Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training Update and Q & A

Announcing prize winners is interesting.  Everyone is 100% interested in what you have to say - until they realize they don't win.  I’m the exact same way.  Which is why I felt I owed it to everyone to post again!  Double the posts, twice the fun, half the poop. (because, I’ve gotta make sure to save some for EVERY post)

So, I’m 30, now what?  Naked dance party!
I think I have a bit of a post-birthday hangover.  And it has NOTHING to do with the present I received from my bother in law (picture at left).  Yesterday was an attention getter’s wet dream: Facebook posts, twitter messages, blog comments all about ME.  All congratulating me for not dying.  I didn’t die today, but no one is congratulating me!?  What a rip off.  I’m going to give it another day and see if today was just a fluke.  I assumed that every day in your 30s, people congratulated you for making it this far.  Until then, all that I know is that I need to find a race – fast.  See if my newfound age group stacks up to the EPO doping, HGH taking, college track stars that I had in the 25-29 group.  Not that I am bitter.  Not bitter at ALL

Marathon Training    Is tough!! Who knew!?
I’m going to talk a lot about it over the next few weeks, but I did decide to dive in head first to the Pfitz 18/70 running plan. . . . and it is HARD.  Today was a rest day.  Rest day = 5 mile run.  Seriously.  Although, I guess I must be good at rest, it is the only run that I’ve ran the expected distance:

  • Monday: 11 miles on plan, 10 miles ran
  • Tuesday: 13 miles on plan, 8 miles ran
  • Wednesday: 5 miles on plan, 5 miles ran – WIN!!!!
But, hard is good (that’s what she said).  I can tell that it is going to stretch me to my limits – which is exactly what I need to run the kind of aggressive goals I’m targeting. 3:10 is the goal, but 3:05 would make me pee my pants. (Because it is NO way possible)

The Internet is Viral   And it kind of itches
I can admit it – I’m a bit of a social media whore.  I charge $40/hour, unless you want “extras”, then it is $50.  I can’t get enough of it.  Hell, I’m even on Google+ which to this point seems pretty useless.  But, being the social media whore I am, I love to see when things go viral.  Give me a dude in an Orange Crush shirt dancing the polka and I’m hooked.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Chris K perpetuating a little virus of his own!  He started a Q and A round of bloggy posts that asked his readers to ask him questions and he’ll post the answers. Just like all good ideas, I immediately thought to myself didn’t the sham wow guy go to jail for beating a hooker? why didn’t I think of that! Everyone loves that game, right?  20 questions? You get together in a dark basement, start asking questions, and before you know it, everyone is naked.

So, ask away! You ask, I’ll answer.  Easy street.  Topics might include: My training, why I use strikethrough so much, how often I poop, what my wife thinks about all of this blogging. . . .the list goes on and on!


Lisa said...

What? I liked your last post. Oh, that's because *I* was the winner. Point well taken. hehehehehe

What have been the top three moments of your three decades on earth? It would be really cool if you could answer that way (top moment in first decade, top moment in second decade, top moment in third decade).

Follow on, what is the one thing you want to accomplish on this fourth decade that you are just days into?


XLMIC said...

I am waiting until the very end and then I'll skate in with a snarky remark about how you haven't answered my questions yet... and THEN I'll post them ;-)

Don'tcha love me?

don't answer that

Caroline said...


why do you think you are boring?

does your wife read your blog?
how about the comments?

will you guys try for another bambino?

have you visited other countries?

where did you go to college and what did you study?

Nelly said...

Did you do sports in high school? You seem like a really good athlete.

What is your favorite running moment?

What is your dream race?

Kate said...

Love the addition to the logo. Why didn't Chris K think of that?

Working on a difficult question for you...and failing that, an obnoxious one. Stay tuned...

Nobel4Lit said...

Okay, so here's my question. I have this terrible curse that causes me to cramp during every. single. marathon (and very seldomly on training runs 15 mi and up). It usually happens, you know, when most people are "hitting the wall," but for me, it's more like, "left cramp, right cramp, left cramp, right cramp" in my calves and sometimes shines and even quads when it gets bad.

I've tried the whole Salt Stick, minding my hydration, gels, etc., but so far, it hits me. I have energy to keep going but can't. I know I run a tad faster during races than during training for the most part, but isn't that normal? What would you recommend both during training and during marathons that might help me? Seriously, without these cramps, I can easily smash my current PR.

Take that! Hiyah!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Happy belated birthday! Also, happy not dying day, and belated not dying day as well! And just in case I forget again, happy future not dying days as well.

Hmmmm, a question...

What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?

Christina said...

What do you think about us girls in all the colorful running outfits? Do men think we are ridiculous?

Rebecca said...

Why am I so much more amused by you than my husband is?

Chris K said...

For the record, Colleen at Iron Diva did it first, but I stole it from her with her permission. Here are my questions:

1) Do you think I should still follow you on Twitter and your Blog now that you are officially old?

2) Do you think I should change my profile pick to a turtle and call my g.f. "Lady A" to be more like Jamoosh?

3) Do you hate swimming and biking like I do?

4) What % of being a fast marathoner is God given talent and want % is from training?

Running Through Phoenix said...

Simple: why do you always leave the cap off of the toothpaste??

Running Through Phoenix said...

Simple: why do you always leave the cap off of the toothpaste??

Lesley @ said...

I want to know if your wife thinks your boring? And when you come back all sweaty, will she let you kiss her before you shower?

Jamoosh said...

Chris K and virus in the same sentence and nobody is surprised...huh.

Brian said...

1.) The heat completely kicks my ass, and unfortunately I consider anything above about 65 to be "hot". (It was 80 degrees at 5am w/humidity 75%...ouchie!)

You live in a hotter state than me and attempt distances in the summer that I probably wouldn't even try.

So...what's your best advice for coping with heat?

2.) What that's the funniest thing that happened to you on a run or that you saw on a run?


Jamoosh said...

OK - got it: Who would be your Free Pass? How about your wife's Free Pass?

It took me awhile to come up with a good question.

Shawn said...

Did you burn those bad luck shorts yet????

You were a bigger dude like I was for awhile...ever find yourself sliding back?

Are you surprised at the number of followers you have.....does it make you fell like a "fitness" icon (insert snicker are a GOD in my books!!!)?

Why the "Boring" in the header??? Your LL comments are the best ever!


Tricia said...

Who is the biggest celebrity you are coaching?

Does the aforementioned celebrity actually follow your plan?

If Ryan Hall started running in skirts, would you?

If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?

Mrs G said...

How long did it take you to get to your pace that your are at now?

Any advice (besides the usual hydrate, get sleep, train, fuel) for a first time marathoner? Im doing my first in December.

Mrs G said...

Im back :)

Ive nominated you for the butterfly award, check it out here.

Fair Weather Runner said...

i am apparently late to the party, but happy late birthday. you think 30 is scary? wait until next year when you are REALLY IN YOUR 30's! terrifying.

um, i really don't have any questions. but you seem like a very energetic fella, so please tell me you are addicted to some sort of caffeinated beverage?

lame, but i like to make myself feel better for my own caffeine addiction knowing others suffer too. so you know...

Average A said...

Since you spend so much time in the bathroom... how do you hang the TP? Over or under? HOW DO YOU ROLL, ADAM??

bobbi said...

I want to know what you think the best part of being a coach is? Does it make your own running more of a chore or less?

And what has surprised you MOST about being a parent so far?

BrianFlash said...

What do you feel is your ultimate best time achievable in your favorite distance race?

At someone who left the Midwest but returned, I'd like to know if you would move back to or near your Midwest roots at some point?

JojaJogger said...

Have you scheduled the Freeze Your Thorns Off 10K yet? If not, could you please schedule it during Rock N Roll weekend so I can participate and get one of those cool washer medals?

XLMIC said...

Have you ever laid cable so big and so long that you couldn't possibly imagine that it came out of your body?

Did you ever taste breastmilk in recent memory? Did you like it?

Why does it seem like so many guys with anal? And why are so many women resistant? and do you think the two states of mind feed each other? Where do you and the missus stand in this equation?

Did I even come close?

Don't worry if I didn't... there's plenty more where that came from ;-)

XLMIC said...

Just so everyone knows...

I was DARED to do that!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

More tips for overcoming downtime on the injured reserved bench? :(

How come you didn't ask me a question on my Q &A?

I only have like 4 questions to answer. I know I am lame.