Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Passive Aggressive Office Notes

Just a quick update today because I've got too many things to do for a gorgeous 80 degree day.  This morn I did my first set of intervals (6x800 at 5K pace) in prep for a 5K that I'm planning on running in 2 weeks.  How fast were the intervals? I have no idea.  How long did I go for each 800? I have no idea.  My (old) Garmin dropped GPS 3 times during the run.  It wasn't a fun "naked" run where I run carefree with the wind wisping my golden locks - it was more of one of those dreams where you are giving a speech in your underwear and everyone is laughing at the "Visitors Welcome" imprint on your crotch.

So, while I got a little (a lot) of flack from my wife for buying a new Garmin, I'm not sorry I did. It comes on Wednesday!

It seems like people get away with a lot of things in the office that would not stand at home.  Not flushing to toliet (or shitting all over the seat???  Who does that?), leaving dishes in the sink for ages, or helping yourself to someone else's secret stash of office candy.  Well, some people decided to take to the printer and vent a little frustrations.  Happy Friday!

This is exactly why I not only lick all of the food before I put it in the fridge.....but I also ensure I have no more faith in mankind to lose.

 "Ladies, The Science fair is over now, please dispose of your living organisms and wash your dishes" 

Oh nerdy IT guys, how I love you.

Fell on the floor for 10 seconds!? Way to have those cat like reflexes, dude.

Finally, just a quick bonus picture of some hilarious mother / daughter interaction on Facebook. I love the fact that the daughter called her out on the cross post to twitter - hilarious!  Happy Friday!


Jen said...

Funnies :)

Entertaining post!

Sorry about your Garmin crapping out - can't wait to hear all about the new one on the way!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

The blurred out pictures and names on the last image look like oddly colored dongs.

Jamie said...

Rose is right...they do.
love the office photos!

ltlindian said...

I love the poor spelling in the first photo. Not so smart at that office....

The Green Girl said...

I will never understand coworkers that steal food.

Suza said...

A policeman was charged with theft after stealing from the office fridge in the PD, ha!

Char said...

My stupid back hurts when I laugh and you just made me laugh a lot. Don't know whether to love you or hate you.

MotherRunner said...

Haha, I was going to say the exact same thing as Rose.

mikky said...

These are hilarious! I pinned a bunch to my pinterest so that I can remember to do these at work.