Friday, March 16, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: More Children Facebook Funnies

Throughout my years of running, I’m always amazed at a few things:

  • I have been able to survive on a diet that consists mostly of processed sugar in colorful breakfast cereal form
  • MTV hasn’t renamed itself.  Seriously, MUSIC??  If that station is about music then my poop should be considered Picasso  
  • Running is incredibly fickle.  Nothing can seem to go right one day but then someone filps a switch and you’re hurdling over piles of dog poop at a 6:00/pace

Two weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling well, I hadn’t hit any “good” speed sessions and my mileage was about 20 miles per week lower than I wanted.  But, after the race on Saturday it seems that I’ve been blessed with a series of good runs that would rival an Olympian. I had a pretty good marathon pace run on Tuesday and on Thursday ran 10 miles of track work that averaged a 6:52 pace (details at the bottom if you care) – nearly at my half marathon PR pace. (For that matter, one of the 400s was at a 5:06 pace).  So, even though I have a stupid heart rate monitor taped to my chest (note to self, shave portions of chest...) at this moment things are looking pretty damn good.


This week's funny foto friday is a compilation of hilarious facebook postings. (I don't think I have posted any of these before, but I might have)  I can only imagine what would have happened if facebook would have existed when I was growing up, but I have to think that about half of these could very well have been seen in my facebook feed.  Happy Friday!

I can not WAIT to do this to my kids.  CAN NOT WAIT

Ok, I'll admit, I had to look up DTF.  Down to [have sexual relations] :)
Ladder track workout was as follows:
400 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 1200 / 800 / 400.  400 recovery between. 
Both 400s at 5k-15, 800 @ 5k, 1200 @ 5K+10, 1600@5k+20. 
Actual paces were: 5:32, 5:39, 6:02, 6:06, 5:58, 5:46, 5:07. Ran that last 400 nearly all out. Man, I wanted that in the 4s......


Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

Once i knew what dtf meant, that last one was killing me!!

pensive pumpkin said...

I accidentally hit 5:37 once. Briefly. Like, for a second. Going downhill. Of course, my average was about that plus 10 minutes. But I don't tell people that part.

Except the whole dang internet.

Stop being so fast, you're freaking me out. You wanted that in the fours? *slap* ; )

Andrew Opala said...

nothing like "doin the facebook"

Jen said...

Those were great!

Running is fickle - I'm going thru not such a great running period as far as getting in the miles I'd like to. Iv'e gotta tell ya, Andy, it sucks.


Kate said...

Those are hilarious. I love facebook.

danny said...

Teenagers will always find some way to was back in Sept '11 I had a student walk into class with "TGIF DTF" scrawled across her face with a black Sharpie. A freshman too. There must have been a summer movie, Internet meme, or hiphop artist back in July...

Naturally, it took awhile before the I deciphered the code (with a little help). My next step was to see if the school psych was in today.

Missy said...

These are great. I love your Friday funnies!

Char said...

I should have known better. Just did the laugh/snort/expel tea via nasal orifices thing. Note to self - do not read Friday Funnies while drinking.