Friday, June 1, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: More iPhone Apps

Before we get to the funny foto, a quick update on my week of running...

As I sit here at my desk at work, legs stiff and achy, I’ve ran 46 miles this week and I’m scheduled to run another 20 this weekend.  That’ll put me at 64 and 66 miles for the last two weeks.  But, you know what? It feels like I’ve ran a billion.

It’s been a long time since my legs have been THIS tired.  To be clear, it’s the good “legs are wore out from running” kind of tired instead of the “welp, looks like you’re going to blow out a knee” kind.  But it still doesn’t change the fact that the thought of running 20 miles makes me want to slap in a Richard Simmons video, sit on the couch with a pint of ice cream, and just watch HIM sweat.

I’ve done a handful of runs, marathon pace on Monday, and a number of just regular runs: 8/7/9/12/10 milers starting on Monday this week thus far, but the real run that set me over the edge was 9 miles of intervals on Wednesday. 12x400 at an average pace of 5:18 (79 seconds per).  They were TOUGH.  I actually ran them with Jeff G and his buddy Chris – so I couldn’t hardly not push myself to the limit.  Jeff wouldn’t respect me in the morning unless I did.

I ran each of them with 200 easy run recovery in sets of 4.  Meaning, at the end of each 4 I'd catch my breath for 2 min or so.  The goal was leg turnover and pushing my lungs to the max - not the cumulative effort of doing all 12 at once.  Believe me, mission accomplished.

No, this isn’t the funny foto Friday. Jeff (in green) doesn’t look THAT bad

You might remember the track from the Open Mile video I took

Anywhoo, I need a nap.  Here is today’s funny fofo.  Happy Friday!

This one MIGHT have been sent to me by a friend who ACTUALLY tried it.  Hilarious

Off to jazzersize!



Chad Chisholm said...

Booking my flight to Ass now.

pensive pumpkin said...

Geez do I need that. I go crazy with the drunk texting.

Thank the talking walknut I seem to have broken myself of the drunk tweeting. That was a close one I assure you.

Happy weekend!

Christina said...

I have proof that Jeff owns more than just that green shirt.

Half-Crazed Runner said...

Too funny! When you start blogging about wanting rest, your way past due - although one sign is lack of sex drive & based on your post, I think that 20miler is considered done! :D

Yo Momma Runs said...

Friends are the WORST because it sucks to run slow in front of them.