Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Onlineshoes.com Pearl Izumi Giveaway Winner!

As you might remember, I'm giving away a pair of sweet trail shoes.  We had 244 entries - a lot considering that these are somewhat of a specialty shoe.  Welp, early this  morning, I shook the magic 8 ball (read: went to a random number generator, got a number, counted PAINFULLY down through the comments) and the winner was Trinity at Running Mother! Quite appropriate that she has a picture of herself trail running as her blog header. Go check out her blog and give her some advice on mother/kid combo workouts. Trinity, shoot me an email theboringrunner @ gmail and I'll get you hooked up with some Sweet OnlineShoes.com shoes!

Trinity's ouchy hand from trail running

Finally, since I don't just want to have a post just about Trinity winning shoes (although, I'm sure she didn't mind) here is my run this weekend, by the numbers.  This is what my mind does when I run 20 miles in the heat.  It counts stuff.

Me thinks it's going to be 106.....

  • Miles Ran: 20
  • Time Spent 2:25:17
  • Pace 7:14/mile
  • Number of Cop cars seen: 7 (what the hell??)
  • Number of Hover-round old people scooters chased down and passed: 2
  • Number of other runners: 1 (for ALL 20 miles, sad)
  • Degrees at the finish: 88
  • Oz of water: 40
  • Oz that I should have had: 60
  • Number of old ladies with those sun umbrellas: 2
  • Podcasts listened to: 5
  • Times I pooped on Sunday: 3


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

all right so i'm all wah wah the humidity sucks...but um it isn't 106 so maybe i'll stop

Anonymous said...

Word. I count the runners I see when I'm running too. And I usually assign them a nickname without their approval. "oh here comes headband guy" "sweet, here comes fake knockers girl"

ltlindian said...

Yay for Trinity! Nice work with your running. Those look more like my monthly totals....

Trinity said...

Yay for me! Maybe I won't fall on my ass so much once I have these shoes, right? Maybe? I hope! Thanks again, and keep logging those miles (and those poops)! Emailing you now....

Bean said...

Um way to poop.......I feel that number is just not included enough in week/ month blog recaps.

BrianFlash said...

In my next life I want to be a 3:50 miler who doubles as a weather forecaster in Arizona.