Monday, August 20, 2012

Cat Call Follow up, Red Eyes, and Virtual Race Winners!

Get it? Cat call?  HILARIOUS!
Editors note: (Am I an editor? More of a blog monkey...) This was actually supposed to go up on Thursday but I was so busy with the Rock and Roll Providence Expo that I didn't have time to finish it.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my race report!

Morgan over at Caution: RedHead Running has a thing she calls Three Things Thursday. Never one to follow the herd, I'm hereby calling this post my Tri Turds Thursday I got busy as shit and left a 3/4 written blog post unfinished so I'm posting it on Monday. Or, IGBASALATQWBPUSIPIOM for short. Catchy!

Cat Calls (What is WITH people?)
I can honestly say that I'm pretty shocked at how often ladies (and the fellas - heyyyyy) get hooted and hollered at while running. (Is that just because I'm ugly and it never occurred to me?) I have to assume that the guys who do stuff like that have so much pent up testosterone because they are sexually deprived.  Either that or they are stupid enough to think that it gives them a chance with women.  Either way, those guys need to stop huffing the ax body spray and just do what everyone else does to meet women (like me) - hangs out at the door of Victoria's Secret asking if anyone wanted a second sizing opinion.  Classy.

Can guys have camel toe?
Red Eye Flights (What is WITH me?)
For those new to the bloggero, I live in Phoenix.  Its somewhere between the 6th circle of hell and Los Angeles (7th circle).  Although, I suppose I shouldn't say that - today the temps only got to 103.  Anyway, the race that I worked at and ran this weekend was ALL the way over in New England.  This meant that I had a 5 hour flight each way.  This also means that I did something that I've only done once before. Brushed my teeth before running.  I took a red eye flight.

The issue with taking a flight that left at 10pm and didn't land until 6:00pm the next morning?  I don't sleep on planes.  Like, at ALL. So, I would estimate that I got around 1.5 to 2 hours of sleep before standing on my feet for 2 days straight at an expo.  Not exactly a recipe for a magical PR. (it is the recipe for magical sleep deprived hallucinations) I might as well have had a bottle of wine the night before the race (spoiler alert - might have happened).  Oh, I tried all of the tips and tricks to get a good nights rest.  I made sure I was hydrated, I had a boozy drink, but not TOO much, I took like 3 Ambien (kidding!), but there was NO sleep.  So, in the future the extra night at a hotel is TOTALLY worth it.

Virtual Race Winners! (Well, I mean there really are no losers)
As I got busy, one of the things that fell off of my todo list was consolidating the literally 150+ race reports from the 3rd Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K.  I really want to say that I'll get the full results post together but it will likely be a few more weeks until I'm able to do it.  BUT, the good thing about the internet is that it is essentially timeless. I mean, I can Google about anything and it pops right up!

The stories of people doing their first 5K, setting MASSIVE PRs, and yes - even the stories of people getting drunk the night before and totally forgetting to run are all inspiring in their own way.

So, without further blah blah blah, here are the winners of the prizes. An all female sweep!!  I guess the random number generator thingy doesn't like dudes.  (Which might be why I've yet to win a giveaway - doh!)  I'm going to do a first come, first served from the 6 people below.  Shoot me an email with which one you want and I'll get it sent out!

Rachel @
Emily H @
Madison @
Stephanie K @ (not sure if she has a blog :(
Gigi @ (Not sure if she has a blog either :(

Prize number one!!! A free pair of shoes from!  Running shoes? Yep! Granola cruncher shoes? Yep! Jellies? Yep! (Do people still wear those?)  I'm buying them myself with a coupon, so I'm going to restrict it to $100 bucks.  No Jimmy Choo here, thank you very much.  But, I'll ship them to Tasmania if you want me to (thank you Olympic ceremonies for reminding me of that place!)

Prize number two - SALT!  More specifically, deliciously flavored electrolytes in the form of a 4 pack of Nuun and a Nuun water bottle!  I actually don't drink Nuun while running, but do ALL the time afterwards.  Mmmm, taste the rainbow.

Prize number three - a Clean Bottle with iPhone "runner" attachment!  I did a review for it a while back and I LOVE it.  Seriously, I've put literally hundreds of miles on mine (and am sort of bummed that you're getting one and not me....this one might get "lost in the mail". Kidding!!  Sort of).

Prize number 4 - Rock Tape! Rocktape, Rock Sauce, Phast Legs. I've honestly never tried it, (sounds like I will - let the body hair shaving begin) but not only is it meant for injury prevention, but also recovery.  Sign me up!

Prize number 5 - 110% Compression sleeves or socks!  When I posted that I was giving a pair of these away on twitter people went BONKERS about how awesome they are.  That has to be good, right? BONKERS!

Finally, Prize number 6 - Infinit Napalm (A gel for your fuel belt for long runs and races.) Brilliant!


pensive pumpkin said...

wow. i could barely breathe on that little sleep, much less run. hope it went well.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Even though I can zzz on a flight, I would much rather pay for an extra night at the hotel - just to be rested; plus I'll have more time to check out the city/town.

lizforaday said...

LOL, that camel toe picture is hilarious. Ha Ha! :)

Jen said...

I never sleep on planes either and I'm always traveling back and forth between LA and NY so it's quite annoying. I avoid red eyes flights like the plague. takes me days to recover.

Gigi said...

I can't sleep sitting up so planes, cars, trains ect are a no go for me. I hate that!!! My husband can sleep standing up and I am not kidding, after years of train commuting he learned it.....

Gigi said...

Oh and YAY I am a winner, I sent you an email. Thank you!

divinefrenzy said...

Congrats Pam!!! GO MRTT!

Meghan said...

I travel a lot for work and can't sleep on redeyes. My boss knows I am out for the count the day after/of a red eye. Heard, heard here.

Stephanie said...

Adam, I emailed you last week about what prizes you had left, not sure if you got it. Could you message me and let me know what is still available since we were on vacation when you announced the winners, thanks! Stephanie K