Thursday, March 31, 2011

Internet Meme Frenzy!! Stylish Blogger Award v2

I’m running – finally. I’m cranking out 5 mile runs at my normal long pace of 7:45 on a regular basis with limited joint and tendon discomfort. Note, I said limited and not none. Sort of like how my experience with having cow/pig poop splashed into my mouth is limited, but certainly not nonexistent. I’m going to continue doing this (running, not poop splashing) until I’m done with my antibiotics and then really crank up the intensity and mileage. I’ve got 4 weeks until the Oklahoma City marathon!


Do you remember 3 months back when everyone was talking about Jersey shore, Brett Favre’s naughty bits, and saying things like “OMG!!! I can’t believe that Simon isn’t going to be on American Idol!!?!”? Yeah, me either. I was in a one month old baby sleep deprived daze that would make Charlie Sheen try to splash cold water on his face. Who am I kidding!? Back then, Charlie Sheen wasn’t a super creepy Internet star – he was just a normal every day sitcom super star.

But, while most were worrying about Brett Favre, Amber @ Betty Meets Jane and Jon @ 2 Slow 4 Boston were both tagging me for the Stylish Blogger award. You should go visit BOTH of their blogs.  Trust me.  Anyway, turns out babies take a crap-load of time and I didn’t get a response posted until now. But, since I’m never one to back away from an internet Meme, here are seven MORE things about yours truly (first post here):

I run for two reasons, both of them are pretty selfish. First, I love the surprise on people’s faces when I tell them I run – especially people I grew up with. I was NEVER that guy growing up. I was (and still am) just as happy sitting on my butt in front of the TV watching the latest kitchen remodel show or watching LA based cougars battle it out over whose hair extensions look the most real. Second, I love to eat. I’m right at home eating the 2700 or so calories a day that I put in my pie hole and really struggle bringing it back down to 1900 or so when I am not running due to injury or something else.

I like wine. Actually, I LOVE wine. At any given time, I have around 40-50 bottles in my house. I’m not super pretentious and honestly can only tell a good wine from a bad wine (according to me). I rarely taste anything fun like dirt (minerally), wet leaves, or my favorite: horse poop (barnyard tasting). But, honestly I’ll drink about anything. Including, Nuun with wine or GU Tablets with Beer.

I can barely grow any body hair, except on my ears and on my unibrow. I’m basically like Bert from sesame street mixed with a little bit of your grandfather. So, I can teach you your alphabet while telling you how much it cost back in my day. Believe me, it was cheap! Like, a nickel. I like to have fun with it though - I once had a guy completely convinced that I shave my arms. Yes, I’m horrible like that.

A few years back I went fake skydiving in a wind tunnel. It made me look like Jim Carrey, and my face flapped like an ass cheek going over railroad tracks. It was fun at the time, but just like owning a sex swing, it is fun to talk about, but I have NO desire to do it “for real”.

I’ve only left the country once - I walked across the border into Mexico. I’ll admit that it bothers me. I feel like because of that I come across as uncultured or unsophisticated. (Random thought, did I tell you about the poop I had this morning?) Anyway, unfortunately, I do not have any plans to leave the country in the near or distant future.

I watch more TLC and HGTV than any straight man ever should. Seriously. And don’t get me started on how I love the Real Housewives of Orange County and will watch Bravo TV on occasion. I don’t know what it is about those shows, but whether it is someone decorating their house or someone learning what not to wear I am drawn to it like Heidi Montag (Or, the real housewives for that matter…) to plastic surgery.

Running for me is often times like a dream. I know that I have thoughts while I am doing it, but they never materialize when I am finished. Because of this, I usually tell people that I think of “nothing” while I am running. If I tell them I have lots of thoughts when I run they’ll want to know what they are – and the best thing that I’ll be able to come up with will be the monetary policies of a post oil Lybia, boobs, and how I sure do sweat a lot. Although, as I think about it, that is basically what I am thinking about all the time.

Now, the “Rules” say that I’m supposed to tag anywhere between 7 to 15 people. Not my style, so here are 5 new-ish commentors to the Boring Universe who you should go check out:

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Runners Fuel - Not new to the blog, but I just love that her food pictures are of 'normal' food
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Tricia said...

ha! We've been skydiving for real (loved it!) but yes, the pictures are not flattering at all

Shawn said...

Once again, you slay me!

Julie said...

You TOTALLY look like Jim Carey in the skydiving picture. FUNNY STUFF today, Adam!

Katie said...

I was just this very second bemoaning the fact that I have none, NO wine in my house right this second. Then I read that you have 50 and now I hate you, unless of course you deliver some of that to my doorstep by 6 pm.

Also Real Housewives are Awful. All of them.

destinationathlete said...



Pam said...

LMAO You DO look like Jim Carrey in that photo!

Kovas said...

Once out of the country? No wonder you're uncultured or unsophisticated, really, it completely explains the tv channels you watch.

Runners Fuel said...

I take that as a complainment. Thanks! I'll do this this weekend! Glad to hear you're back to running!

dcrunographer said...

Forty too 50 bottles? That's it. I'm coming over.

Average A said...

That cookie is vegan. It doesn't count.

The man & I just went indoor skydiving, too! I thought it was fun -- but, like you, no desire to do the real thing. I don't even think I'd do the wind tunnel again.

You're funny. Thanks for these little stalkerish tidbits you just gave me. I'm one step closer to completing my plan. ;)


JessiePants said...

Although little runs, glad you are back out!
Good stuff, the blindfold photo with the nuun/wine still cracks me up.

funderson said...

It's hard imagining that you were never "that guy" since you're such a speedy fast guy now.
I call all those Housewives shows "Bitches and Hoes" show..

Jess said...

I can barely watch the commercial for the Real Housewives. For some reason, I just feel embarassed for them.

walkjogrunrace said...

Hehe, love it! Btw - linked to you on my blog today- it's at the bottom. :)

XLMIC said...

Awwwww... thanks for the tag! I did it in conjunction with another tag I got last night... is that allowed? I only birthed 4 kids... but I have 6 stepkids, too. The hairy dude looks remarkably like my father-in-law! And you did look like Jim Carey in that picture... hilarious! Hope your baby is doing well! And are you going to tell us about that dump or not? Was it museum-quality?

One Crazy Penguin said...

Woohoo for running again!

The indoor skydiving always looks awesome, but I figure that I'll just do the real thing if I'm going to "take the plunge". Pun intended :p

And I'm with you. I *love* wine. I can't remember the last time that my house only had single digit bottles of wine.

Jamoosh said...

How come there are no pictures of you trying one of those electronic cigarette thingamajoohahas? Seriously - I thought that if there was any blogger who would try one it would be you... "I know, let's get Adam - he'll do anything!"

Mike said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. Your very funny!

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

Thanks for the tag!

I love wine, too! Like you, I can't really claim that I have discerning tastes. I just know if I don't like it as much as another bottle. I usually pick by how cute the labels are--if they have a dog, I'm buying. Cab is my fave. What's yours?

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