Thursday, March 1, 2012

5K and Marathon Balance

Balance - He is doing it RIGHT

As I sit here, my legs have a dull ache, my Garmin is slightly damp and is charging, I’ve ate nothing but GU all day long, and I am dreading tomorrow’s long mid week run.  That’s right – I’m deep in the heart of marathon training. I’ve officially committed to the Eugene marathon as my next balls out puke or die PR attempt race.  The race is currently 8 weeks out which means that I am nearing the end of my miles build.  This week I hope to run 69 miles.  The issue? I want to set a 5K PR next weekend.

For the last month or so, I haven’t been as focused on speed and instead have been focused on laying the foundation for a successful marathon last push. Lots of long (relatively) slow slogs and not a lot of white spot inducing speed work. Great for marathon base, not so much for 5K training.

During training, balancing the 5K distance and the marathon distance is a tall order, but it can be done.  Too often I get hyper focused on one goal and forget about all of the other fun races that I could be running.  So, while the reality is that I might not be 100% 5K ready, I am probably 95%, and that is good enough.  To try to maintain some of the balance, I’ve not only been running long miles but have been trying to mix in some 800 intervals at 5K pace and tempo miles at 15K pace.  The thought process is that 800s will increase lung capacity and leg turnover but aren’t so long or so fast that they trash your legs and inhibit marathon training.

At least, that is the thought process. I’m going to continue my mileage and will try to run a 5K PR in the middle of a 60+ mile week.  Hopefully it will work out!  If nothing else, it will at least be a good white spot, hand tingling speed session.

How do you balance the various races on your schedule? 

So, I just realized that I had way too few poop jokes in this post so here is some stuff to make up for it.....

My son is sicker than a dog (and ironically is barking like one).  The only thing that made him feel better was a new bouncy horse thing.  (Unfortunately, I think I’m coming down with it too)

Oh, I think someone will have some re-gerts, lots and lots of re-gerts


Brian said...

I wish I could help with this. I'm trying to break my 1-mile PR in the summer and 5k in the fall while getting myself back in shape for a fall half.

pensive pumpkin said...

I'm so tired I thought you said there were too MANY poop jokes, so I went back and read the whole thing again looking for them.

Never knew how much I'd do for a poop joke until now.

Emz said...

I want. ;)

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'm pretty sure that's not ironic.

The Track Hack said...

TBR, I'm also doing Eugene and hoping to BQ at 3:25. My training is a track day, a race pace tempo run, and a RP +45s long-ass run. It all hurts, but it's working. You'll like the course; flat and fast. And you get to finish on the track like a real runner! Good luck...signed, The Track Hack

Sue's Ramblings said...

what balance???? i just go out and run...and try to hang on for dear life! anyway, looking forward to your PR marathon report (i mean it! don't you dare come back without one!). ;p

Raina said...

So, this is exactly why I am afraid to race a 5k right now. I want the PR, but don't think it can happen during training!! Hope the white-spot inducing speed work does the trick for you and that your son gets better.

I am also running Eugene Marathon. Do you mind if I link you your blog on my website? I have a little list started.

C2Iowa said...

Hopefully, your son may "bounce" back quickly. A 5k in the midst of training - interesting. Looking forward to reading your PR/RR.

Chicken said...

Can't wait to hear about your unicorns and rainbows after both your 5K and Marathon PR attempts!

Char said...

Hope your son's feeling better soon. And I hope that this illness doesn't interfere with your 5k PR attempt.