Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: Halloween Pumpkin Goo

In the US, October 31st is Halloween.  It is one of those holidays where no one really knows the TRUE origins (all Hallows eve?  What the crap does that mean?) but that doesn't stop anyone from using it as an excuse to have a party.  That said, Halloween is a GREAT holiday - really for all ages.  Let's take a look at the demographics:

Kids: Free candy.  Free BUCKETS of candy!!!
Singles: "Sexy" witch/cat woman/wonder woman/nurse etc costumes
Parents: Dressing their little kiddos up in adorable costumes (also, sexy witch/nurse costumes)
Old people: Handing out candy to little kids (also, sexy witch/nurse costumes)

So, while I won't be going to any fun Halloween parties this weekend (home alone w/ the kiddo), I'll be surfing the internet for hilarious costumes to scare the neighborhood kids with on Monday.  Happy Friday!

This one has been making the rounds, but just like a train wreck, 
I can't stop looking and can't look away

The real question - who was this display for?  
At any Halloween party I've been to, this would serve as a MAJOR pee-hazard.

I don't care who you are, that's just funny.

Ding ding ding!!! We have a Halloween winner.  Happy Friday!


Nobel4Lit said...

LOL to the first and last ones. Geez, people are getting creative these days!

TriMOEngr said...


XLMIC said...

Love these! I also saw a "homebirth" one where the pumpkin was 'sitting up' and had arms and legs that were carrots and guiding the little pumpkin head out. These are so funny :)

Kate said...

Love these. People are demented. ;)

Shawn said...


Chris K said...

I'll tell you another thing you should be scared of. The Chargers high octane offense that will be invading Arrowhead stadium on Sunday.

Jason said...

That last one i classic. Definitely the winner.

...Barbie... said...

omg. the 1st one made me drop my jaw. like omg. the 2nd - so overdone. the 3rd - hilarious. the 4th - scandal but the best, i agree.

James said...

ya gotta love the creativity of pumpkin carvers!

Jamoosh said...

The last one is definitely the winner.

Happy Halloween - whatever that means.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Nice collection of pumpkin porn, sicko.

Glenn Jones said...

I love the puking pumpkin!