Friday, July 6, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Track and Field Fail

For the last few days I've been vising my sister and mom in Colorado Springs.  This morning I went on a trail run in the Garden of the Gods.  It was pretty sweet.  Full details in a post very soon!

Future so bright, I wish I had shades


I'm friends with Ryan Hall on twitter. By that, I of course mean that I'm one of the 40,000 people who follow him and not one of the 200 people he follows. Ryan is currently the fastest American marathoner and has a really good shot to medal at the Olympics. So, he's basically pretty fast.  His tweets are 50% religious and 50% running.  That's a mix that I can handle. So, Ryan will tweet something like:

RyanHall: Just went to a great Sunday service today!

and I'd reply

TheBoringRunner: @RyanHall: that is awesome! Did you see my tempo run on DailyMile?! Basically kicked just as much ass as God.

We're basically best friends.  I mean, he hasn't ever replied, but....I mean... I know he is looking.  Why wouldn't he!?

Recently however, Ryan posted the following video with the tagline: "Still laughing over this video about these trail fails". Well, he was right, they ARE hilarious. So, if you like watching hurdlers faceplant into a hurdle, enjoy!

Finally, since I know everyone doesn't like videos in blog posts, here are a few random pictures that I've ran across over the last week or so.  Happy Friday!

Even google knows when people are stupid
Bad grammar is like herpes, that shit sticks around

Beats sitting on her ass watching her stories while eating cream puffs!


Sarah said...

That Google picture is awesome. :)

Jen said...

Love the last one of granny

Chad Chisholm said...

The end of that video is outstanding!
Also, the related videos that youtube suggest look niiiiice

Runners Fuel said...

Loved the video!

The Real Deal said...

Welcome to the Springs! I live here and have done the loop around GotG a few's a fun one.

Gracie said...

Google and I are kindred spirits.

Lish said...

That one rock looks like it can't wait to eat the other!

Way to rock the curlers granny!

M said...

I know exactly where that Garden of the Gods photo was taken! My son is going to college there. How's the air...the fires were pretty bad.


Sue's Ramblings said...

You attempting to blend into the rocks there? LOL! Anyway, have a great weekend!

Bean said...

Can I just say I kinda, sorta love that you maybe taunt Ryan Hall just a bit. I am totally jealous you are in CO. My family lives near Colo Springs, it makes me want to grab a flight and head home.

Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

Looks like you and I were on the same brain wave yesterday-- I posted a ridiculously funny hurdles video on my blog yesterday :) I've watched it daily and it still makes me laugh!

Heather said...

Thanks for the laugh!
As a former HS track coach, I think I've witness almost all of those things actually happen- not funny when you're responsible for the kids who wipe out/get hit in the head with a shot put. Now, I can laugh about it, since they all survived and I don't coach anymore!

Lauren said...

That granny is a great multitasker - set your hair and work out!

Beth (i run like a girl) said...

So... the moral of this story is: Ryan Hall is a meanie?

(Ok - some of those were funny - especially the hurdler running THROUGH the hurdles!)