Friday, January 13, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Smart Assed Signs & What I am training for

I have all kinds of asses.  There is "dumb ass" whenever I try to spell the word "of" using "ove". (Come on, love? dove? ove??)  There is "hard ass" when I am flexing naked in the mirror when I don't let my son play in the trash can. And then there is "smart ass" when I am at my comedic best.

Today's funny foto friday is yet another example of people saying "yeah, its vandalism, but it is soooo funny".  Well done sir, well done.

Believe me, if you COULD smoke pie, high schoolers have tried it

Mmmm, bacon flavored water

This is also how I deal with the shame of a bad joke

Speechless. Hilarious, but speechless.

I'm scared as to how many people have tried this.

Nerdy? Yes. Hilarious? Maybe.

Redbull gives you winnnngggs!!!!

Finally, a twitter friend (which of course isn't any less than a "in the flesh friend") sent me this picture and I HAD to share.  I tried to censor it as best I could, so if you don't like swears.....sorry.  This is now going to be my new answer when anyone asks the question.  Happy Friday!


Jamoosh said...


K said...

love the last one

Al's CL Reviews said...

Last one is great.

Nicole said...

Love that last one!!

McV said...

love the videos and of course the training poster. I included you in my fake Three Things friday post.

Alma said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Kate said...

All funny, but I LOVE the last one.

Chicken said...

I must be a nerd because I laughed the hardest at room 404!

I want that poster!

TriMOEngr said...

With such awfully sad news on SUAR's blog, it was nice to come here for a grin.

Mike said...

Those were great Adam! Love the Pie area one for some reason. Maybe because it's kind of creative.

Missy said...

Love the pie area.
Have you seen the Marathon thoughts video? I just posted it on my blog, if you haven't.
It's hilarious.

Run Jess Run said...