Monday, June 20, 2011

Reminder! Giveaway / Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K & Weekend Review

Head hanging low because of shame
Turns out, even if you are working in the yard, you need to wear sun screen just like when you were running!!  Who knew??

This weekend was spent not only catching up on all things house related (in 105 degree heat) but also catching up on my running.  The nice thing about a less than stellar race performance is that it doesn't take nearly as long to get back into race-ready form.

So, not only did I fry my back working in the yard, but I've had a few solid runs as well.  I'm doing a reverse taper that will have me back at 40 miles per week within two weeks.  This week, 20 miles, next week 35 miles, week after, 40 miles.  I'm sure that the 10% rule applies in there somewhere.

On Friday, I did a progression run - starting at 7:45 pace, working all the way down to 6:45 pace over the course of 5 miles.  I love progression runs! (Sort of like a meth head loves to poke himself in the arm - the prick sucks, but the high is totally worth it.  Prick = progression runs.  High = PRing at races)

Saturday brought a 10 mile run.  I can certainly tell that it is getting to be summer - by 5:30 when I got out the door it was already 75 degrees.  In spite of the heat, the run was great - and it felt good to get back on the road.

Dads Day
Yesterday, I spent my dad's day hanging out with my little man.  I wasn't quite sure what to do because it was my first time not unlike my other first time which was all sweaty and elbowy so we hung low at the house.  He had his 6 month appointment today where they said that we could continue fruits and vegetables.  Something tells me this isn't what they had in mind:

CPS, I was certain that he was just sucking on it - not biting pieces off


Don't forget! This Saturday, June 25 is the virtual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K race!!  If you haven't entered, head over to this post to enter!!  The "rules" are simple - just run a timed 3.1 miles (either separately or as part of a longer run) and either post about it on your blog or email me your time -  Check out the results post from the FYTO5K this past January.

Don't forget that there are prizes for participants of the race!  Think of them as the pink "participant award" ribbons that I always received at the end of year elementary school track meet. (Not even kidding).  All that you have to do is tell me that you raced and you are entered!

Ryders Eyewear Tweaker SL

GU Chocolate Raspberry Roctane

Road ID gift card good for any single Road ID product they offer, including the new Slim


Tricia said...

did I register for the race. I see you put it on my training schedule. Guess I HAVE to do it now :)

Brian said...

I'm signed up for it. I'm overlapping it with what's supposed to be this torturously hilly 10K, so they'll probably both be PWs.

Does a virtual PW still count?

Nobel4Lit said...

Uhhh, yes... my paranoia has me putting on the sunscreen every time I go out!

Char said...

I just have two things to say -
and Aloe Vera gel.

Pam said...

I have a feeling that the results of the Sweat Your Thorns Off compared to the Freeze Your Thorns Off are going to be downright comical. I got my 5K time down to 27:51 (47 seconds faster than the FYTO) before it started warming up this spring, but I guarandamntee you it won't be anywhere near that pace this Saturday!!!

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Are you letting him gnaw the gross waxy layer off for you?

The Sean said...

I have to do mine as part of my 50k on Sunday... hope this doesn't disqualify me:) I'll take my split from the downhill 3 miles to start the run!!

danny said...

I dunno. I would say the 'prick' of progression runs is hitting the start button on the watch and knowing "hell or high water I'm committed now." And the 'high' is five miles later having run progressively faster. Screw the sometime in the future PR - much like a meth addict I want my high NOW!

SquirrelHead said...

Being a redhead I know all about the importance of sunscreen! One year I am going to add up all the money I spend on it for a year. I am sure it will make me cringe.
I am all signed up for the Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K on Saturday but don't expect fast times from me. I am still a long way off for that.

Jamoosh said...

What kind of dad are you? Has that kid had his first beer yet?

fancy nancy said...

OUCH!!! Don't forget that sunscreen!

Looking forward to the 5k!!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Oh my, on your back.

Seems you adapted quite nicely to a day all about you.

Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine said...

Big Brother, You are Killing me!! Your Norwegian skin needs the SPF man!!

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

Happy Father's Day!

Your back--looks painful!

funderson said...

Happy Father's Day!
Yes, sunscreen for you, my friend...

Razz said...

I start commenting on blogs more and your back is the first one I see. Nice.