Saturday, May 28, 2011

Favorite Race Medals & Scape Winner

As promised, I wanted to share everyone's favorite race medals.  But I didn't think that it was fair to ask everyone else to send over their favorites without showing mine.  I've played the "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" game before.  I always end up in handcuffs lose, but it is always fun to see what I can get away with.

Since I'm a bit of a race medal dork, I've actually collected quite a few along the way (see also my "races" tab above).  Here is my main display that contains not only marathon medals, but also medals that I've received for smaller races or age group wins:

Last year, 2010, was the Year of the Rock and Roll race for me.  I ran 7 of them - 6 full marathons and 1 half  marathon. The Competitor group that organizes the races have extra medals for each race you do over the first.  So, after the first, I received another sweet medal in the mail for every additional race I did - all the way up to 7.  Here they all are.  I'm going to do a separate post about them in the very near future, but I didn't think that it would be good to not include them here.

Finally MY favorite.  It is from the 2007 Kansas City marathon, my first ever race and my first ever marathon. While I've ran faster races, and probably received flashier medals, the Kansas City marathon was amazing.  After all, you know what they always say - you never forget your first.

Grace from How I Complicated my Life Today (love the blog name) said that her favorite was from Freedom's Run Marathon in Shepherdstown WV. It was made by a local jeweler and is a stylized version of John Brown's fort, which is just one historic site on the course. It's pretty enough for a key chain.

Rose from Eat Drink and Be Meiri  not only loves the mud, but she also likes eating her most favorite medal. No word on what it felt like coming out the other end. Probably a lot like sunflower seeds.

Stephanie from It’s All Happening  was convinced that Big Sur should have made the list. Actually, so were a few commenters as well. After seeing the medal, I am not sure that I could argue.
Picture courtesy of Aron @ Runner's Rambles

Madison (Nobel4Lit) from A Case of the Runs also agreed that Big Sur should have made the list. Also, she wanted to include Chicago – whose race last year was on 10/10/10. If that isn’t the sign that the Rapture is close, then I don’t know what does. (Is the Rapture too “last week” to still joke about?)

Kim from Girl Evolving said that her favorite medal was from the Presque Isle marathon in September 2010 - it's a small marathon in Erie, PA. Beautiful, flat course (two loops around a state park peninsula) and the race medal is really unique and matched the locale.

Brian at Earn Your Donuts said that his favorites were from the Baltimore Marathon Relay (the half marathon and marathon had similar crab designs) and the Shamrock Marathon. The Shamrock marathon because: 1) It's my only marathon so far. 2) it can be used as a bottle opener and is thus the only medal I'll take with me in the event of the zombie apocalypse. Good call, Brian. You can never be too careful.  I've heard zombies don't like beer breath.

Morgan at Caution, Redhead Running isn’t running right now because of a STUPID stress fracture. But, she still said that her favorite medal was the Gasparilla Marathon medal in 2010. But alas that was also because it was the final running of it.

Laura at Live Well, Laugh Often, Run Much reminisced about snowy Canadian winters with her local Boxing Day 10 mile race which she says is a fantastic event. She also said that she has both the Ottawa and Flying Pig medals as well. However, I did have to laugh to myself at the fact that there was a Boxing Day race (something very Canadian) that was measured in miles instead of in KM. Although, I suppose a 16K isn’t quite as fun as saying that you rocked 10 miles.  Maybe?

Finally ,Christina from Lazy Bones Running was certainly the blogger’s pet when she selected not one, but TWO Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K medals – organized in part by yours truly. However, I do have to say that her other suggestion, Ragnar Las Vegas, where she received 3 medals which double as bottle openers at the finish, was probably a better choice.

Finally, the Scape Sunscreen winner.  I'm actually glad that so many people said that they do put on sunscreen before long runs because, just like Wilford Brimley says: There is just no reason not to - unless you want to look like leather.

So, even though I REALLY would have liked to pick the winner a creative way, I went 100% random.  The winner is Pritch from Running in a World of Pink!!  Pritch blogs about how he is a good role model to his wife and daughters - THREE of them!!  Winning is good timing since Pritch is a veteran (Memorial Day) bad timing because Pritch is on crutches because of a surgery to remove scar tissue.  BLEH! Shoot me an email and I'll send you over the goods!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I should probably go update my blog now, hehe.

I love this post!

Jamie said...

I love all of the medals! Especially the ragnar ones. Has to be my favorite medal too!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

Hey - I just saw that you're running San Diego again. Are you doing any blogger meet-ups next weekend?
I'll be out there with TNT, and I know Lesley from Racing it Off will be there too!

Alma said...

I love seeing all these medals. There are some really beautiful ones out there. Thanks for compiling all these!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Mine is still the best.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

I'm getting medal envy.
Don't Canadians use miles AND km? I think they had km, then they noticed how cool we were with our miles, and threw those in the mix, too.

Alisa said...

I'm all about medals that double as bottle openers. Those should be the top of any list.

Brian said...

Loved seeing these. There are some really fun ones out there. I...I mean my wife...ok, I want the snowman.

One of my pet peeves is when people on or runnersworld forums complain about medals or the lack thereof, but I'm just as bad drooling over bling.

Madison said...

Hey, I think you are mistaking me for my sister (Julie). Her blog is A Case of the Runs. But it's okay. Just want you to know that we are two different people. ;)

Average A said...

Yup, Rapture is no longer funny. Especially when you reference it to 10-10-10 date. Talk about 11-11-11 races, and we have another story! ;)

I also agree that the hand-carved Big Sur medal rocks, but it's only because I kicked the crap out of that race on accident.

If the 100th running of Bay to Breakers had a medal of a naked person on it, I would have submitted it. :) We should talk to the event directors since you are going to run it next year... right? RIGHT?

Andrew Opala said...

I like the freeze your thorns off one. I want an invite for the next one is AZ so I can get one of these medals.

Shawn said...

I will send you a picture of the sweetheart I got today...and I paid for it, every mile!!!!

Chris K said...

WTF? How did I miss this post? The best medal, unquestionably, is Surf City U.S.A. where the medal is a surfboard. That's where I BQ'd too.

If you are nice Adam, I may let you touch it next week.

Morgan said...

Sorry I didn't get my medal pic to you in time but at least you have mad internet stalking skillz. :)

Laura said...

We Canucks think in both KM and Miles...just part of our awesome-ness.
I love these medals..who doesn't?

The Green Girl said...

I really like your medal displays. Awesome!