Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taper Madness: I’m Scared

It is nearly Halloween, I’ve ate my weight in 1 oz chocolates and skittles, and scary things are abound.  Top that off with a ridiculous case of taper madness for Rock and Roll Savannah in 10 days and I’m scared of lots of things lately:

I’m scared that what I think are allergies are not actually allergies
I live in Phoenix Arizona where not only is the great blue-haired old people migration underway but everything is in bloom.  I’m sneezing more than a coke head and I wake up with a headache whether I drank the night before or not.  (Really allergies?  Where is my motivation to NOT drink?) I know that it is just allergies, but in the back of my head I can’t help but assume that I’m getting sick – probably a tumor.  WebMD always says it is a tumor.

Taped her?  Taper?
I’m scared that the 4 miles that I ran on Tuesday isn’t going to be enough
I haven’t ran 4 miles in MONTHS – I looked.  The last time I ran less than 5 miles was in July.  But, I KNOW that it is the right thing to do (trust the plan, trust the training).  Tapering has shown to increase marathon performance by 3% which for a 3:10 marathon (goal spoiler alert) is over 5 minutes.  Stupid math – always making me do things that don’t sound right.

I’m scared that I’ll have to stop for a 5 minute poop break during the race
Remember that less than 4 miles that I ran in July that I mentioned above?  Here is the run:

This is probably my #1 fear right now.  I think that this and this alone is the one thing that could derail my race.  So, what am I to do?  High fiber before to clean the pipes?  Lots of cheese to dam the fiords?  These are the important things that I should be worrying about.

I’m scared that the fact that I’m not running is going to make me gain 10 pounds
Yes, even guys worry about that.  To be clear, I’m not so worried about it that I’m actually stopping eating, but in the back of my mind I realize that every extra pound adds TWO seconds per mile in a marathon.  Even 5 pounds gained is over 4 minutes longer (2 seconds per mile per pound)!  STUPID MATH.  Looks like I have to put down the candy corn and eat real corn.  Or, at the very least, only eat candy with 10% fruit juice. You know, health food.

Most importantly.  I’m scared that I’m over thinking it.
Which, is 100% true.  95% of the time, I run my best when I let my race come to me. (No reference link available – I googled “my brain” it came back with “no results”)  When I let a race come to me I run without sweating seconds here or tangents there.  Sometimes, I just need to relax, wash my hands so I don’t get sick, put down the candy corn, and go for a run.  Everything else will work itself out.

What frightens you?  Any good facts to back them up?


Randy said...

Point 1 is first and foremost in my mind. I did a LOT of yardwork on Saturday and ever since my nose hasn't been right. I'm praying its not a cold, and so far its not....but taking Vitamin C, Echinacea and every other home brew potion I can think of to ward it off.

I think the poop fear will set in proper on Sunday morning. Make no mistake...I will freak out about it.

Fruit Fly said...

Okay and now I am freaking out and scared, too! I'm not even doing Savannah ... or ANY marathon for that matter, but I am totally stressed. Thanks a lot! ;) Okay, fine.. I may have a half on Saturday - and I always worry about these same things. Its amazing how every race week I am sure my body can't move and I am getting a cold -- then I get to the start line and I am in tip top shape. Cold? What cold?

No really, my tummy is all in knots now. Ugh.

Katie said...


Jamoosh said...

It is not a toomah!

MotherRunner said...

I have an irrational fear of changing lightbulbs - I feel like they are going to explode in my face. I'll still do it - I just cringe the whole time.

Apparently, the odds of visiting the ER due to a lightbulb-related accident is 1 in 22,500. Maybe it's not so irrational afterall!

Check out this page of odds of accidents occuring - it's awesome:[]=attr_tags_fkcs:%22Accidents%22

RunningLaur said...

can you take a bunch of immodium AD before the race so that it might stop anything from happening?

51feetunder said...

I'm afraid of feelings

and Carnies...Circus folk. Nomads, you know...Smell like cabbage. Small hands.

undeterrable said...

Last night I was convinced I had tonsilitis and the surgery would just have to wait till after MCM. Then I got scared that the infection would spread throughout my body during the race (due to increased blood flow, of course) and I would drop dead in the middle of the race. This was at 2 in the morning. I was obviously in my most rational state.

Chicken said...

I'm scared that I'll finish last in my 10K this weekend, but then I think "that'll be a first"!

Jon's Triathlon Training Blog said...

I fear the "marathon flu" as well. I'm racing MCM this weekend and have felt "something coming on" all week.

constantcrosswind said...

Ditto on what RunningLaur said...take the two little blue pills. (Imodium, not the others!)No crap, it works every time.
As if I didn't have enuf to worry about pre-Savannah, you have added to my list. Thanks! If I see you in Savannah taking a dump, forgive me when I laugh.
Good Luck - looking forward to a great race!

JoggingJeans said...

I always have a fear of tripping and knocking out my two front teeth.
Insane, I know.

Kandi said...

I have a slight fear of the unknown (MCM will be my first marathon) and of the possibility of needing to poop during the race... might take the Imodium advice. Otherwise I'm not too scared. Hoping I get to the race on time without any issues as well.

bobbi said...

The 5 minute potty break fear is at the top of my list, always. (see my last race report. dammit.) And unfortunately for me, there's not a whole lot I can do about it. Immodium doesn't even help. :(

Try not to overthink it. Trust yourself and your training. You are going to have a great race!

kilax said...

I worry about the poop break too. I am pretty regular when I eat normal food - are you? Unfortunately, I can't seem to eat normal food these days.

Brian said...

I'm scared of how little I've been running. I've been hitting long run distances (up to 20 miles), but between work, weather, and now cold/flu symptoms i haven't done a good enough job w/weekday garbage miles.

So now, right as I begin my taper I'm also trying to build endurance with more frequent midweek runs, and WHAM! I get sick.

I know I didn't prep for this marathon (Philly 11/20) as disciplinedly as my last one, although I got more and longer long runs in, and my goals are modest (4:45ish)...I just have this fear that I won't be able to finish.

Missy said...

I stop drinking coffee for about 2 days before a race so then race morning when I have a cup or two, bam, it can work it's magic before race time.
My racing friend does Imodium.
Tapers make me crazy, I get phantom pains, oh, maybe it's a shin splint, did I pull a hammy, is that a stress fracture? Weird I know, but it happens. Race day, I'm fine. I live in Mesa and I can't stop the sneezing and the headaches. Yea, fall!
Hope you reach your goal in Savannah. Good luck!

Jason said...

Its all in the mind. Just like running don't think you can and then you do it and it is like nothing.

Don't load up on fiber. That will just sit in your intestines and then explode one day. Just keep eating normal and slowly remove fiber from your diet (as much as possible) as you get closer to race day.

Nothing spicy, nothing new and you should be fine.

You will kill Savannah.....the race not some friend or stranger whose name is Savannah

Jess said...

You have a kid and you're scared of a little ole marathon?! Pfffftttt! Save all the marathon worry for fears about how you'll fund his college tuition!

Nobel4Lit said...

I must be a lazy runner, but I am actually digging this whole tapering business. =)

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I was really good on my diet before my recent marathon. I actually lost 2 pounds the week of the race while tapering. Then I went out and laid an egg (kinda) for the marathon. In looking back, I wish I ate more. I think I failed at not carbo loading enough.

Joanna said...

I was afraid of over-eating and over-gaining during the taper too. But honestly, the recent RW article on carb loading taught me a lot. Trust the plan, trust the plan, trust the plan. The marathon is unpredictable, but you've put in the work!

Thomas said...

Eat normally! Your body has to have fuel to run 26.2...whether you carry an extra pound or two is not as big a deal as no fuel.

Anyway, your worries will disappear at the start line. I was petrified after I collapsed 7 days before the Des Moines Marathon two weeks ago. I never even thought about it after getting to the start line. In fact, it never crossed my mind again until the ride back home. The worries disappear, trust in your training. You've prepared extremely well.

The Green Girl said...

First of all, you are so ready for this. ::hugs::

Fears? I'm a germaphobe. I'm terrified of birds and bugs.

Did I mention I'm a germaphobe?

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

I am literally not scared of anything,which will probably be the death of me someday. Pretty sure I'm missing the "fear" part of my brain.
Have you tried immodium before a race? I have never done it because the only GI problems I get during races is throwing up (or hopefully just nausea), but I know lots of runners do.

Morgan said...

Take a big deep breath, look in the mirror, and repeat after me:

Believe to achieve. I will do this.

And let it be so.

Because we all want to see that unicorn pissing rainbows again.

Laura said...

Can't believe no one else has mentioned it yet, but... I'm afraid of what other images you turned up when you Googled "hot girl with her mouth taped shut."

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the poop break be your #2 fear?

Suza said...

I'm scared that if I run fast(er) I'll get injured forever.

And I'm also scared that if I really TRY, and suck, that will be worse than never trying. Because at least if you don't try, you never know all the cool stuff you can do, and it's stuck in potential-land. Bahaha such backwards thinking.

Tito said...

Three weeks ago, while tapering down before the Portland Marathon, my co-worker was, who I share a work space with started coughing and wiping snot from his face. Up to that point in my training I had done everything right. I never thought that my worse fear in that final week would be getting sick just days before the marathon. I kept my distance from him and was in the clear. Whew! Love the blog Adam. Good luck on your race.