Thursday, October 20, 2011

Long Run Recovery Drink Recipe

I'm back!!  The reason for the blog constipation is cheese, lots and lots of cheese that over the past 4 days or so, my dad has been visiting.  He rode his motorcycle from Iowa to Arizona and is leaving it here for the winter.  A good blogger probably would have had a bunch of posts all scheduled and ready to go.  I meant to do that. . . . I really did.

Instead, since the last time I posted, I've been RUNNING.  Or, probably better stated I've been tapering.  Including last weekend's 20 miler, I've ran a total of 49 miles since my funny foto Friday.  Not too shabby.  The plan that I am following has a rather normal 3 week taper with 75%, 60%, and 40% miles.  The one difference is that the miles are FAST.  No rest for the weary - I'll have no fewer than 3 speed days this week and 3 speed days next week.  It will be VERY interesting to see how it all plays out.


We've all heard it before.  Running makes you poop yourself.  Running very long distances requires proper refueling.  In fact, time is of the essence when refueling - no longer than 45 minutes after stopping to ensure that your muscles are still in "dry sponge mode".

It is probably worth mentioning that I am NOT a nutritionist, I am not a doctor.  I am just a normal lazy runner who makes due with whatever he has laying around the house to refuel as best as possible.  I've linked to smarty-pants sources where I could find them.  Where I couldn't.... just trust me.

So, after every long run that is longer than 15 miles or so, I'll whip up the following shake that rehydrates, provides protein for muscle regeneration, simple carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores, and caffeine to speed the process along.

WARNING: Depending on how you make the below, it can range anywhere between 1,000 and 1,300 calories.  Or, something like one of those Starbucks smoothies that they claim are "healthy".  Not a huge deal because you likely just burned 2,000 calories, but still something to keep in mind.

Step 1: Find a larger cup that has a slogan on it that reminds you that all of the pain that you are experiencing is supposed to be fun.  "It's all about the FUN!!!"  Yeah, screw you cup, I can't sit on the toilet without my legs giving out and slamming my ass checks against it from 2 feet above.

Step 2: Protein.  Protein is essential to repair damaged muscles post-run.  You can get this from many different forms.  I prefer to go the body building route and get me some beefy Dolvette Whey Protein.  Most of these will have glutamine in them which is an amino acid that is supposed to aid in muscle recovery.  Does it work? Meh, maybe.  But it doesn't shrink my nads (I checked) so I buy into the media hype.

There are ratios that provide optimal recovery between protien and carbs.  That is too much work for me, so I just put in a scoop or two and say "ratio, met!".

Options: You could replace this with Peanut butter if you have that laying around or if you are no-meat.  But, to do that you'll have to have a blender.

Step 3: Liquid.  Milk is the miracle drink here.  In fact, for runs between 13 and 15 miles, a glass full of milk has enough protein and carbs to probably do just fine.  But when I make one of these drinks, I didn't run far, I ran much much further.  Far enough to justify eating a pizza in a glass.

Options: You can use water if your wife is yelling at you to not use all of the milk on your stupid running milkshake.

Step 4: Carbs  Carbs are the go-juice of the body.  If you just spent 3+ hours going, you need to replace your juice. (TWSS)  Grab hold of the closest liquid calorie dispenser (chocolate syrup) and give it a healthy squeeze (TWSS).  Close counts here.  I normally give my bottle a squeeze to the count of 5, but if you wanted you could go more or less depending on how lonely you are.

Options: You can skip the choco syrup to avoid 50 cals per tablespoon.  If you use milk, you're going to get 12g of carbs per cup anyway

Step 5: Caffeine.  Plain and simple - I've read multiple places that caffeine speeds glycogen absorption - up to 66% more retained.  So, I grab yesterday's coffee and throw a splash in there.  Can't hurt, right?

Options: I don't know? Don't do it?  No-doze tabs in there?

Step 6: Salt.  If you've ran far while it is very hot and dry or very cold (and also dry), the grit / disgusting milk mustache on your face is electrolytes that have left your body.  While I'm sure that I get wayyy enough of this in my normal diet, I add a few dashes of salt anyway.  Not a lot, but probably the amount that I would put on French Fries.  Salt (sodium) helps to regulate hydration levels in the body and is essential in cell's ability to absorb water.

Options: If you have high blood pressure, or many other ailments, best to skip this one.

Step 7: Drink! Ideally, while still red in the face from your run, drink it down.  Shirts are optional.

So, that is what I use to completely refuel from a long run.  It hits everything that I seem to find important, but I’m always open to more suggestions.  Does anyone else have a go-to recipe for their post run “meal”?


laura said...

*Love* the Royal's cup. Nothing says "It doesn't matter if you're not the best, as long as you do it and have fun" like that cup.

Laura said...

You need to check out Optimum's "Any Whey" protein powder. It is flavorless so you can add it to ANYTHING. I have put it in coffee, in cookies, and in strawberry daiquiris. Because everything is healthy with protein!

Laura said...

...3 Laura's on this post. Weird.
I use choc almond milk, Vega meal replacer, beta allanine and creatine. Yum....

constantcrosswind said...

Yum! I hope you stirred it, you didn't mention it, and with you, you never know! Mine is virtually the same, less the salt, but I usually throw a yogurt in there as well.

Chicken said...

Can I still post if my name isn't Laura? Haha! Now although I've never run 20 miles all at once, to recover from the runs I do make, I normally stick to beer! The fizz sends a shock to my body that all your whey, salt, choco drip, and coffee probably send to yours! Whatever works, right!

GeorgiaSnail said...

I take the old fashion route and drink an Ensure meal replacement drink. 4:1 carb/protein ratio. tastes good and no mess. I drink one for runs over an hour, 2 for runs over 2 hours, etc.

BTW, totally "corral stalked" you for R&R Savannah. Corral 1, very nice. I'll be back one corral. Hope we get a chance to say hi before the race.

Michelle said...

I've been drinking choc milk, but didn't think of adding in the protein powder (duh!) - good tip! And the coffee! :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Cappuccino Ultragen by First Endurance. It is wonderful. 4:1 ratio of Carb to protein. 300 calories. Glorious.

run4may said...

i will have to save the recipe provided in your post for when i get back into running seriously.

Anonymous said...

Milk or soy ,o.j, raw egg,
p. butter, frozen peaches, honey, plain yogurt in the blender.

Brian said...

Chocolate Milk (usually soy milk) and a banana is my recovery snack of choice, and then for brunch a medium Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

(That's just after a long run...not every run.)

I have noticed that I feel better for the rest of the day if I eat the banana and chocolate milk than if I don't.

Joanna said...

Ok, listen, I'm calling BS on this "lazy runner" thing, because there is NO WAY IN HELL I would expend that kind of effort on making a recovery shake. Ever. Stop at the neighborhood creamery for a milkshake? Sure. Drink a glass of chocolate milk, down another Gu, and eat a bagel, yes. This is above and beyond.

And I laughed REALLY hard about Step #1.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Please do me a favor and use the correct past-perfect, "run".
Sorry, having a grammar heart attack over here.

Jamoosh said...

That's a lot of work.

Open Beer Fridge - Choose Beer - Pop Top - Drink.

That sounds so much easier and beer has antioxidants.

Jackalope said...

Ah crap, you totally stole my post idea :) I love this stuff and do almost exactly the same thing.

If you want to drop the chocolate sauce to save calories you can always add some Ovaltine (Just don't shoot your eye out kid).

I totally agree with the "too much work" comment on measuring shit. I don't even bother. If it has vitamins and minerals in it, I figure that's more than I'm going to get from the Ramen I'm likely to eat later so, it's better than nothing.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

awww royals, my old hometown team.

ok well maybe someday I'll be so skinny I need a 1,000 calorie shake and can try this

Robyn said...

Starbucks salted caramel mocha. I have no idea if it's got the right ratio and it's absurdly expensive, but dammit, I had just run 23 miles. And It. Was. Awesome.

Running Moose said...

Dude, that sounds awesome! I'm not a milk person, so I'd go with almond milk. I don't have a protein drink that I've stuck with. I really never thought of making my own. Hmmmm...PB, almond milk, coffee, pinch of salt...sounds...yummy?

Adrian said...

My favorite recovery shake is a chocolate strawberry concoction.

In a blender combine 8oz water, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 1 scoop glutamine if your protein doesn't contain it, 1/2cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 cup frozen strawberries and blend till frothy.

Super easy, yummy, and not too high in calories for those of us who aren't training for a marathon but just running healthy distances.