Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scary Run: Heart Palpitations

Learning is fun!
Now where is the "blow shit up" button??
For me, part of blogging is not only writing about the successes, but also the failures. It is a reflection of what is going on in the microcosm of "me".  Honestly, the failures would certainly be easy to not post.  I could remain silent, hell I could even post about something completely unrelated (ZOMG, did you hear that NFL football is back!?).  But that wouldn't sit well with me. Sometimes things (runs) go well.  When they do, I gloss over the details and talk about poop post about it.**  When things don't go well? I still post about poop, post about them and try to learn from my mistakes.***

On Saturday I had 18 miles on the schedule.  Nothing fancy, no pickups, pace work, or cartwheels. Just some boring old "move your ass the required distance" miles.  It was supposed to be balls hot out**** so the night before I didn't have any beer, I hydrated as best I could, and went to bed early.  The day of, I followed my normal routine (contacts, poop, water, stretch, run), and ran the first 9 miles at a 8:00 pace.  It was hot, but I live in Arizona so that is to be expected.

At the turn around (all of my runs are out and back) I stopped for 10-15 seconds to get a drink and my heart started RACING. Like, 220 beats per min racing.  My chest got tight and I decided that it would be best to find a place to sit down. No sense passing out and hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes.  I sat down for 5 min or so, realized they weren't going away and decided to just start walking back home.  I walked a mile or so and they did eventually go away.  I then ran/walk my way home to take it easy for an overall pace of somewhere in the 9:50ish range.

Now, I get heart palpitations on occasion*****.  Usually when I drink too much caffeine late in the day or, based on this Mayo Clinic article, whenever my menopause is flaring up.  According to the internet, they are totally normal and you actually won't pass out because the heart is beating normally - just really really fast. Also, based on the internet the other causes can be:
  • Strong emotional responses, such as stress or anxiety (not really, but I was running?)
  • Strenuous exercise (oh yeah, got that)
  • Caffeine (actually, not before they happened this time)
  • Nicotine (gross)
  • Fever (I was really hot, so possibly)
  • Hormone changes associated with menstruation, pregnancy or menopause (BINGO)
  • Taking cold and cough medications that contain pseudoephedrine, a stimulant (I take a 12 hour allergy med, but hadn't taken it for 24)
  • Taking some asthma inhaler medications that contain stimulants (nope, haven't huffed for years)
  • A low blood sugar level (a very high possibility)
  • Some types of low blood pressure (possibly from the heat)
  • Dehydration (Ding ding ding - we have a winner)

Soooooo, my chest hurt when I ran and my heart tried to jump out of my chest. Now what?

Well, I am going to try to drink even more water.  I normally carry 40 oz during my long runs and that just doesn't seem like it is going to be enough for Arizona's 97 degrees at 7:30am.  So, on long run, hot days I'll also carry my handheld.  Also, I'm going to possibly call a doctor and see if he thinks if it is worthwhile to come in and get checked out.  Finally, I'm going to not be so reactionary to completely change the way I operate because of one event.  I've had 100s of runs that haven't had any issue so this might have been a fluke.

Oh right, and I"m going to continue to enjoy sulking after a shitty run with a cold beer.  Sulking tastes delicious.

**Comments of "nice run!" rain down from heaven like lollipops in a Wonka factory
***Comments of "nice run!" still rain down from people who skimmed the post
****Swear to god, that is what the weather lady said "Balls hot out"
*****Some people call it "Bieber Fever"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: Fun with Signs & Debt Limit Rap

Humor comes from a lot of strange places. It can sneak up on you like a fart in an intense meeting or it can smack you in the back of the head in the form of a joke about how the world needs more cowbell

Sometimes however, humor comes in the form of vandalism. Vandalism to street signs. Vandalism, like crotch kicks, is either hilarious or anger inducing. I’ll let you be the judge. I sure know Vanilla Ice makes ME angry. Happy Friday!

Finally the debt limit. For those of you not in the United States or those of you who have been living under a rock, the US has a bit of a spending problem.  It is sort of like that friend that drives the new Cadillac Escalade, has those fancy jeans with the horseshoe on the ass, and always is wearing a Rolex. All the while working at WalMart stocking the laundry detergent isle.  So far the US has racked up around $13.9999 Trillion in debt and once it hits $14T, the repo man comes and takes away Social Security.  I think.  Actually, the repo man might take away freedom.

Anywhoo, where there is possible national calamity, there is some fool making fun of it hilariously on YouTube.  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Q and A with Adam: Part 2 of 2

I’m back with the last installment of the Q and A blogging phenomenon! This series of questions ran the gambit with a few on my coaching, my training, and even some on how I roll in the bathroom. Oh, and one about boobs, which was nice.

This morning I headed to the track and went against plan and ran some speeeeeed. My plan right now has a bunch of slow boring miles. Good for endurance, bad for my sanity. So, before I snapped at my coworkers and started to scream over and over about how the debt ceiling is a myth, I planned for some fast miles. Today I did 6x800 at 5:47 pace with 400 rest in-between. 800s are TOUGH. They are short enough to run very fast but just long enough that you’re panting like a dog in heat afterwards.

But, I digress, just like the naked sleeping Alex Trebek would say, on to the answers!

Shawn asked: 
Did you burn those bad luck shorts yet????
Ugg, no. The poop shorts live on. I need to though. I either need to burn them or run a race with them on to hopefully shake off the bad luck. I'm sure running a race in them won't end badly....  Maybe I should just use bleach..... does anyone know of any good exorcist priests?

You were a bigger dude like I was for awhile...ever find yourself sliding back?
Yep, all the time. Now, I'm not like Calista Flockhart with a food scale or something, but I'm always thinking about making the right choices, doing calorie counts in my head, etc. I usually weigh myself about every other day to see how I am doing. I will say that I'm still hanging on to 5 to 7 pounds of sympathy weight from when my wife was pregnant. It is going to be winter soon - I gotta pack on my thin candy shell.

Doesn't everyone have a "token fat picture"?

Are you surprised at the number of followers you have.....does it make you fell like a "fitness" icon (insert snicker are a GOD in my books!!!)?
I am ALWAYS surprised at the number of followers my blog has collected. I think my blog fits a specific niche. Poop Humor.  While I take my training very seriously, I don't take myself too seriously. I don't talk 100% about runing, but instead try to post essentially what you would talk about with a friend on a long run. A little bit of running, a little bit of family, and enough Lindsey Lohan jokes to make us all feel good about ourselves.  (Really Lidsey??  $1,000 shoes to a court date where you say you can't afford a psychologist?  Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey) That, and I think that I'm a little bit of a guilty pleasure.  **Insert seductive porn music here**

Fitness Icon? I don't know about that. I'm kind of like the Bob Harper of blogging. Happy go lucky guy that is good in his own right but always playing second fiddle to Jillian.  I even tried to grow a Bob Style Beard.  Even the photoshopped version looked stupid.

Why the "Boring" in the header??? Your LL comments are the best ever!
Dang, I should have lumped this question in with the other time that I answered it. For the full explination, go here.

Tricia asked: 
Who is the biggest celebrity you are coaching?
Everyone that I coach is a celebrity in their own right. That is why we blog, right? Fame, fortune, naked ladies, and popularity?

Does the aforementioned celebrity actually follow your plan?
One of the main reasons to have a coach is to have his/her guidance on what runs are ok to skip and what ones are worth rearrainging your entire week to still get in. Life is what we do when we are not running. So, when life gets in the way of running, we kick life's ass and get it done anyway you reassess, adjust, and move forward without looking back.

If Ryan Hall started running in skirts, would you?
Who says that I wouldn't without him leading the way? Maybe I could start a trend of fashionable 30 year old men wearing skirts to run in. The extra air flow would certainly cut down on the swamp ass and ball-stick to leg.

If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?
It would depend on what was at the bottom I suppose.

Mrs G asked: 
How long did it take you to get to your pace that your are at now?
This is a hard one to answer because I think my pace is always fluctuating. I am ALWAYS trying to get faster. But, let's use the first time that I broke 3:30 for the marathon as the example. I feel that I could probably run a 3:30 marathon on most courses (even though I didn't on my last "real" non training non-shitty weather PR attempt - Marathon 2 Marathon). I started running sometime in 2006 and ran a 3:29 in May of 2009. So, 2.5 years or so?

Any advice (besides the usual hydrate, get sleep, train, fuel) for a first time marathoner? Im doing my first in December.
Congrats! The advice I always try to give is to know your body. I get to know my body 3 or 4 times a day! More if my wife is gone Really try to focus on the difference between "sore" and "injured". Being "sore" after long runs is fine, but it shouldn't linger much more than 2 or 3 days. You can run through being sore (I did this morning). Being "injured" is much worse and requires rest. Better to be 90% trained than 50% injured at race time, every time.

Fair Weather Runner asked:
i really don't have any questions. but you seem like a very energetic fella, so please tell me you are addicted to some sort of caffeinated beverage? lame, but i like to make myself feel better for my own caffeine addiction knowing others suffer too. so you know..
Oh yes, if heaven is a place, coffee flows like water. However, I can't have caffiene much after 3pm or so. I get heart palpitations and break out in sweats.

Average A asked: 
Since you spend so much time in the bathroom... how do you hang the TP? Over or under? HOW DO YOU ROLL, ADAM??
Ass out, laid back. That's how I roll (actually, I think that quote has a word in it that rhymes with "rock"  Over. I can't remember if this is better or worse for my son run rolling out the entire roll. Time will tell!

Bobbi Asked: 
I want to know what you think the best part of being a coach is?
Easy - showing people the confidence they've had inside them all along.

Does it make your own running more of a chore or less?
It is pretty independent from my normal running. I think that I could work full time at a running store and still love to crank out some early morning miles. It honestly does take a bit of time away from blogging, but I am 100% OK with that.

No hands!
I'm pretty sure you have to have mastered this to get into Kindergarten

And what has surprised you MOST about being a parent so far?
This will either sound horribly nieve or sound 100% like a guy, but I really REALLY underestimated the effort required to take care of the little guy. I'm not sure if there would be an autopilot button or what, but I never could have anticipated the 24/7 care that he requires. It is often overwhelming, but always worth it.

Brian Flash asked: 
What do you feel is your ultimate best time achievable in your favorite distance race?
Ohhh, tricky tricky. This makes me PICK my favorite race distance. I think I'll return the favor on your Q and A! While I have a 50 states marathon goal, I might have to admit that my favorite distance is the 5K. Based on having a full time job but focusing 100% on the 5K, I'd bet that I could pull a 17:45. In the back of my head I'd really like to break 18 at some point. Since I'm a dirty cheater, I'll do the marathon too. 3:03ish. I'm not sure that .I could go sub 3, that hurts my man berries just to think about.

At someone who left the Midwest but returned, I'd like to know if you would move back to or near your Midwest roots at some point?
Eventually, yes. Realistically, it wont be for years and years. If I could get family to move to KC, I'd move back there in a heart beat.

JojaJogger asked: 
Have you scheduled the Freeze Your Thorns Off 10K yet? If not, could you please schedule it during Rock N Roll weekend so I can participate and get one of those cool washer medals?
It'll likely be two weeks or one week before. You should come early! I'll run your taper miles with you.

XLMIC wanted  to know more about how I laid all of the wire/cable in the basement that I finished myself in my house in Kansas City.
Between you and me, it wasn't 100% up to code, but the house didn't burn down and I was SUPER proud of doing it myself. I'm handy! But I'm expensive.  I require large amounts of beer to get anything done.

She also wanted to know if we breastfed our son.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to get that to work quite well. My nipples got really really sore and the doctor said that we were going to have to start supplimenting soon anyway. So, we decided to suppliment 100%.

Finally she wanted to know if I am particular with the way I get ready to run.
I'm not too anal retentive with my routine, but since I'm a guy I essentially do it the same way every time. (That's what she said.) I get up, stumble around, put my clothes on, put my contacts in, wait for nature to "take it's course", and am out the door.

My brother inlaw and I doing some HVAC work
Well, it looks like he is "working" something else?

BabyWeightMyFatAss asked: 
More tips for overcoming downtime on the injured reserved bench? :(
Cross train, blah blah blah. You know all of that. For me the big thing was the worrying about how much fitness I was going to loose. What I can tell you is that, when you get back you'll retain more endourance than you ever thought possible. In Aug of '09 I had a stress fracture of my tibula. I took 3 months off 100% from running. I biked like 6 times to pretend like I was maintaining some level of fitness. I then trained for 8 weeks and ran a marathon that was essentially 10 minutes slower than I would have been prior to my stress fracture.  I know that you're going to be out even longer than 3 months, but hang in there.

Taken this morning. Soo many shoes
Erin asked: 
I meant to ask how you go about buying your running shoes?
A complex mix of math algorithms and wiji boards. Honestly, I first decide what "kind" of shoe I want and both go online and into a store and see what is available in that market. (Meaning: long run stability, race shoe, track spikes (which I would love to get))

Do you find a pair you like and get five of them?
I wish! Until I find a money tree or get the printing press in my basement to put in the security strip, I'll be the one entering as many blog contests as I can and trying to get my local running store to accept Suave Shampoo coupons.

Constantly monitor the reviews and have a variety of the highest-tech/newest options?
I do try to keep current on my favorite brands' newest models. I'm super excited for Brooks' natural running shoe line - even if the colors are just so/so. But, I normally try to save $20 or so and buy last year's model. I'm always a year behind, but I figure that the $20 saved can help a nice young gal get that much closer to "college" go towards a 5K registration.

Are you highly brand loyal?
In consulting, we have a saying that is something to the effect of: "Blame your rental car and hotel preference on your first project, because you'll never change". I started out with Brooks and they've been really good to me. However, I've also tried Sacuny and honestly really like the pair of Pearl Izumi shoes I reviewed a while back. They're my #2 favorite shoe (out of 5 or 6) right now.

Do you buy mostly online or in-store?
Honestly, about 50/50. When I get a bug and feel like checking out a new model of shoe I'll goto a running store and buy them there. But, if I'm buying shoes I've ran in before, online is where I go. is great, honestly so are a lot of the shoe manufacturers as well.

Do you love fancy inserts or think the ones that come in the shoes are good enough?
I've never ran with an aftermarket insert. I've never had any issues with the ones that are in there and am afraid to mess with them. Essentially, I live my life in constant fear of injury.

That's what she said
Annette@(running)In the Right Direction asked on a different post:
Question for you..with all these longer runs I've been getting numb on top of my ever get that with these long runs??
Well, that is certainly worse than sitting on your hand and playing "stranger"!  (Don't look that up if you are at work)  Without knowing your running history, it sure sounds like your shoes might be tied too tight.  When you run longer than 90 minutes or so, your feet really start to swell.  Turns out, mom was right! You really do need that finger's length of room in your toes.  You might try loosening your laces just a bit to see if that helps.  Not to the point of being sloppy of course, but just enough to still feel snug while letting your feet get a bit more blood.  If that doesn't help (not to be an alarmist) but you really should get it checked out.  Numbing in the extremities can sometimes mean a more serious cardiovascular issue.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mid week half marathon run

I was recently talking to a friend who, while injured, went to a doctor who asked “how many half marathons did you run before you ran your first marathon”. Her response was the same as mine would have been. Why do I have my pants off? It is my foot that hurts! None. However as part of marathon training, most good plans have you running half marathons multiple times in the form of long runs, or some time mid week long runs. You see, on Tuesday, I run a half marathon. . . . .as part of training.

As I’m sure that you’ve grown tired of hearing, I decided to take my training to the next level and stock up on LSD, HGH, and a few others that I can’t pronounce really pack on the miles. This means that I’m running 10+ mile runs 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. It’s a lot for sure. If someone could shoot me an email every week or so and remind me what my family looks like that’d be great. (Kidding, of course – my wife posts pictures on Facebook that I check out while working.)

Tuesday’s plan had 14 miles on the schedule. I am still trying to ease into it so I decided to back it off a bit and just do 13.1. I like to think of high mileage training plans like getting into bondage in the bedroom. You don’t break out the nipple clamps right away, you just smack each other around with leather a bit first to get a feel for it. . . . . or so I assume.

It’s really interesting what you see while running for 1:42 hours in the wee hours of the morning:

  • First, I found out where all of the dude runners are!!! I saw 4 or 5 of them. One didn’t even have a shirt on. As another shirtless guy, that made me happy. Not tingle in the pants happy, but more of a “cool, I’m not the only one who has no shame” kind of happy.
  • To the ladies credit, there were a bunch of them out as well. They generally ran in packs and only 50% responded to a shirtless, sweaty, panting, runner’s waive and “morning!” battle cry.  I think one of them pointed mace at me.
  • Finally, I also saw all sorts of wildlife. I mean, there were the normal dogs (someone was running with a wiener dog that just seemed wrong. . . .AND HILARIOUS), but also saw a peacock, and for the first time EVER I saw a snake. It was curled up in a circle right beside the sidewalk. It caught my eye as I ran right by it and I might have yelped like a little girl. So, I did the only manly thing I could think of: Got 20 feet away from it, grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it at it. Fortunately, it was dead. Of course, being a guy I had to find a stick and poke it to make sure. Guys like to do that.

He looks friendly enough....
The run itself went OK. I had ran 10 miles the day before so my legs were tired from the start. In fact, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to “the wall” as I passed through 10 miles and beyond. I wanted to stop, I wanted to walk, but I just kept jogging at my normal long run pace of 7:45ish. It was tough, but I suppose that is entirely the point. Running on tired legs will hopefully train me to NOT walk at 20 miles during my next race, right?

What is the furthest you’ve ran mid week? 13 miles is my furthest thus far!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Q and A With Adam: Part 1 of 2

It seems that, like with most things, once the real excitement has died down, I decide to jump on the bandwagon and finally answer some Q and A questions.  Below is the first round.  It isn't too late to get in on round 2!!!

Lisa Asked: 
What have been the top three moments of your three decades on earth?
0-10: Well, I guess there was that whole "birth" thing. That was pretty sweet. Other than that, when I was 7 I got a 4-wheeler (or, ATV / "quad" to most people). Loved that thing - I can still ride on the two SIDE wheels with a little practice.
10-20: Ummmmmmmmmmmm. You DO know that I was crazy awkward during this period, right?
20-30: Gosh, graduated college, got married, lost my virginity, had a son. Out of those, I'd have to say having my son. He isn't even 8 months old and I am more proud of him than words.

Follow on, what is the one thing you want to accomplish on this fourth decade that you are just days into?
30-40: I'm going to cheat and say that I can't say anything about my wife or my son (or any future kiddos). Tying it back to running, I WILL run the Boston Marathon.

Caroline Asked
Why do you think you are boring?
Two answers to this question. First, running IS boring to non runners. It's a lot like NASCAR: Left turn...left turn...left turn... Right foot, left foot, right, left, right, left. The fact that any of us have blogs that center around running as a sport is amazing to me. Second, when looking for a blog post name, I Googled: "Funny Blog Names". One of them that came back was I Am Boring: But if you are reading this, so are you! That was actually my blog name for 2-3 years until I fully dove into the running stuffs.

Does your wife read your blog? How about the comments?
Oh yes, she reads both - every day. In fact, she even reads quite a few running blogs herself.  I think that she searches for validation that not all runners/bloggers are like me.  Thankfully her search doesn't need to go far.  She soon finds that most others are actually 100% normal.

Will you guys try for another bambino?
Oh yeah, my wife would love to field a basketball team if she could. So, we'll have more for sure, but if we start getting near a baseball team, I might have to take a vow of celibacy.

Have you visited other countries?
No, not via air. I've traveled full time for work for 8 years and I've never left the country except for walking across the boarder to Mexico. I THOUGHT that I was going to do it for my 5th year wedding anniversary, but instead of booking a trip to one of the non-US Caribbean islands, I booked to one of the US Virgin Islands. FAIL!

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
Iowa State University. Computer Science. Raise your hand if you could have guessed THAT!

Nelly Asked
Did you do sports in high school? You seem like a really good athlete.
Nope, none. Not a one. During high school I was much more interested in marching band, Star Wars, and trying to get laid.  I rarely have many regrets in life (I can only think of 2), but one of them is that I didn't go out for cross country.

What is your favorite running moment?
I have two: When I won the 9/11 memorial 5K and the Fargo Marathon. The latter because it was a double figure 8 course and my wife could stay in one spot and see me 4 times and because it was a perfectly executed race. I had trained SOOO hard to break 3:30 and I ran a 3:29:29 with nearly even splits.

What is your dream race?
My dream race isn't a location, it is a feeling. My family is spectating, I don't have to poop, it is 40 degrees, and I am running at my ability (if that is fast, great - if not, that is great too). I don't need music, I don't need Boston, all I need are those things. The great thing is that those things are out there for MANY races - which is why I love running.  Every day has the possibility to be my dream day.
For the record, this wouldn't hurt either

Nobel4Lit asked
I have this terrible curse that causes me to cramp during every. single. marathon (and very seldom on training runs 15 mi and up). It usually happens, you know, when most people are "hitting the wall," but for me, it's more like, "left cramp, right cramp, left cramp, right cramp" in my calves and sometimes shines and even quads when it gets bad.

I've tried the whole Salt Stick, minding my hydration, gels, etc., but so far, it hits me. I have energy to keep going but can't. I know I run a tad faster during races than during training for the most part, but isn't that normal? What would you recommend both during training and during marathons that might help me? Seriously, without these cramps, I can easily smash my current PR.
Putting on my coaching hat for a minute. . . .Of course, I'd want to hyper focus on what you're doing differently during a race than when you train. You normally wake up 3 hours before you actually race, is that doing it? What time of day do you run your training runs? What do you eat before a race vs before a training run? Are you doing any marathon pace runs of substantial distance - 13 miles+?

 I'd suggest looking at your next marathon and trying to replicate the prep before hand 100%. Race time at 6:30? Training run at 6:30. But, you have to be there by 5:45am, so make sure you're awake on your training day that much before. Shuttle bus ride before hand? Drive somewhere to run. Once you've done all of those, do a marathon pace run of 10 or so miles after warming up of 4 or 5 normal slow miles. I'd be interested in knowing if you get cramps after doing something like that (to see if it is possibly a mental thing?)

Forward Foot Strides asked:
What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
Ohhh, good one. One time, I was at a friend's house and even though he was serving pork, he still served white wine!!  Can you believe that!!  In utero, my son's heart rate was 160ish (or something - it was high - both my wife and I have high heart rates). When he was being born, it drooped to the high 50s or 60. Literally, in 30 seconds, we went from 2 nurses in the room to 3 doctors and 5 nurses. Scary stuff. (Side note, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people billed me in some form or fashion. Lovely) The little guy was just squishing his cord and all that was needed was a shift in my wife's weight. But, to this day, I can recreate each second of those 2 minutes or so.

Looking AND feeling fine
Christina Asked
What do you think about us girls in all the colorful running outfits? Do men think we are ridiculous?
Honestly, naked would be much better. Swing low, sweet chariots. It always makes me laugh. If you look at a race, guys are dressed up in bright green shorts and a bright red shirt - the shorts might have been the same shorts that they used to mow the lawn last weekend. Girls on the other hand have color coordinated shorts, shirts, shoes, and socks (and if Garmin would smarten up and sell different colors of GPS watches, they'd have those too). However, I've been married WAY too long to not "get" it. A lot of guys think it is to look good for them. That is like 10%, right? The other 90% is to feel better about yourself. Look good, feel good, run good.

Rebecca Asked
Why am I so much more amused by you than my husband is?
GOOD QUESTION.  I don't think that a lot of guys "get" the whole blogging thing.  For some reason, guys like podcasts.  I read 100 or so blogs and listen to 25 or so podcasts.  Of those 75% of the blogs are female authored and 99% of the podcasts are male authored.  I'm not sure what that says about me I'm a girl or your husband he's a manly man but I'm certainly not complaining.

Chris K asked
1) Do you think I should still follow you on Twitter and your Blog now that you are officially old?
I'm planning on picking up the over 80s crowd. Look for an Ovalteen giveaway next week. So, yes, you qualify.

2) Do you think I should change my profile pick to a turtle and call my g.f. "Lady A" to be more like Jamoosh?
Just as long as you send me beer in the mail like he did.

3) Do you hate swimming and biking like I do?
Ahh, you can read me like a book. This life chapter is inbetween French Food, words that end in -izzle, and Foreplay in the "crap I pretend to like that I really don't". section.  I don't swim unless I have a beer on the edge of the pool and I don't bike unless I can't run.

4) What % of being a fast marathoner is God given talent and want % is from training?
I actually emailed Chris and asked for a clarification of what he meant by "fast": AG winner or Eliete. He said to answer for both, so here'goes!
AG winning marathoner: I 100% believe that nearly everyone can be an Age Group marathon placer.  There are probably a few bio mechanical / medical exceptions that might account to 10-15% of the total population.  Now, doing this might require 100% focus with no job commitments, daily massages, elite coaching, and a bit of injury luck. But, it can be done.  Honestly, part of the reason it CAN be done is because most people don't have the drive to do the above.
Elite marathoner (e.g. Meb, Ryan Hall): Here I am not so sure.  I tend to believe that being Olympic level ANYTHING requires some special talent that just can't be 'trained'.  Either you've got it, or you don't.  I will say that for every one Ryan Hall, I think there are 100 people who haven't "realized" that they do indeed have the gift and ultimately their talents will go untapped. And that - is a shame.

Running Through Phoenix Asked
Simple: why do you always leave the cap off of the toothpaste??
Out of protest because you NEVER PUT THE SEAT DOWN. It is seriously a good thing you're a good snuggler because other wise I couldn't live with you.

Lesley asked: 
I want to know if your wife thinks your boring? 
Yes. Horribly boring.  But, she humors me, which is all I ask.

And when you come back all sweaty, will she let you kiss her before you shower?
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH.  No.  Not a chance.  Although, she has gotten better about asking me how my run went when I get back vs just saying "you smell, go take a shower".

Brian asked: 
1.) The heat completely kicks my ass, and unfortunately I consider anything above about 65 to be "hot". (It was 80 degrees at 5am w/humidity 75%...ouchie!) You live in a hotter state than me and attempt distances in the summer that I probably wouldn't even try. So...what's your best advice for coping with heat?
It rained last night (Sunday night) so it was 81 degrees and 75% humidity at 5:30am when I started out.  I ran 10 miles.  Oyy!!!  So, I feel your pain.  My best advice is to set your expectations with the temperature.  Honestly, we all know what we SHOULD do: Hydrate, wear light clothing, slow down.  However, most often I still have the same 50 degree expectation of my runs when it is 90.  That isn't fair to my ego or to my training.  Realize that the heat / humidity is going to slow you down to some degree and set your expectations based on that.  BUT - one thing is to continue to push the pace when it cools down.  If you're running 10 min miles when it is 80, you should be running 9:30s (or faster) when it is cool.  Don't become complacent with the cooler weather!

2.) What that's the funniest thing that happened to you on a run or that you saw on a run?
This is a hard one.  Mostly because I zone COMPLETELY out when I run.  Recently, I saw a lady getting her paper in her underwear, that was pretty funny because she did NOT expect to see me.

Jamoosh Asked:
Who would be your Free Pass? How about your wife's Free Pass?
When I asked my wife that question I was greeted with a furrowed brow, a upturned nose and the following statement: "Why would I want to have sex with a celebrity?  I mean, there are lots of celebrities I want to meet, but none that I want to have sex with."  In my 7 years of marriage, if there is one thing I've learned it is to not write checks that my ass can't cash.  I believe that this question would probably cost me an expensive dinner and maybe a new couch.  But, I think this picture sums it up well:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pace Running & Getting Real in Whole Foods

My current marathon training plan has me running a lot more miles and a lot of marathon pace running.  When I told a friend / cousin-in-law yesterday at a pool party that I hosted about all of the miles I've been running (not even my family can get away from my running talk) he said, "Yeah, I mean - that makes sense to me.  To get faster, run more miles".  Simplicity at it's finest.  While I don't 100% agree with that, and have had good luck with running very few miles, I'm going to give it a try.

The one thing that I am working to incorporate into my running is more pace work: running at goal pace for extended periods of time, ideally while riding on a moped on tired legs.  This too is another one of those "duh" moments: Practice running at the pace that you want to run in your race.  This weekend, I ran a 15 mile long run with the last 7 miles at goal pace of 7:15.  It was a bit harder than I would have liked towards the end, but hopefully with training it will become easy.

Finally, I received an iTunes giftcard for my birthday and am looking for suggestions on how to spend it.  Running songs? eBooks?  Episodes of the Golden Girls?   I'm open for any and all suggestions.  To get your creative juices flowing, here is a funny music video about the trials and tribulations of shopping at Whole Foods.  Word.  (For those of you not in the United States, Whole Foods is a grocery store where Yuppies and Hippies health conscious people and guys looking to pick up health conscious women shop for healthy or organic food)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: Greasy Runs and Getting Old

We’ve all done things that we knew were not a good idea – even while we were doing them. I know I’ve done them for sure:

  • Just stepping foot into a McDonalds. Never a good idea. Have you SEEN that clown? Not to mention the chicken “nuggets”. Where on its body does a chicken have “nuggets”? All that I know is that I don’t want to eat them.
  • Any time someone has ever told me “come on, just stay for one more drink”
  • Oh, and of course EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve ever even answered the question “Does this make me look fat?”. Never answer that question. Trust me guys - just walk away.

On Wednesday night, I had a work event with drinks and appetizers. I knew that I had a 9 mile run with 4 at tempo the next day so I decided to take it easy and not go TOO crazy with drinks or food. After 3 drinks and 6 or 7 greasy appetizers, I decided that I’d better eat something healthy. . . . like the high fiber fruits and vegetables. If you’ve been running for any period of time, you can see where this is going. The run on Thursday morning was ok (read: rough, with a mid tempo rest break but splits in the high 6:30s) but the bathroom breaks before AND after the run were especially “fruitful”. Instead of appetizers, I almost wish that I would have ate at McDonalds!

Second, there is still time to ask me questions.  Since I've been passed out in a drunken bender after work a bit behind on my blog reading and missed asking questions on a few of these, I wanted to make sure to give everyone a chance to ask if they wanted to.

Finally, since I now have 3 full days being 30, I am finally starting to realize that there are some real advantages.  I'm rarely expected to be "hip" or "fashionable" or to "know what is going on in the world".  I guess I wasn't any of those to begin with, but I'm glad I now have a good excuse as to WHY.  I'm old!  Leave me alone to my Jeopardy on TV, eating dinner at 4pm and complaining about how everything is too loud.

Since I'm always willing to share the herps the love, I thought I'd make everyone feel old with this week's funny foto Friday.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training Update and Q & A

Announcing prize winners is interesting.  Everyone is 100% interested in what you have to say - until they realize they don't win.  I’m the exact same way.  Which is why I felt I owed it to everyone to post again!  Double the posts, twice the fun, half the poop. (because, I’ve gotta make sure to save some for EVERY post)

So, I’m 30, now what?  Naked dance party!
I think I have a bit of a post-birthday hangover.  And it has NOTHING to do with the present I received from my bother in law (picture at left).  Yesterday was an attention getter’s wet dream: Facebook posts, twitter messages, blog comments all about ME.  All congratulating me for not dying.  I didn’t die today, but no one is congratulating me!?  What a rip off.  I’m going to give it another day and see if today was just a fluke.  I assumed that every day in your 30s, people congratulated you for making it this far.  Until then, all that I know is that I need to find a race – fast.  See if my newfound age group stacks up to the EPO doping, HGH taking, college track stars that I had in the 25-29 group.  Not that I am bitter.  Not bitter at ALL

Marathon Training    Is tough!! Who knew!?
I’m going to talk a lot about it over the next few weeks, but I did decide to dive in head first to the Pfitz 18/70 running plan. . . . and it is HARD.  Today was a rest day.  Rest day = 5 mile run.  Seriously.  Although, I guess I must be good at rest, it is the only run that I’ve ran the expected distance:

  • Monday: 11 miles on plan, 10 miles ran
  • Tuesday: 13 miles on plan, 8 miles ran
  • Wednesday: 5 miles on plan, 5 miles ran – WIN!!!!
But, hard is good (that’s what she said).  I can tell that it is going to stretch me to my limits – which is exactly what I need to run the kind of aggressive goals I’m targeting. 3:10 is the goal, but 3:05 would make me pee my pants. (Because it is NO way possible)

The Internet is Viral   And it kind of itches
I can admit it – I’m a bit of a social media whore.  I charge $40/hour, unless you want “extras”, then it is $50.  I can’t get enough of it.  Hell, I’m even on Google+ which to this point seems pretty useless.  But, being the social media whore I am, I love to see when things go viral.  Give me a dude in an Orange Crush shirt dancing the polka and I’m hooked.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Chris K perpetuating a little virus of his own!  He started a Q and A round of bloggy posts that asked his readers to ask him questions and he’ll post the answers. Just like all good ideas, I immediately thought to myself didn’t the sham wow guy go to jail for beating a hooker? why didn’t I think of that! Everyone loves that game, right?  20 questions? You get together in a dark basement, start asking questions, and before you know it, everyone is naked.

So, ask away! You ask, I’ll answer.  Easy street.  Topics might include: My training, why I use strikethrough so much, how often I poop, what my wife thinks about all of this blogging. . . .the list goes on and on!