Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 25 Marathon Medals of 2010

There are a select few things in life that solicit immediate satisfaction. The “gentleman’s club” is pretty immediate actually Meals take a long time to cook, vacations take a long time to get to, even training doesn’t have the instant feedback of a job well done. Hell, I pay taxes and sometimes never feel like I see the results of those. I’m a man – if it is going to happen, I want it NOW!

Races are different. When you run a race (marathon, half marathon, GOOD 10Ks/5Ks), as soon as you cross the finish line you receive a medal. Satisfaction. No waiting for results, no drug testing (thank god). Just a friendly, sometimes rubber gloved, volunteer saying “congrats finisher, here is your medal. Go get a free yogurt”. Better words haven’t been spoken. False. Better words include: “Kids eat free”, “Double coupon”, “Ladies night” So, it is no wonder that races have been putting so much effort into each and every medal that they put together for their races.

As such, each year the “magazine” Marathon & Beyond (which reads more like a Reader’s Digest for runners) puts together their top 25 marathon medals. Below are the ones that make the list. I’ve called out the top 10 specifically (because I am lazy) and the others that I’ve ran. If you are interested in what the remainder look like, head over to 26.2 medals. I’ve killed MANY hours pouring over their pages of runner submitted race medals.

Send me pictures of YOUR favorite race medals. I’d love to do a post showing off everyone’s race bling (I’ll include my own)!

Also, did you run any of these races in 2010?  Agree / disagree with the Marathon and Beyond folks on what should have been included??

#1 Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon
This medal is a clam shell that opened to reveal two sides of artwork.

#2 Surf City USA Marathon
The Surf City race is always a top 25, the medal is huge coming in at nearly 6" (that's what she said)

#3 Route 66 Marathon
Seriously, whom ever decided to make a medal out of some Sprewell DUBs is a good man/woman

#4 Running for the Bay Marathon
The editors felt that the Running for the Bay medal, with it's glass insert was worth the top 10

#5 Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Marathon
Mardi Gras! One of my faves, the beads instead of ribbon and sparkles make this one awesome.

Warning though, after drinking MGD64 and running a PR, this might be what happens:

#6 Detroit Marathon
Love all of the classic Detroit references in their medal.  Cars, records..big buildings?

#7 Quebec City Marathon
The Quebec City marathon's medal actually had light up LEDs (the lights towards the bottom).  This is VERY cool - not sure why this one wasn't any higher.

#8 St George Marathon
St George always has fast times (1000s of feet of elevation drop) and very cool medals.  Last year they had hand carved stone.

#9 Hartford Marathon
Looks like something that would have came out of Harry Potter

#10 First Light Marathon

......and now the remaining 25.  I've called out some notables!

#11 Flying Pig Marathon

#12 Air Force Marathon

#13 Ottawa Marathon

#14 North Olympic Discovery Marathon

#15 Napa Valley Marathon

#16 Wineglass Marathon
An actual glass medal!  I think the over/under on me breaking it would be 30 minutes.

#17 Portland Marathon

#18 Little Rock Marathon

#19 Newport Marathon

#20 Mother Road Marathon

#21 Lost Dutchman Marathon
While not particularly noteworthy when I ran the race in 2011, the editors still felt that this Arizona race deserved mention.

#22 Mississippi Blues Marathon

#23 Colorado Marathon

#24 Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon
I liked the San Diego medal when I ran it in 2010.  The runner dude was a bit cheesy for my style, but the sparkles in the ocean mostly made up for it.

#25 Tupelo Marathon


Alisyn said...

Fun post! Thanks for sharing all the cool looking swag! :)

Forward Foot Strides said...

Number 3 is sweet! If size matters, Goodlife Marathon had HUGE medals in 2010! I did the half, which had a big medal, but I know Marlene at mission to another marathon did the full, and the medal is the size of her hand! said...

I ran A1A this year and it's a sea turtle that opens up - pretty cool.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great post! Fun to see the medals! I ran last year's Portland marathon, and that medal was horrible--i wonder if it was beter previous years??

Andrew Opala said...

cool ... I want the surf board one!

Brian said...

My favorite two are this one, from the Baltimore Marathon Relay (the half marathon and marathon had similar crab designs)

Shamrock Marathon. 1) It's my only marathon so far. 2) it can be used as a bottle opener and is thus the only medal I'll take with in the event of the zombie apocalypse.

Nobel4Lit said...

I have two of those: Surf City and San Diego, but could they really compete with medals that light up and spin?

funderson said...

So cool! The one that opens up is extra radical. Nice nip covers there...
I was thinking I'd send you a picture of MY St. George sandstone medal and then there it was at #8..

Run with Jess said...

Great post! Love the classic Detroit one, as well as Route 66, and of course Rock 'n Roll ones always rock!!!

Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

I dig this post. I really like my Georgia 1/2 medal (the full was identical, just a little bigger) and I like my Ragnar medal. Anything that doubles as a bottle opener is okay by me.

Stephanie said...

really surprised Big Sur International Marathon didn't make the top 10. It is clay and handmade. Look at it here:

Matty B. said...

AWESOME. I love seeing these

hauterunningmama said...

The SD RNR 2010 medal is awesome. Wait, I ran that race. Is that what my medal looks like? Eeeeeeek.

I like the mardi gras medal. Very cool!

mikemilzz said...

Cool that I have a few medals on that list. The Surf City one is def cool and one that I would love to have. I've heard that's a fun race too.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I might run a marathon based solely on the finisher medal. I really liked every one in the top 5.

Nice pic of you flashing! I'm sure your female readers are wishing your nipples weren't covered.

ajh said...

Love this post. I like 9 + 10 a lot.

Jamoosh said...

Obviously the people choosing these medals have no taste.

Char said...

I love the Route 66 one - gotta love a medal with moving parts.

Julie said...

Hi Adam!!!! Hey this was a great post! Holy cow do you have a ton of freaking medals:) I really like the one from New Orleans! Hope you are doing well and that your little dude is too:) Keep posting pictures of him....I am a sucker for super cute babies:) Take care!

danny said...

I always liked my 'cowbell' from my first half.

SquirrelHead said...

I have very few medals right now. I want to add the Savannah Rock n Roll and VA Beach Shamrock to the collection.

Laura said...

I have an Ottawa and Flying Pig medal. They are pretty sweet. The latest from the Pittsburgh marathon is very cool as well.

...Barbie... said...

um. #1 - that looks like a locket. it is a clam shell. that is freaking awesome. added to the "must run list" just for the medal.
#2. love love love.
#3. It is like a marathon runner's spinning suv wheels. thats awesome - added as well.

Morgan said...

OMG I love that Rte. 66 one! My Gasparilla medal in 2010 was AWESOME but alas that was also because it was the final running of it.

Anonymous said...

I love the cool medals. I now have somethign to strive for. I now also want to runt he Apache Juction Marathon, I did nto know they had oen there but it is where I lived until I was 6 and moved to NC.

Luke the fatlete (blogger is sucking and won't let me sign in)

Anonymous said...

Ooo like the St. George one, lovely!
You should have many more beads for showing the ladies?/gents? off like that...MGD and you get crazy man : )

This is jessiepants. Blogger is being a d-bag and won't let me sign in...

Al's CL Reviews said...

I have 2 Kentucky Derby Mini Marathons. The last one (2011), I just realized I have no clue what it looks like. It is still in the suitcase (yes, I realize it was on 4/30).

The only one of the ones you showed I didn't like was the Hartford Marathon.

Scallywag said...

The surf city and route 66 medals are ACE. Whyyyy are the medals in Britain so much less cool?

I need to go do some US races. x

Stephanie Anne said...

I've run the NOLA RnR Half & the Hartford Half. My favs though are the Disney medals!!!! Although I do love the A1A medal, I was wanting to do the race this past year too...

XLMIC said...

I am not a real finishers' medals gal... but I do like that Route 66 one!

Shelly said...

I'm a big fan of the Flying Pig medals. The reverse side has the back end of the pig with its curly tail. Few medals are two sided works of art like that one!

Aron said...

I have the Surf City (half) medal and am not that excited by it... not sure why. It's smaller than the full but still. I am planning on getting Portland and Napa SOON!!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

a lot of people run miami for the medal. it spins and had palm trees... medals are fun, but i think i get more excited about the free food.

Syllica said...

Montreal should've been in there!!!