Friday, March 23, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Stretching Instructions

I'm back!  This week has been a bit  hectic while my dad has been visiting.  Unfortunately, I've been working off and on while trying to balance hanging out with him.  Fortunately, I love hanging out and it's been a lot of fun.

I'll admit, when I don't blog I feel guilty.  Ask ANY blogger and they'll agree that you shouldn't feel guilty, you shouldn't force posts, blogging should be fun, blah blah blah. But, just like when I dip my hand in the candy jar at work and come out with a fist full of Jolly Ranchers, when I don't blog I feel guilty.

One of the things we all did as a family while my dad was here was go to a spring training baseball game.  March in Phoenix means a few things: The old snow birds start their slow migration towards the light to colder climates, pollen balls the size of grapes, and Spring Training Baseball.  Apparently, when March rolls around, THIS happens.  If you gawt it, flaunt it.

Nope, that was NOT a fart during my run this morning.

My right calf has been tight for the last week or so. I've still had some really good runs (11 miles yesterday with 8 at marathon pace-10 seconds or about 6:50 pace) but my calf aches during the runs.  The reason?  I need to stretch more.  I REALLY get on the people I coach about it (with limited results) but stretching after running really does solve a lot of these issues.  Must.Make.Time.

Finally, (before the funny foto) I think my son might have unlocked the key to a happy life.  His train was stuck in the corner behind the couch and he couldn't figure out how to get it out.  So, he figured out a rather creative way to get what he wanted.  The Lesson?  Sometimes, when you feel like the train of life is barreling down on you..... you hop on that son of a bitch and ride it backwards to the end of the week! Happy Friday!

Other than having a hilarious website name, the folks at Pleated Jeans always come up with some hilarious step by step photos.  Frankly, these actually ARE all really good exercises, but who could argue with just a little "drop it like it's hot" to cure the 3pm blahs?  Happy Friday!


Chicken said...

Did the boob in the hallway maneuvre about a year ago...still waiting on raise! The drop it like it's hot maneuvre is pretty popular in my office too! But petty cash only allows for pennies when it 'rains on ya'...kinda hurtful!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Awesome stretch instructions and names!

Spike said...

If you loved stretching, you would do it. It wouldn't have to ask you to do it or hint at it by saying something like 'remember how much fun we had the last time we stretched.'

Just say'n.

Char said...

I'd like to see the drop it like it's hot manoeuvre combined with found a quarter for advanced participants - they can pick up a quarter with their clenched buns of steel.

XLMIC said...

That guy is just trying to get as awesome a tan on his gut...I mean, belly... as he has on his legs and arms.

Stephanie Anne said...

love the stretches

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