Friday, April 6, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Easter!

I like long walks on the beach, pads taped to my body,
and I love cold jelly on my chest. Mmmmm
Thankfully, my wife reminded me, I have a stupid follow up appointment on my heart today.  I have an echocardiogram this afternoon where I can only imagine that I’ll get some sort of CSI style 3D images of my ticker.  As you recall, I had a bunch of scary 240 beat per min heart palpitations while running a few months back and finally got to the doctor to get it checked out.  I was prescribed a month long EKG that I’m supposed to wear 24/7, but the thing has never worked right so I’m not wearing it.
  • Should I wear it? Probably
  • Should I call to get sent another one? Probably (to be fair, I’ve called and called trying to figure it out so I gave up)
  • Will the electrical pulses from the monitor seep into my brain and make my junk smaller? Most certainly. 

For the most part, not wearing it has been fine because I haven’t had any issues.  However, I did actually have heart palpitations a few days after it stopped but still wasn’t able to get the paddles strapped to me in time.  To say that I was “frustrated” was an understatement.  The family knew to stay very very clear.

Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted on the results and I hope to take some pictures of me with lots of lube on my chest.


It’s been said that there are two things that you shouldn’t talk about amongst casual friends: the size of your junk Politics and religion.  Well, since we’re basically family and I was going to ask you all to loan me money anyway, I figure that I could break my own rule and share two funny (fake) Easter pictures and one religious one. Happy Friday!

Mmmmmm, guilt.

Hehe, foodies.

I pray that my son NEVER learns this fact.

Bonus!!!  I don't know what these peeps are doing, but I like it.


B.o.B. said...

hahaha! that dude in the table sure is lying there seductively. wth?

hope the ticker is ok.

happy Easter!

Mike said...

I had a echocardio done a year ago after an abnormal ekg and didn't look quite like that guy :-). Love the peeps pic!

Half-Crazed Runner said...

Hysterical! Absolutely Hysterical! I love your post! Thanks for the laughs. Good luck on your follow-up visit! (I'll say a prayer!)

Lish said...

The peeps one is hilarious!! Hope you get some good news from the doc.

The Banter said...

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the chicks on the stripper poles.

Meghan said...

LOL! I love the kid with the stolen bike.