Monday, November 21, 2011

No More Excuses - Right after this one...

Today I had a post all written out in my head about how I was no longer going to let myself use excuses for crappy runs.  It was witty and eloquent, it really was.  But Monday I had a crappy run, and now today I think I'm getting a cold.  Check out what I posted on twitter:

For the record, I pushed it.** I wanted to run 6x800 in 5:55 but had to cut it short after 4x800 (in a time that was actually faster than plan at 5:51/mile - but I was DYING)  So, the fact that my run was crap was because I have an excuse. Right? Ugh.  I seriously feel like Lindsay Lohan every time she is in front of a judge.  "Oh no your honor, I won't drink EVER again, I promise."  Sure you won't Lindsay, sure you won't...... we all know how this story ends:

On the bright side, she is at least getting cuter as she gets further down the meth/coke/booze tunnel.
Who would have thought that!? Lolo, you're all grow'ed up!

On Monday, it was because I had ran long the day before, it was humid, and I had to run the last 1.5 miles trying not to 'paint the town brown***. Today it is because I am getting a cold.  What is it going to be tomorrow?  Nuclear meltdown?  Probably.

So, what about tomorrow's run?  The general rule of thumb is that you shouldn't run if you have a chest cold but if you have a head cold you can run.  The division you can see pictorially in a picture of RunningLaur and myself at IronMan AZ this weekend (update on that tomorrow!).  My issue is mostly burning when I pee in my throat / neck / center of my chest****.  So, while I'm not hacking, I don't have a headcold and I've lost my voice.  Honestly?  I'll probably run.  Do as coach Adam says, not as coach Adam does!

The fact is, I told myself yesterday that I would no longer let my marathon in Savannah be an excuse to not push myself to the limit.  I found myself cutting 7 and 8 milers to 5 and telling myself that "It's okay, I'm in recovery".  The race was over 16 days ago - more than enough time to jump back into training full force. And that is what I plan on doing - as long as this bubonic plague (I assume that is what it is) doesn't interfere too much.

What do you use as an excuse to not get outside/to the gym?

**Pushed it, pushed it real good
***I'd see THAT musical on broadway.  It'd be 40 runners on stage doing the "I gotta poop, duckwalk"
****That's what she said


Two things to pimp like I'm holding a glass of 'crunk'
First, go sign up for my Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K!!!!!! (Said in Oprah voice)

Second, enter my 1,000th post Brooks Shoe giveaway!


Brian said...

I'm still giggling at "paint the town brown."

For all the running the advice I could glean from this site, I read it for poop jokes.

I try not to make excuses...but I also try to analyze beyond "some days I've got it, some days I don't" why I feel great some days and not great others for seemingly now apparent reason...which ends up just leading to excuses.

Char said...

No excuses - I'm totally hard core. Except I broke my nail and I can't possibly run till I've seen my manicurist.

Kate said...

I don't think I make excuses, but I'm willing to accept crappy performances from myself. That's not good either.

XLMIC said...

I don't know about this... sometimes you need a break. Sometimes after running a billion gajillion miles a week and racing a marathon, you might be well-advised to step back and chill. Getting rundown can lead to catching colds... ya know?

I hope you're feeling all better soon :)

Jamoosh said...

First, I opted not enter your giveaway because I don't wear Brooks and that will increase the odds of someone who does of winning. I am cool like that.

Second, are you positive 16 days is enough for a full recovery? As a coach, you know recovery is a finicky number and does not bide by our proclamations. Personally, I have had marathons where I was ready go after a week and I have also had marathons where I needed three weeks of recovery before I was back up to speed.

Scallywag said...

I love excuses. Today, for example, the moon is in mercury retrograde and I cant possibly do any work or I will be doomed to failure.

Obviously the knee crisis was an IDEAL running excuse...

But still, 16 days isnt that much!

Also, should I be worried that the only blog posts of mine you comment on feature half naked young men? Extremely suspicious... ha ha!

Chicken said...

Normally, it's "cause I don't wanna!" Or sometimes lunch sounds better than sweating. Or beer sounds better. Or sleep.

Andrew Opala said...

ok ... I will sign up.

But this has to be last time!

I hope you are feeling better. Being sick is the pits. But it's the little one. They're the chief cause of sicky-ness.

who's Lindsay Lohan?

Laura said...

I like the term "paint the town brown." That was basically what I was trying to convey in my IM but I couldn't come up with as classy a way to say it as you have.

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RunningLaur said...

1. I'm glad your finally feeling better.
2. That WAS a nice picture of us at IMAZ.