Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Try it Tues: Pearl Izumi Float IV Shoe Review

A few weeks back (Actually, I checked and it was the middle of February – doh) I was contacted by Devon at Outside PR asking if I wanted to try out some Pearl Izumi shoes.  Hopefully I didn’t sound too excited when I replied in all caps “FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS AWESOME, YES!!!!!”.  Moderation was never my strong suit.  One thing lead to another and not only was I sent a pair of Float IV’s (their stability shoe) but I also received a shirt and a pair of their running shorts.  Giggity Giggity.

Most of the reason why I haven’t posted about them until now is because I really like to actually use stuff before I post a review on it.  I’ve wore the shirt/shorts 7 or so times (including one marathon) and have put 65 miles on the shoes.  Initially, I started out only using the PI shoes as my recovery run shoes, but once I realized that they were good and wouldn’t tear up my feet, they were upgraded to my medium long run shoes.  (Sidebar, when I initially started running, I had ONE pair of running shoes.  I now have 6.  Does anyone else have a bunch of shoes they go through? To show you what I mean, here is an example of my elaborate shoe rotation in my garage.  L-->R: Pearl Izumi, Brooks, Saucony, Brooks, Mystery Shoe - and my sittin' bucket):

The shoes I tried out were the Pearl Izumi Float IV - the left most shoe in that picture.  Here is what they say about the shoes:  SynchroFloat IV: Neutral +; has a touch of support for the mild pronator with a smooth, well-cushioned ad responsive fit for the efficient runner;  Energy Foam bounces back energy back; made with recycled material; 360 degree anatomical lacing

The Float IV is a stability shoe that is great to run in and also can double as a long triathlon shoe because of it's seamless upper. There are a lot of things that I like about the Float IV.  I like that it is a bit of a stability shoe, but not so much that I feel like I'm wearing bricks on my feet.  I also like that the shoes have a bit of a lower rise in the back.  That is, they don't go very high on my ankle.  Bad for trail running, great for someone that doesn't like a lot of shoe rubbing on their ankles.


Like I said above, not only did Devon at Outside PR send me shoes, but he also sent me a sweet (and matching!!) outfit.

Trying to point out the Pearl Izumi logo.  Flash made the logo look like my nipple had a flashlight taped to it.........like on Saturday night.

Here is what they said about the shorts:  Infinity LD Short: has a full Minerale liner which dries 50% faster than regular polyester liners; designed with a longer inseam and 2 external and 2 internal pockets; ideal for long distance runs. I'm not sure if they were trying to avoid swamp ass or peeing yourself or what the reason for the quick drying out, but I suppose it is a good feature.

The shirt/shorts are both super lightweight and will be awesome to run in during the summer.  The shirt has a great mesh patch in the back that looks a bit like a Spiderman outfit but totally keeps me cool in the heat.  Of course, the shit is NOT good for cold, rainy, windy weather - as I learned during the Oklahoma City Marathon.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing the shirt/shorts in this picture.  Burr.

Trying to point to the Spiderman mesh patch in the back.  Or my ass.  Or maybe my ass and the mesh part.  

Since no review would be complete without some bullets, here are the pros and cons of the shoes, shorts, and shirt.


  • The seamless upper is NICE.  Like, really nice.  I imagine it feels something like a mixture of my foot wearing a Snuggie and it being dipped in warm pudding.  Delicious.
  • I love that the shorts have zipper pockets in the back for storing gels and Velcro holding the front pockets shut.  Wearing other shorts, I’ve lost tons of gloves, baby rabbits, gels, small children, and even a water bottle – basically everything that I’ve tried to shove in my pockets has fallen out at one time or another.  Not so with these shorts.
  • The shirt is VERY light weight and has awesome Spiderman looking mesh on the back that allows for good airflow.  This was especially nice because I like to scare the neighbors when I run run without a shirt on and this shirt was the next best thing.


  • They tip the scales at 12 oz, but that is right in line with most stability shoes.  Not a shoe that I’d want to be wearing while being chased by a cougar, but not too bad for long runs where additional support is needed.
  • Because of the lack of seams, the material is a bit thick on the toe.  This translates into being just a TOUCH hot while I am running during hot days.  However, this was most certainly a positive during the cold winter months when my tootsies would get cold.
  • Since I’m used to my shorts being Shaq-attack length, the Pearl Izumi shorts did take some getting used to (see picture to the right).  But, my thighs are certainly enjoying the extra sun (note to self: Must do more nude sunbathing).

Overall, I really like the Float IV shoes.  In fact, I’m going to look at some of the lighter weight, more nuetral shoes to see if I can’t replace the Saucony trainers that I am using now.  I like the seamless feel and snugger fit.  So, the shoes (and the shorts/shirt) get my seal of approval. 

FCC Crap: I got this for free, blah blah, didn't get paid for my review, blah blah, why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be running?


Patrick Mahoney said...

Thanks for the review. Being that they are PI, one of the local bike shops sells them and they have been trying to get me to buy them.

The Green Girl said...

Love the honest review.

XLMIC said...

O, my... I am in stitches! At least every section had a bomb in it that cracked me up ...

Are the shorts very voluminous and do they make a woman's version? That shirt looks awesome and do they make a woman's version? Or maybe I could just wear the man's... or is there some reason I oughtn't?

JenniferLeah said...

I have given some of the PI running shoes a try--I was quite reluctant at first but I must say, I am very, very impressed with them.
Glad you were too.
I LOVE the spidy shirt!!
yay for nude sunbathing :D

JessiePants said...

Good review and the Giggity Giggity reference was also stellar.

Nobel4Lit said...

Stability shoes (which I wear) tend to be heavier, though I'm not really sure how much my current ones weigh... good review!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Dang! nice shoe rotation!

Great review, my fav part? The spiderman back!! Hot!

Ace said...

Do you and Demi do hill repeats or do you prefer fartleks?

Kate said...

My brother has a couple pairs of those shorts and loves them. Especially the pocket. You shorts length comment made me laugh and made me think of my boys, who think they're wearing speedos if the hem doesn't hit their knee.

I have two pairs of shoes in my rotation: road and trail. That was so that my more expensive road shoes would last me longer. Unfortunately, my more expensive road shoes give me blisters, but I'm too cheap to replace them until they're officially worn out...so much for my brilliant plan.

ShutUpandRun said...

Chased by a cougar? Do they have 50 year old women with boob jobs in your neighborhood? Do they really chase you? I'm telling your wife.

Scallywag said...

Great bucket :)

Ha ha, I actually only have one pair of shoes but I also want spikes for track, trail shoes/cross country spikes and new road shoes :/ eep! x

Al's CL Reviews said...

The shorts sound cool.

Her Name Is Rio said...

Man...now I may have to try PI stuff. Their ad campaign kind of turned me off (since I'm not all that fast), so I never really gave them a chance. We'll see.

Tricia said...

Good review, I've been super impressed with my PI shoes too.

And I demand to know that the mystery shoes are

And Devon is a chick, not a dude

That is all

Shelly said...

Are you kidding? I'm a closet shoe addict. I say closet 'cause that's where I keep them. My significant other wags his head every time another box shows up. I'm currently at 6 pair in the rotation. Of course that doesn't include the mow-the-lawn shoes, the wear-about-town shoes, the need-spare-ones-for-work shoes, etc.

Maybe I should consider therapy...