Monday, July 25, 2011

Q and A With Adam: Part 1 of 2

It seems that, like with most things, once the real excitement has died down, I decide to jump on the bandwagon and finally answer some Q and A questions.  Below is the first round.  It isn't too late to get in on round 2!!!

Lisa Asked: 
What have been the top three moments of your three decades on earth?
0-10: Well, I guess there was that whole "birth" thing. That was pretty sweet. Other than that, when I was 7 I got a 4-wheeler (or, ATV / "quad" to most people). Loved that thing - I can still ride on the two SIDE wheels with a little practice.
10-20: Ummmmmmmmmmmm. You DO know that I was crazy awkward during this period, right?
20-30: Gosh, graduated college, got married, lost my virginity, had a son. Out of those, I'd have to say having my son. He isn't even 8 months old and I am more proud of him than words.

Follow on, what is the one thing you want to accomplish on this fourth decade that you are just days into?
30-40: I'm going to cheat and say that I can't say anything about my wife or my son (or any future kiddos). Tying it back to running, I WILL run the Boston Marathon.

Caroline Asked
Why do you think you are boring?
Two answers to this question. First, running IS boring to non runners. It's a lot like NASCAR: Left turn...left turn...left turn... Right foot, left foot, right, left, right, left. The fact that any of us have blogs that center around running as a sport is amazing to me. Second, when looking for a blog post name, I Googled: "Funny Blog Names". One of them that came back was I Am Boring: But if you are reading this, so are you! That was actually my blog name for 2-3 years until I fully dove into the running stuffs.

Does your wife read your blog? How about the comments?
Oh yes, she reads both - every day. In fact, she even reads quite a few running blogs herself.  I think that she searches for validation that not all runners/bloggers are like me.  Thankfully her search doesn't need to go far.  She soon finds that most others are actually 100% normal.

Will you guys try for another bambino?
Oh yeah, my wife would love to field a basketball team if she could. So, we'll have more for sure, but if we start getting near a baseball team, I might have to take a vow of celibacy.

Have you visited other countries?
No, not via air. I've traveled full time for work for 8 years and I've never left the country except for walking across the boarder to Mexico. I THOUGHT that I was going to do it for my 5th year wedding anniversary, but instead of booking a trip to one of the non-US Caribbean islands, I booked to one of the US Virgin Islands. FAIL!

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
Iowa State University. Computer Science. Raise your hand if you could have guessed THAT!

Nelly Asked
Did you do sports in high school? You seem like a really good athlete.
Nope, none. Not a one. During high school I was much more interested in marching band, Star Wars, and trying to get laid.  I rarely have many regrets in life (I can only think of 2), but one of them is that I didn't go out for cross country.

What is your favorite running moment?
I have two: When I won the 9/11 memorial 5K and the Fargo Marathon. The latter because it was a double figure 8 course and my wife could stay in one spot and see me 4 times and because it was a perfectly executed race. I had trained SOOO hard to break 3:30 and I ran a 3:29:29 with nearly even splits.

What is your dream race?
My dream race isn't a location, it is a feeling. My family is spectating, I don't have to poop, it is 40 degrees, and I am running at my ability (if that is fast, great - if not, that is great too). I don't need music, I don't need Boston, all I need are those things. The great thing is that those things are out there for MANY races - which is why I love running.  Every day has the possibility to be my dream day.
For the record, this wouldn't hurt either

Nobel4Lit asked
I have this terrible curse that causes me to cramp during every. single. marathon (and very seldom on training runs 15 mi and up). It usually happens, you know, when most people are "hitting the wall," but for me, it's more like, "left cramp, right cramp, left cramp, right cramp" in my calves and sometimes shines and even quads when it gets bad.

I've tried the whole Salt Stick, minding my hydration, gels, etc., but so far, it hits me. I have energy to keep going but can't. I know I run a tad faster during races than during training for the most part, but isn't that normal? What would you recommend both during training and during marathons that might help me? Seriously, without these cramps, I can easily smash my current PR.
Putting on my coaching hat for a minute. . . .Of course, I'd want to hyper focus on what you're doing differently during a race than when you train. You normally wake up 3 hours before you actually race, is that doing it? What time of day do you run your training runs? What do you eat before a race vs before a training run? Are you doing any marathon pace runs of substantial distance - 13 miles+?

 I'd suggest looking at your next marathon and trying to replicate the prep before hand 100%. Race time at 6:30? Training run at 6:30. But, you have to be there by 5:45am, so make sure you're awake on your training day that much before. Shuttle bus ride before hand? Drive somewhere to run. Once you've done all of those, do a marathon pace run of 10 or so miles after warming up of 4 or 5 normal slow miles. I'd be interested in knowing if you get cramps after doing something like that (to see if it is possibly a mental thing?)

Forward Foot Strides asked:
What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
Ohhh, good one. One time, I was at a friend's house and even though he was serving pork, he still served white wine!!  Can you believe that!!  In utero, my son's heart rate was 160ish (or something - it was high - both my wife and I have high heart rates). When he was being born, it drooped to the high 50s or 60. Literally, in 30 seconds, we went from 2 nurses in the room to 3 doctors and 5 nurses. Scary stuff. (Side note, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people billed me in some form or fashion. Lovely) The little guy was just squishing his cord and all that was needed was a shift in my wife's weight. But, to this day, I can recreate each second of those 2 minutes or so.

Looking AND feeling fine
Christina Asked
What do you think about us girls in all the colorful running outfits? Do men think we are ridiculous?
Honestly, naked would be much better. Swing low, sweet chariots. It always makes me laugh. If you look at a race, guys are dressed up in bright green shorts and a bright red shirt - the shorts might have been the same shorts that they used to mow the lawn last weekend. Girls on the other hand have color coordinated shorts, shirts, shoes, and socks (and if Garmin would smarten up and sell different colors of GPS watches, they'd have those too). However, I've been married WAY too long to not "get" it. A lot of guys think it is to look good for them. That is like 10%, right? The other 90% is to feel better about yourself. Look good, feel good, run good.

Rebecca Asked
Why am I so much more amused by you than my husband is?
GOOD QUESTION.  I don't think that a lot of guys "get" the whole blogging thing.  For some reason, guys like podcasts.  I read 100 or so blogs and listen to 25 or so podcasts.  Of those 75% of the blogs are female authored and 99% of the podcasts are male authored.  I'm not sure what that says about me I'm a girl or your husband he's a manly man but I'm certainly not complaining.

Chris K asked
1) Do you think I should still follow you on Twitter and your Blog now that you are officially old?
I'm planning on picking up the over 80s crowd. Look for an Ovalteen giveaway next week. So, yes, you qualify.

2) Do you think I should change my profile pick to a turtle and call my g.f. "Lady A" to be more like Jamoosh?
Just as long as you send me beer in the mail like he did.

3) Do you hate swimming and biking like I do?
Ahh, you can read me like a book. This life chapter is inbetween French Food, words that end in -izzle, and Foreplay in the "crap I pretend to like that I really don't". section.  I don't swim unless I have a beer on the edge of the pool and I don't bike unless I can't run.

4) What % of being a fast marathoner is God given talent and want % is from training?
I actually emailed Chris and asked for a clarification of what he meant by "fast": AG winner or Eliete. He said to answer for both, so here'goes!
AG winning marathoner: I 100% believe that nearly everyone can be an Age Group marathon placer.  There are probably a few bio mechanical / medical exceptions that might account to 10-15% of the total population.  Now, doing this might require 100% focus with no job commitments, daily massages, elite coaching, and a bit of injury luck. But, it can be done.  Honestly, part of the reason it CAN be done is because most people don't have the drive to do the above.
Elite marathoner (e.g. Meb, Ryan Hall): Here I am not so sure.  I tend to believe that being Olympic level ANYTHING requires some special talent that just can't be 'trained'.  Either you've got it, or you don't.  I will say that for every one Ryan Hall, I think there are 100 people who haven't "realized" that they do indeed have the gift and ultimately their talents will go untapped. And that - is a shame.

Running Through Phoenix Asked
Simple: why do you always leave the cap off of the toothpaste??
Out of protest because you NEVER PUT THE SEAT DOWN. It is seriously a good thing you're a good snuggler because other wise I couldn't live with you.

Lesley asked: 
I want to know if your wife thinks your boring? 
Yes. Horribly boring.  But, she humors me, which is all I ask.

And when you come back all sweaty, will she let you kiss her before you shower?
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH.  No.  Not a chance.  Although, she has gotten better about asking me how my run went when I get back vs just saying "you smell, go take a shower".

Brian asked: 
1.) The heat completely kicks my ass, and unfortunately I consider anything above about 65 to be "hot". (It was 80 degrees at 5am w/humidity 75%...ouchie!) You live in a hotter state than me and attempt distances in the summer that I probably wouldn't even try. So...what's your best advice for coping with heat?
It rained last night (Sunday night) so it was 81 degrees and 75% humidity at 5:30am when I started out.  I ran 10 miles.  Oyy!!!  So, I feel your pain.  My best advice is to set your expectations with the temperature.  Honestly, we all know what we SHOULD do: Hydrate, wear light clothing, slow down.  However, most often I still have the same 50 degree expectation of my runs when it is 90.  That isn't fair to my ego or to my training.  Realize that the heat / humidity is going to slow you down to some degree and set your expectations based on that.  BUT - one thing is to continue to push the pace when it cools down.  If you're running 10 min miles when it is 80, you should be running 9:30s (or faster) when it is cool.  Don't become complacent with the cooler weather!

2.) What that's the funniest thing that happened to you on a run or that you saw on a run?
This is a hard one.  Mostly because I zone COMPLETELY out when I run.  Recently, I saw a lady getting her paper in her underwear, that was pretty funny because she did NOT expect to see me.

Jamoosh Asked:
Who would be your Free Pass? How about your wife's Free Pass?
When I asked my wife that question I was greeted with a furrowed brow, a upturned nose and the following statement: "Why would I want to have sex with a celebrity?  I mean, there are lots of celebrities I want to meet, but none that I want to have sex with."  In my 7 years of marriage, if there is one thing I've learned it is to not write checks that my ass can't cash.  I believe that this question would probably cost me an expensive dinner and maybe a new couch.  But, I think this picture sums it up well:


gene @boutdrz said...

please tell me you ARE taking a wizz in that picture from Pay's Race??? otherwise, wtf ARE you doing?
very insightful....
US Virgin Islands. DOH!

Nobel4Lit said...

Thanks for answering my question! I will keep in mind the routine thing as I go through my long runs this time around, although I do typically try to emulate the conditions for the most part. (As you may know, I've cramped while driving home post-run, yikes!)

Also, you're a smart man for not answering the "Free Pass" question.

misszippy said...

Handled with awesomeness!

Lisa said...

great answers.

we had some scary moments related to my son's birth as well. 19+ yrs later and i'm sure my husband can still remember vividly those moments as well. guess it's the kind of thing that never leaves your head.

Kate said...

These were great. As much as I wanted to ask you embarrassing, personal questions, I don't have anything interesting that I haven't seen asked, so I'll just enjoy your responses.

And your blog name is perfect...I do think we're ALL boring to 98% of the people around us...thank God for blogs and the ability to obsess over paces and training and races with people who actually will listen. :)

XLMIC said...

I think the free pass answer is a total cop-out. But I love that your son is a pinnacle moment :)

Kovas said...

The pic of you and ChrisK in your Gators shirts is my favorite.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

The blogger vs podcast is hysterical but only b/c it is so true.

Jamoosh said...

Horrible advice to Chris K. He is too fast to be like me. You should have advised him to be more like you!

Chris K said...

Ideally, I'd like to be 1/3 like you, 1/3 like Jamoosh, and 1/3 like Kovas.

Regarding Jamoosh's question.... seems are you are actually wise beyond your years.

Funny and entertaining post Adam.

Nelly said...

Thanks for answering my questions!

That scary moment is indeed scary!

That photo invader guy in the back of those girls in devil costumes is hilarious, haha

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

hmmm i guess the podcast thing is true considering I don't even know what it is!

Erin said...

Enjoyed Part 1 of Q&A!
I meant to ask how you go about buying your running shoes? Do you find a pair you like and get five of them? Constantly monitor the reviews and have a variety of the highest-tech/newest options? Are you highly brand loyal? Do you buy mostly online or in-store? Do you love fancy inserts or think the ones that come in the shoes are good enough?

Caroline said...

arent you so happy I tagged you?!
this is great fun to read!

I like your answer to my 1st question!

Lisa said...

Yeah, I got online to write my post for tomorrow, but instead this post just sucked me in! My husband totally agrees with your comment relating running to NASCAR. Love the infographic!

Morgan said...

Frigging loved this post!!! Also Spike is actually jealous of all the awesome "outfits" us girls get to have. He seriously gets all riled up when we're out shopping "Why do girls get all the fun colors and patterns?!?!?" (This is why I openly question his sexuality. I often wonder... am I just a cover?) LOL!