Friday, January 27, 2012

Funny Foto Friday: Amy Winehands & Mixins

Update on my knee......  I went for a 5 mile test run today that went....ok.  I still feel some tightness or the feeling of being itchy.  Does anyone else have little dings that feel sore boarding on itchy?  Maybe I need to get some Preparation H for my knee?

This week's funny foto Friday is a bit of a grab bag.

First, when I was writing yesterdays post, I was looking for a picture of someone doing the game "Edward 40 hands" but with wine bottles.  (Normally, you duct tape two 40oz (1.2 L (!!!)) bottles of beer to your hands and you can't take them off to pee until you've finished them both. It is a black-out inducing hilarious good time!)  I couldn't find a picture with wine so I complained about it on Twitter.  Enter Lynne!!!

She not only let me know that the game is called "Amy Winehands" but offered to take a picture!  Go check out her blog here (GREAT pictures of foooood).

Step 1 - tape wine bottles to your hands

Step 2 - Nighty night

Finally, a few pictures I found on facebook to round out the Funny Foto Friday.

This is about as expected as a corn dog at a 5 star restaurant

Finally, I think we've all seen or at least heard of the "Shit XX Say" videos.  The original was what Girls say, but I've also seen runners and triathletes as well.  Each is funny, but for some reason the Shit Ultra Runners Say is the funniest by far.  IT seems that when runners get out on the trail, all bets are off. Happy Friday!

Don't forget!! The Freeze Your Thorns off 5K is TOMORROW!!  Come back and let me know how you did by leaving a comment and I'll include you in the results summary!

Prizes Prizes OMG Prizes!!

Zero Water pitcher!  Filters out all of the municipal water sludge and helps you run cleaner
(Review to come very shortly!)

Moeben Arm Sleeves!! UV-protected sleeves are made with a handy pocket for a gel packet or small iPod.
I seriously can't even make up these advertisements.  Was this the start of a hippie orgie?

Feetures (not a typo) high performance running socks!
Like a condom for your feet (that might be my slogan, not theirs)

Body Glide!!!  What better to protect your naughty bits - even in the cold
I kid you not, if you Google Image Body Glide, this picture comes up - I suppose if you're playing soccer in a bikini you WOULD need body glide.....

Nuun!!!  No calories, fizz, electrolytes, delicious

Also, if you put Nuun in wine? Not that bad!


Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

Omg, she did actually do it for you! I saw her say that on twitter but didn't think she would :)

For the record, I dug up the video of the 11-second wine bong. Still is equally disgusting now as it was 10 years ago!

Brian said...

Wow. I don't see how Amy Winehands isn't a recipe for disaster. A little classier than the 40-hands, though!

I'm gonna have to defer on FYTO5K...hopefully there's no fee for that.

Laura is Undeterrable said...

I have been telling everyone about Amy Winehands. I don't plan on playing, but I like sharing my knowledge with the world.

Also of note, I told the husband who did 5 years active duty as a Marine (and is therefore qualified at all things binge drinking) and he said that game would kill him. Good to know.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I love The Story photo.

If I weren't allergic to wine, the Amy Winehands game would be fun!

Chicken said...

Never done Amy Winehands, but have done Edward Fortyhands (with 32 ouncers) and it was friggin hilarious! Beer, duct tape, and diapers = memories forever!

Nelly said...

lol your posts seriously crack me up! Amy winehands? If anyone ever actually finished 2 bottles of wine solo that would be insane!

and wine with nuun? lol

TriMOEngr said...

"Somebody needs to invent toe socks for my junk." Wow - that was the best line.

Dax Ross said...

Of all the honors I have received, and next to the birth of my 3 children, the inclusion of my video in Funny Foto Friday ranks right near the top.

abbi said...

I love that what ultra runners say video, saw it yesterday and was laughing all throughout it!

Ali Mc said...

hahahaha I love all of this and saw that vid on another blog :P and the thong/dog pic is the best!!!!

P1t0 said...

Anyone else notice she passed out and the bottles haven't been opened yet... :)... on another note, I'll be back tomorrow to post my V5k report.

Michael said...

I finished my 5K for the run, and you can read all about it here...