Friday, December 30, 2011

Interview with an Elite - Trisha Miller

I thought the suit coat
made me look more professional
Hairbrush mic? Not so much
I rarely "think" when I run.  Normally, in my head there is........nothing.  However, when I do think the thoughts are doozies.  A few weeks back, I thought that it would be fun to interview one of the elite runners who are going to be running the PF Changs Rock and Roll marathon in Phoenix.  I put in a quick email to a friend that I have that works for Competitor and bingo-bamo I was put in contact with Trisha Miller.

Simply put, Trisha is FAST.  2:51 marathon at Rock and Roll Denver mile high altitude fast.  Honestly, and I don't think that Trisha will mind me saying, that wasn't always the case.

Trisha and her Fiance, Andy, after finishing 2nd at RnR Denver
Here is Trisha's story in her own words:
My childhood friend called me up one day after I graduated college in 2002 and asked me what I was doing all summer. I said I was using my Bachelor's degree to it's full extent and delivering pizzas all summer and enjoying my last few months of freedom. She asked me if I wanted to run the Portland Marathon with her in the fall. I said it sounds like fun, but one question... (the ever popular) "How long is a marathon?" So I bought Hal Higdon's book and followed his beginning training program. I ran a 3:35 I think and someone yelled at me when I was finishing "Great BQ!!" I had no idea what that was. I figured it out eventually, went back to Portland the next year and ran a 3:23.

Grizzly Marathon in MT
(I think she is kicking a bear's ass)
In late 2007, I met my now fiancee (also a 2:30 marathoner) and he really helped me train harder and get faster. I also got a Garmin, so i was finally paying attention to pace.  I started training a lot more, got involved with my local running club (Run Wild Missoula - 1,300 members strong! I started going to track workouts and doing tempo runs with others. 
 I continually knocked off 2 minutes until I got down to 3:02 and ran that time twice in 2010.  

I busted my ass that winter. I added a lot more miles to my training, and didn't run a marathon again until Eugene the next spring. Popped a 2:54. This really clicked for me. Then a 2:51 on a tough course at elevation in Denver! 

I'm looking to break 2:50 at Rock and Roll Phoenix and someday get down to a 2:45 so I can go to the 2016 trials.

But wait, where are all of the questions??  

Here is where I need your help! I could have cranked out a bunch of questions that I thought were insightful and interesting - but where is the fun in that?  I'd rather get your input on what we should ask.

So, if you had the chance to ask a wicked fast elite female (and her equally wicked fast fiance) anything you wanted, what would you ask!?  Let me know by Monday, I'll compile, and shoot them over to her!


51feetunder said...

there's got to be a poop the bent of this blog of course...of course...

Barry said...

My thoughts exactly.

Laura said...

1. Were you a runner growing up? What kind of times did you run in that darned twice yearly mile we all had to run in gym class?
2. What is a typical week like for you in terms of workouts? Miles run and pace, any cross-training, weight lifting, etc?

Laura is Undeterrable said...

"What aspect of training do you think made the most impact in cutting so much time off?"

danny said...

1. As you have gotten faster at long distance, has your sprint time improved any (i.e. 100m/200m)?

2. What's the most bizarre thing you think of during a training run?

Joni said...

Please ask her
1. what does she do for nutrition during her marathons and
2. where we should eat our pre-race meal in Missoula, I just signed up for the 2012 Run Wild!

thanks! joni