Monday, April 9, 2012

Try it Tuesday: Clean Bottle

A few weeks back I received an email asking if I would review a handheld water bottle from Clean Bottle.  I’ve honestly tried to pare down the reviews that I do to only those that I would buy normally, things that I think everyone ELSE would buy, or free underwear. Why is it that girls get free underwear all the time but I get NONE?! Anyway.....paring down the reviews is honestly an effort to not make the blog weighed down by lots of random reviews for snake oils that promise to replace Viagra (does NOT work).  Fortunately, from the start the Clean Bottle caught my attention.

The company was a cycling water bottle company at the start. You might have seen them on ABC's Shark Tank where the founder dressed up in a massive water bottle suit.  Can you believe that I didn't get one of THOSE to review?!  Their primary premise of their products is that not only does the top of their water bottle come off, but so does the bottom!  This is so you can actually get into the bottle to clean it – and hopefully avoid it smelling like a foot. (Or, catching some sort of mouth fungus)

Look, it’s a tube!
Not sure what that look on my face is...whats that? Its just my face? Damn.

Just recently, they decided to branch into running water bottles.  Of course, since we runners don’t have any fancy bikes to put our water in, they slapped on a handle and made a pouch for an iPhone / iPod / phone / gel / etc.  They made the bottle flexible enough to squeeze and the mouth tip (hehe) soft enough (hehe) so that it doesn’t hurt your teeth when you’re opening it with your mouth.  This is especially important because I have bigger teeth than your average beaver.

I’ve taken the bottle out on 100+ miles worth of runs and I LOVE it. The bottle fits into my hand nicely, I can open it with my mouth alone, and I can switch it from hand to hand with minimal issues. For that matter, I’ve never ran with access to my phone (no one ever bothers to kidnap nor care if a 30 year old man gets lost - so I would have no one to call) and I have to admit it is rather addictive. You see, there is this new thing that all of the kids are talking about called “Pandora”.  It’s like the radio, but on your PHONE!  They have an a capella radio station that plays lots of good tunes.  Also? Turns out I don’t like Adel – I think I’m the only person in the world.

Also it has a pocket on the back of the phone for money and two straps to put gels.  That means that as long as it was the right weather (read: not balls hot), I could take this thing out for 15+ mile runs and be just fine.

Finally, I’m not sure if it is dishwasher safe or not, but I put it on the top rack and it hasn’t melted yet – so I’ll take that as a win.


  • The bottom comes off so that the germies die
  • Carrying my phone is now super easy so I can text all of my peeps and hit my boys up on twitter while running listen to Pandora streaming radio while running
  • The bottle is super squeezy (like me) so drinking mid run is a snap


  • The screw on bottom and slightly larger size does add a bit of weight.  But, just like I imagine it is after having “chest implants”, you get used to the extra weight pretty quick
  • The bottle is VERY well secured with the hand strap, but that means that it is a bit of a chore to get on. Hopefully it will loosen up after a while

Overall I really love the handheld.  In fact, it's replaced my Nathan handheld water bottle as the day to day way that I lug around water while running.  So, for that alone, it gets my seal of approval! You can pick the water bottles up at REI, Amazon, etc etc.


Dean Ouellette said...

Wow Adam I literally watched that episode on Hulu last night. I was thinking I wasn't sure how long bottom would last before getting stripped out if you unscrewed it often or kept in freezer.

abbi said...

Well, look at that! That's one of those duh, wish I thought of it products but definitely useful. I have lots of disgusting bottles that are hard to clean. If the top part that you drink out of has a good seal that is also easy to clean, I'd say that is probably a winner!

gene said...

you said 'beaver'.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I just got one of these for review, but mine IS the full human sized version, score!

ltlindian said...

Not to be all little-miss-correct-you, but I love Shark Tank and I saw this episode and the founder didn't dress up it was Bill Walton! (former NBA player and current commentator)

Anyhoo--I so want one of these bottles! I have a plethora of water bottles that are just so disgusting after a period of time. It would be nice to not have to throw it away.

Tricia said...


Im disgustinly bad at washing my bottles.

when I worked the zooma expo recently I filled my nuun bottle with wine...errr...we have a wine sponsor so I was ya know,just supporting them. Anyway,the next morning before the race I grabbed it out of my truck realizing I hadnt had anything to drink that morning. Forgetting it had wine in it,and figuring "oh well,its just water/nuun it doesnt go bad" I grabbed it and took a GIANT swig. I dont recommend wine at 6am before a race. Beer yes,wine no.

So I've decided to be better about washing out my waterbottles and not reusing them.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

wow....I think I like it! Thanks for sharing!

James said...

That thing just looks bulky to me. I'd rather go with a belt or hydration pack. Pandora is pretty cool. I use it often in the car.

Kelly said...

Yeah, not a big Adele fan, either. I like the bottle though! Thanks for the review. Pricey or average price?

Jamoosh said...

I have become less of a fan of handhelds the more I have watched friends run with them. I know the old "I switch hands every mile" routine, but I can't help but notice what it does to their gait. And it's not the same for each hand. On the other hand, as long as you are happy...

Lisa said...

After I read your post, I just happened to see that episode of Shark Tank. I was annoyed with how the founder passed up a better offer just to work with Mark Cuban. But I guess it sounds like he's doing just fine now. Honestly I have more water bottles than I need right now, but this is something I'll keep in mind if I ever need a larger handheld.

And where do I sign up for the free underwear?

Hannah said...

I KNEW you must have had chest implants. And yeah, we girls get free underwear ALL the time, it is crazy: start a blog, immediately receive boxes and boxes of free underwear. STRANGE.