Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot race continued, long lunches, and 100 mile weeks

Over my 5 years of blogging, I’ve found that I am increasingly able to turn a seemingly innocent random thought into a fully formed blog post.  What can I say? I have the gift of long winded boring posts about nothing gab!!  Sometimes though, life gets in the way and instead of being able to sit down and write an entire post I only get 20 min here or there to create.....this:

Green Bay Marathon Cancelation Response
There was a lot of great back and forth on my post around the cancelation of the Green Bay Marathon.  The response was essentially what I expected from the Type A “get outta my way or else I’ll run you over” runner. In short: let me make a decision for myself, give me enough water, and let me run.  That said, some were sympathetic to the Race Director’s position which honestly I am too.

I received a great email from Jennifer at who was not only there but also ran the half marathon. (Or, attempted to run since it was canceled?) She said that she agreed with the decision to cancel on the following grounds:

  • Locals from WI are simply not used to that kind of heat. It was 25+ degrees hotter than normal
  • The people she saw in the med tents were all types – not just the bucket list weekend warriors
  • Frankly, it was scary with the non stopped ambulances and people with ice bags all over their body trying to bring their core temperature down

But, at the end of the day running is an outside sport. Plan plan plan!

**insert wiener joke here**
Anything worth doing is worth doing for 3 hours.  Ohhhh yeahhhhh
Most days, I bring my lunch to work. It’s cheap, it’s easy, (like me!) and it is a good way to eat basically healthy. Although, since I normally eat a TV dinner and about 8 other things random things, I’m probably getting in enough salt to turn a bathtub into a salt water scrub. Anyway, I’ve found myself starting my lunch around 11:30 because I’m starving and then slowly eating it throughout the day through about 2pm. I’ll get busy surfing twitter working for 20 minutes, go back to eating, etc. I’ve read articles about how you should eat 5 meals a day, but none about eating all day long so I wonder if that is healthy. Oh well, can’t be any less healthy than the go-gurt that I’m loving.

65 miles makes me....tired
This week I’m on track for a 65ish mile week.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to keep on building until I hit 100.  Why not? I have no major races planned for the next few months and now is as good of a time as ever.  The issue I’ve always had with a rather rapid buildup is that my body takes a month or so to adjust to the increased beating (TWSS).  I’m still adjusting.  Until I do, I’ll be the one shuffling his feet with half open eyes while spilling go-gurt all over his shirt.

Four... Forty? Not Fourty??
Sock...Soccer? Not Socker?
Love, glove, above.... of? Not Ove?
(And those examples are just from today alone)

I’ve had this song in my head all day long. You’re welcome.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

That OK-Go video is cool, I think Brooks did a take off of this.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

My brother spelled "of" U-V until 7th grade.

Which, sadly, makes ME the smart one in the family.

gene @boutdrz said...

Rose, that is phabulus. ;)

why is your dad's sister your Ant (Aunt), but ghosts don't live in "HANTed" (haunted) houses?
all kindsa good stuff.

what was this post about, anyway? oh, 3 hour lunches. my dinners are like that. usually 4-10ish. chompchompchomp...

Rachel said...

Yeah, I agree with the race directors too. From what I have heard from friends who ran the Green Bay race, there were people going down all over the place and Green Bay is such a small city that it doesn't have the emergency medical resources to handle that many people at one time.

The Madison Marathon is this Sunday and the forecast is for over 90 degrees. There is already talk of cancellation even before the race starts and there is a LOT of opinions on both sides being thrown around. It will be interesting to see what happens. I'm just glad I didn't sign up for it this year!

Also - the word sure should be spelled SHURE. It has the SH sound! I still have trouble getting that one right.

Mark Matthews said...

Yeah, I was one of those "run it no matter what" dudes. My whole life, pretty much, revolves around planning long runs and tapering for a marathon, and I am all set to change my goals as the heat goes up, to the point where I am semi-excited for the challenge of a 90 degree day, but to not run just doesnt' fit. If they cancel, I have a 8 mile loop I will do 3 times and then run 2.2 miles back again as if I dropped my car keys.

I would love to hear from someone who needed medical attention and felt the problem was the event wasn't canceled, as opposed to not changing their running speed and habits.

By the way, I'm not a type A kinda dude. Probably more like a type F, or H, or maybe even a type 'LMNOP'.

Emily H said...

As someone who has lived in states surrounding WI their entire life (MN and IL) I think that expecting WI residents to not be able to deal with the heat is a bit silly. Sure, the temperature lately is a lot hotter than normal for May, but not hotter than normal for the other summer months. Still, I've got no judgement for the race directors decision.. before this I didn't even know cancelling a race was a thing!

SlimKatie said...

Just wait until your son is studying spelling words, and you have to try to explain WHY those words aren't spelled the way they sound. My boys are 6 and 7, and I get frustrated every week when practicing spelling with them ;)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I'm pretty impressed by the coordination on the treadmills.....thanks for passing on of the 'stick in your head' song...

Christy said...

I ran my first marathon on a record hot day. While it destroyed my time, I think getting cancelled mid run would have been worse than my embarrassing time everyone wants to ask about.

You run the AZ Roadracer Series?

pensive pumpkin said...

dude, i went to law school just to prove that dyslexic doesn't mean stupid. i feel your pain on the spelling issues.

as for the heat- poor race director probably had the insurance company and various lawyers breathing down their neck. i don't envy that one.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Hmmm...I'm on 5 meals a day though...but my trainer wants me to up it to 7! No kidding! Need to put on a bit of weight or rather muscle. Now tell me how do you have a 2.5 hour lunch?!?!?

Laura is Undeterrable said...

I heard that the best way to get a song out of your head is to sing Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island.

Indigo said...

Great, now I'm trying to think how Amazing Grace would sound a la Gilligan's Island. I might need more coffee. Or beer.

Anyhow. I'll be in Madison this weekend so I'll keep you posted on what happens there. The half is supposed to go off no matter what. I'll probably walk it. Although over the last three years I've done MANY training runs in the insane heat. And by "training runs" I obviously mean that I run a little, walk a lot, recover, run a bit more, complain, check twitter, facebook, email, repeat.

LOVE the OK Go video. When we bought our second treadmill I suggested we put it next to the old treadmill so we could do some of the video moves. My husband did not think it was a good idea.

Meghan said...

I'm glad to have some actual runner response from that half/marathon.

I ran a half in Brooklyn that day (25 degrees + warmer than usual). They started an hour early and it was brutal - most people turned into survival mode to get to the finish. My running partner almost had a heat stroke and ended up in the medical tent!

Cathy said...

They are considering cancelling the full marathon in Madison, WI that is scheduled for this weekend due to expected high temps. Runners would have the option to run the half.

Suz and Allan said...

It sucks to have a race cancelled due to heat. Looks like that may happen this weekend too...

Adrienne Martini said...

That OK Go song is the song I play when I feel like I can't run another step. I just pretend I'm on a treadmill in the video and go. Since I'm frequently on a treadmill in the gym, this seems to work.

Running Moose said...

That SOTP is not a mistake. After stopping you must