Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Mixings - Olympic Edition

Unfortunately, the Olympics are quickly coming to a close.  Soon I will no longer have a reason to park my butt on the couch for 5 hours a day claiming to be patriotic. "But seriously! I have to see if USA medals in water polo!" Eventually though, I will take my shirt off of the couch pillow that my son has started to hug and call "daddy". Eventually.

While NBC isn't showing Volleyball or Diving, (so, basically never) they are showing track and field.  If you're anything like me, you've noticed lots of dude naughty bits bouncing in slow motion that a lot of the athletes have been wearing yellow shoes.  Specifically, Nike spikes, racing flats, etc.  I asked on twitter what the deal was but leave it to Gizmoto (and my buddy Chad) to pull through with the reason: Nike made the athletes wear them. Essentially any Nike sponsored athlete will be wearing Nike shoes in bright bright green. Hooray capitalism?
Sweet! Velcro!

I'll admit it, when I'm watching running during the Olympics, I totally try to figure out how far / long I could keep up.  For example, the women's marathon started at a 5:40ish pace.  I probably have 4 miles at that pace in me.  For the women's 800, I likely could keep up for 300 or so meters at a 4:00ish pace....maybe. The men however are a completely different story.  For almost all distances I can barely keep up at all.  Which means to be an Olympian I either need to train like I've never trained before.....or grow a vagina.  At least then my junk wouldn't bounce in slow motion.
I couldn't keep up with Bolt for 10m

As I was complaining on twitter about how I am finally to the age that I could never compete at the Olympics, many people mentioned that there were lots of sports for people at my advancing age (31).  In fact, there is a horse rider from Japan who is 71. SEVENTY ONE!!  Hiroshi Hoketsu is the oldest participant in the London Olympics.  So, that is my new goal - to figure out whatever horse riding sport this guy is participating in, steal his supply of Ben Gay and his crossword book, and take the gold in the London 2096 Olympics!

Doesn't even look that old.  Hiroshi Hoketsu doesn't look old either.  Har har har

Finally, this has nothing to do with the Olympics, but my son figured out what headphones are the other day. I can only imagine he'll now turn into one of those skater kids who wears a stocking hat 24/7, wears velcro shoes, and even has headphones in while taking a shower (no he wont - at all).

Cars the movie soundtrack was playing


Johann said...

It is amazing with all the ways we can connect nowadays how the Olympics is "shared" between everyone on the planet. We all are doing that same thing on the couch and I also wondered about the yellow shoes that make all their feet look size 14.

AllisonFay said...

Look at his cute little grin! He is just too cute. If he was closer I would be begging you to let me take pictures of him!

Brandon and I have been practicing for co-ed beach volleyball. I'm going to start petitioning for it to be added then we are totally going to Rio. He just has to step up his game a little bit. :) lol

Sam said...

I can't take my eyes off the jiggly bits in track. It's like a car wreck in the nether region! My house hasn't been cleaned since the opening ceremonies, I think that my family will be happy to see the olympics come to a close.

Your son is cute. Good luck trying to tell him not to have his headphones in all day long. He won't be able to hear you.

Meghan said...

You could be very controversial being the first sex change person to be in the woman's track field. Test out how much you love waxing too.

Mary @ A Walk in the Woods said...

I'm trying to remember the last time I read your blog and didn't laugh out loud! I do feel bad for dudes at the Olympics - there is just no such thing as modesty in lycra shorts!

Whitney said...

Hey - mine just figured out headphones too! She will see me come in the house after my Saturday morning run and if I leave the headphones within her reach, she sticks them in her ear and then dances like she's listening to music.
Kids are cool.
Headphones are cool.
Nike should give me free shoes.
Kids are cool. said...

Your son is too cute. My girl is obsessed w/ Cars, too :)

I figured I could hang with the marathon women for about one mile and the 10K women for about 800m. Forget trying to sprint...

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Thank you so much for clarifying the yellow shoe thing. I was really focused on that too....and of course, the running times. And the sadness that I am too old to dream of being at the Olympics as I don't think I ever want to get on a horse. Sorry.....they kinda scare me.

Have a great day!

Chris said...

Did you know when Hiroshi Hoketsu was asked if he would compete in the next Olympics, he said he didn't know because of age issues....of his horse!

Complete Olympic junkie here! Water polo, running, soccer, ping pong (Oh wait...I mean table tennis), fencing, you name it, I've probably watched it. LOL! USA! USA!

mudpluslotus said...

I've come to the sad realization that I too are probably too old to become good enough at something to go to the Olympics! Although I'm currently thinking sailing might be an option... If I learnt to sail! It's been Australia's best sport this Olympics - crazy!

Cathy said...

That is the cutest picture of your son. Now I want to go home and stick headphones in my son's ears. :-)

grace matthew said...

Look at how he grin. He looks so adorable. Your son is amazing. I bet you are proud and thankful of him.
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Anonymous said...

I SO wondered what was up with the shoes! I even tried googling it but couldn't figure it out. Which, really, makes me think that Nike needs a little help in the whole "publicizing" department.

But anyway.