those pics are awesome!! Good luck in St. George. I have a lot of friends running it and I'm surrounded by taper craziness!

Andrew Opala said...

From Stephen Colbert:

"My mother had 11 children: Jimmy, Eddie, Mary, Billy, Morgan, Tommy, Jay, Lou, Paul, Peter, Stephen. You may applaud my mother's womb. Thank you, I'll let her know. She could never protect us the way you all have been protected. She couldn't fit 11 car seats. She would just open the back of her Town & Country -- stack us like cord wood: four this way, four that way. And she put crushed glass in the empty spaces to keep it steady. Then she would roll up all the windows in the winter time and light up a cigarette. When I die I will not need to be embalmed, because as a child my mother hickory-smoked me."

Christina said...

We just hired an accountant and he's a runner. Imagine someone who loves talking running as much as me (not all runners are like that); he's awesome. He is running St. George also and he'll be about 2 hours behind you. I should show him your picture and tell him to find you before the race starts.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Using Utah to BQ 2014? LOL!

Kathy said...

OMG those are Great Shots! We drove through the St George area in 2004-2005 and again in (I think) 2009 and it really is lovely there. have a GREAT race! Parenting is incredibly humbling. :)

may lim said...

OMG! Those are a pretty hilarious shots. They're so adorable. The kid is doing all the work. lol
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