Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zensah thin sock review, final race thoughts, troubles of the heart

First, thanks for all of your congratulations on my race report! I always feel a bit guilty when I post about a race that goes so well because it seems like it is almost asking for praise. “Look what I did!!  You should say I’m awesome! Look, there is even a comment box for which to enter your praise!”  The only thing that makes me think that it is OK is the fact that the ratio to shit my pants, walk in the last 5 miles bad races to good races is about 2 to 1.

Two things that I forgot to mention in my race report.  First, I constantly assumed that the Nuns were going to break out in Sister Act style song.  I wish I were joking.  In fact, in my head I might have tried to guess which one was the choir leader in the witness protection program. (Actually, joking a little bit on that last one.)

Second, for the race I wore some sweet new Zensah Thin running socks. Since I knew that I was going to be pushing my limits I wanted a sock that was going to be thin and cool but still provide enough padding so that my feet didn’t get beat up in my racing shoes. Fortunately for me, Zensah had sent over a pair of thin running socks to try out!  Not only did they wick away the sweat that undoubtedly came but also had great compression around the arch (which I LOVE).  I’m a big fan of the Zensah compression and these socks didn’t disappoint either.  Frankly, I think I’m starting to get spoiled with socks that have a left and right foot.  My conclusion? If you wear Zensah thin running socks you will win the race. (Causation? Correlation? Who can tell)

On a related note, if you’re on Zensah’s mailing list, you might have seen a quote from a certain blogger in their most recent mailer:

Yes, my name is Adam and not Andrew, but frankly as long as they keep sending me sweet compression gear they could call me Big Bird and I’d still love it!


Totally a picture of me
I went to the cardiologist on Monday to check on my heart palpitations.  I’ll do a full post on it but suffice it to say that everything checked out BASICALLY normal but I’m going to have some additional tests done so that the doctor can make another beach house payment.  The most intrusive “test”?  I have to wear a heart rate monitor with leads, wires, and a data recorder FOR A MONTH.  My immediate thought?  This thing is really going to cramp my......ahem......”style”. And then I thought about how awesome the blog posts are going to be. There will certainly be lots of “Matrix” jokes.

That’s how my mind works.  Sex first, then blog, then a joke, and then everything else.


Finally, over the last few days, I’ve been working through a bit of a sore calf.  After the race on Saturday, I had a sore glute, hamstring, and calf – basically the business end of my lower body.  The glute and hamstring aren’t sore anymore but the calf seems to be rather persistent. It’s sort of like those Cash For Gold commercials. Just when you think that everyone on earth had melted down grandma’s rings when BAM – still sore.  But, I think it is finally on the mend. Tomorrow will be the test!  Going to try a ladder track session. Bring the pain.
My son says, the cow says "Mmmmmmm"


Rebecca said...

I thought of you yesterday and almost emailed you, so your post today is a hint that I should have. I was reading and came across something interesting. The Marine Corps Times has a blurb in it that said

"Intense cardio exercise can trigger the same biochemical reactions in your body as a heart attack, according to new research reported on MSNBC's Body Odd blog. Th enzymes that hard exercise release into the bloodstream can lead to the misdiagnosis of a heart attack, Swedish researchers say. As scary as that sounds, scientists say the reaction is natural and all systems usually return to normal in about 24 hours."

Suz and Allan said...

This post just jumped to the top of my list as my favorite post you've written. A cow picture always makes my day!

Those look like great socks!

Mike said...

I thought poop would have a top three spot. Maybe sex then blog then poop then joke?

Yo Momma Runs said...

That, Zensah, is why you need a copy editor for your advertising. Still super cool, and I would definitely keep accepting free stuff. Maybe they could send some for you and Andrew. Twice the freebies.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Oh hi there Big Bird!

Kim said...

Hey I love it when my socks are labeled L and R! Swear to God, once I was running on a group run with my brother and I had on CEP compression sleeves (which are NOT labeled) and my brother says "WHY ARE YOUR SLEEVES ON BACKWARDS????" It's because I needed instructions, that's why.

I think you should pass those Zensah socks around to the people for our races, you know, to see if we'd also come in first place too.

I'm glad all your testing at that cardiologist came back normal so far. Keep us posted on the Matrix wiring.

Meghan said...

I will have to try these socks! I have had aevere calf pain for the past month - I started rolling with a tennis ball looking thing and a dumb bell looking thing (I blogged about them w/ pix). It is more aggressive than foam rolling and when you hit the sore spot just roll it (it KILLS). I have not had tight calve sor severe pain since i started doing this!

Erin said...

I had to wear that monitor, but not for a month! I only did it for a week. It's super sexy. Once that came back inconclusive, I had to run on the treadmill while hooked up to a bunch of machines! Felt like Terminator or something. I hope your tests come back with some good data and they can help you!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Gotta agree with Meghan....hit the tennis ball. They hurt but help.

Love the cow/calf picture! I must confess, I had to reread what you wrote since I was having too much fun laughing at the picture choice. Thanks for the laughs and I am glad someone else out there has my type of sense of humor!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Gotta agree with Meghan....hit the tennis ball. They hurt but help.

Love the cow/calf picture! I must confess, I had to reread what you wrote since I was having too much fun laughing at the picture choice. Thanks for the laughs and I am glad someone else out there has my type of sense of humor!

Katie said...

that is the most complicated sock i have ever seen.

Char said...

I'm really sorry - I totally let you down with my last comment. There just was not enough adulation over your achievement. You are great. You are awesome. I bow at your feet. Now bring on the singing nuns.

Don't ever feel bad about a good race report. Even then you do it in a self-deprecating style without too much chest beating. Share the good times as well as the poop-your-pants-in-the-middle-of-a-race ones.

Jen said...

Nice post Andy.