Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Running Year In Review

Before I look back at 2011, I want to schlep a few things point you to a few awesome things to make sure you've seen.

First, my virtual race is still on!  Check out this post for the details, but basically if you're a runner you should be running 3.1 miles on January 28th.
Also, check out my previous post and ask elite marathoner Trisha Miller some good questions! I've had a lot on twitter, but the blog peeps are slacking.

2011?  Success!!  I kept my son alive. Parenting, for the win!

I like looking back at the years gone by.  If you don't look in the rear view mirror once in a while, you never know if you're about to back through the closed garage door. The past is there to help us to not make the same mistakes twice (or three times, or four times).  So here is a look back at my original goals and where I ended up!

2011 by the numbers:
Miles ran: 2,277
Marathon states added: 3 (Oklahoma, Iowa, Georgia)
PRs set: 3 (Marathon - 3:19, Half marathon - 1:29, 4 mile - 24:58)
Running shoes used: 7 pairs

Run a 3:15 marathon Grade: C- (Ran a 3:19)
This was probably my number one goal for 2011.  In an effort to hit this goal, I nearly doubled my mileage, sacrificed running races and sacrificed too many other things than I'd like to count (Read: the layer of skin between my thighs).  I had previously been working towards a sub 3:20 and decided to skip past it and just run 3:15 instead.  The result? 3:20 and a 4 minute PR.  So, I'm getting faster, but not quite fast enough to head to Boston and lick the street where the finish line is painted.
Even my son was exhausted at the thought of a 3:15

Make one attempt at a 3:10 marathon.  Grade: B+ (Tried once)
Did it! I tried in Savannah. Although, Yoda would say that trying is bullshit (I think that is a direct quote), but like I said in my goals post, unless you put yourself out there you'll never do it.  So, even though this was almost an "automatic" goal, I still like having goals that say that I will at least TRY to do something.
I'm running AND racing!

Run a sub 18:10 5K. Grade: D- (Didn't even THINK about this goal)
FAIL!!!!  Complete FAIL.  I didn't focus on the 5K distance, I didn't even TRY for a 18:XX time.  Although, I suppose I did run a 4 mile race in 6:15 pace, when it was 80 degrees out.  I think that is one of the few things that kept this one out of the F range.
Ughhhhhhh.  Soooooo sticky

Do some form of core work after EVERY training run. Grade: F- (Nope)
FAIL!!!  I don't even think I did this for a week.  I don't even have a good excuse.  Can I blame this one on politics?  It is probably the 99% fault.
Ummpa, loompa FAIL

Volunteer for at least one race. Grade: One of those crappy participation ribbons (Maybe??)
Did I do this?  I can't really remember volunteering for a race - but I did host two real races and two virtual races - so that has to count for something, right?
I received a LOT of those in elementary school track

Eat healthier. Grade: A+! (Success!!  I did it!)
Finally!!!  A goal that I knocked out of the park.  While I certainly still eat like a 30 year old guy, I made a specific effort to make sure that all 3500 calories that I ate a day were MOSTLY healthy.  But, let's be honest, when I'm eating that much, I'm not eating 3500 calories of kale.
At least cake doesn't make you fart


Kate said...

I think just having the balls to make such ambitious goals is a win.

Happy New Year!

Caroline said...

your son is alive!
mine are too!

I guess we are both doing something right!

happy new year to you and your family!

JFord said...

Funny you mention running into the garage door because I almost did that last night. My in-laws were in town which menat we got to go to a movie and I damn near tore up the garage door!

Nobel4Lit said...

You really had a great year in running for sure!! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Shawn said...

Ever the optimist....I don't think those goals were tough enough Adam...buck up a bit and lets get going for 2012(you know that is a joke right?)!!!

Have a good one.

Jen said...

It's been fun following your journey and blog - Total success for me as a blog reader!

Kim said...

OMG I will never think of you again without having the image of the bronzed abs photo. It might be my new wallpaper on my laptop.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Love your grading system! Happy New Year!

Pam said...

3500 calories????? My ass just got bigger typing that.

I could have sooooooo much fun with 3500 calories a day...

Mike said...

Nice solid (smokin fast) PR's there Adam! Impressive mileage too. Congrats on a great year!

Morgan said...

Your son lived! Yay parenting!!! :) LOL! You crack me up, as always, it's been a pleasure following along on your adventures and I'm looking forward to the next installment in 2012.

Run Jess Run said...

Huh...I never got a Cub Scout ribbon for elementary school track...

Great job in 2011! Can't wait to hear what your goals are for 2012.

Missy said...

Every time we celebrate a child's birthday or our anniversary I feel like someone should hang a medal around our(me and my husband) necks.
Can't wait to see what's on tap for you in 2012.

Laura said...

I got distracted after reading about your virtual race, so, yeah, congrats on all those goals... BUT NOW I want to talk about how maybe I can get a group together in NYC to run it together and time it and end at the macaroni and cheese cookoff here that day. Thoughts?