Thursday, March 31, 2011

Internet Meme Frenzy!! Stylish Blogger Award v2

I’m running – finally. I’m cranking out 5 mile runs at my normal long pace of 7:45 on a regular basis with limited joint and tendon discomfort. Note, I said limited and not none. Sort of like how my experience with having cow/pig poop splashed into my mouth is limited, but certainly not nonexistent. I’m going to continue doing this (running, not poop splashing) until I’m done with my antibiotics and then really crank up the intensity and mileage. I’ve got 4 weeks until the Oklahoma City marathon!


Do you remember 3 months back when everyone was talking about Jersey shore, Brett Favre’s naughty bits, and saying things like “OMG!!! I can’t believe that Simon isn’t going to be on American Idol!!?!”? Yeah, me either. I was in a one month old baby sleep deprived daze that would make Charlie Sheen try to splash cold water on his face. Who am I kidding!? Back then, Charlie Sheen wasn’t a super creepy Internet star – he was just a normal every day sitcom super star.

But, while most were worrying about Brett Favre, Amber @ Betty Meets Jane and Jon @ 2 Slow 4 Boston were both tagging me for the Stylish Blogger award. You should go visit BOTH of their blogs.  Trust me.  Anyway, turns out babies take a crap-load of time and I didn’t get a response posted until now. But, since I’m never one to back away from an internet Meme, here are seven MORE things about yours truly (first post here):

I run for two reasons, both of them are pretty selfish. First, I love the surprise on people’s faces when I tell them I run – especially people I grew up with. I was NEVER that guy growing up. I was (and still am) just as happy sitting on my butt in front of the TV watching the latest kitchen remodel show or watching LA based cougars battle it out over whose hair extensions look the most real. Second, I love to eat. I’m right at home eating the 2700 or so calories a day that I put in my pie hole and really struggle bringing it back down to 1900 or so when I am not running due to injury or something else.

I like wine. Actually, I LOVE wine. At any given time, I have around 40-50 bottles in my house. I’m not super pretentious and honestly can only tell a good wine from a bad wine (according to me). I rarely taste anything fun like dirt (minerally), wet leaves, or my favorite: horse poop (barnyard tasting). But, honestly I’ll drink about anything. Including, Nuun with wine or GU Tablets with Beer.

I can barely grow any body hair, except on my ears and on my unibrow. I’m basically like Bert from sesame street mixed with a little bit of your grandfather. So, I can teach you your alphabet while telling you how much it cost back in my day. Believe me, it was cheap! Like, a nickel. I like to have fun with it though - I once had a guy completely convinced that I shave my arms. Yes, I’m horrible like that.

A few years back I went fake skydiving in a wind tunnel. It made me look like Jim Carrey, and my face flapped like an ass cheek going over railroad tracks. It was fun at the time, but just like owning a sex swing, it is fun to talk about, but I have NO desire to do it “for real”.

I’ve only left the country once - I walked across the border into Mexico. I’ll admit that it bothers me. I feel like because of that I come across as uncultured or unsophisticated. (Random thought, did I tell you about the poop I had this morning?) Anyway, unfortunately, I do not have any plans to leave the country in the near or distant future.

I watch more TLC and HGTV than any straight man ever should. Seriously. And don’t get me started on how I love the Real Housewives of Orange County and will watch Bravo TV on occasion. I don’t know what it is about those shows, but whether it is someone decorating their house or someone learning what not to wear I am drawn to it like Heidi Montag (Or, the real housewives for that matter…) to plastic surgery.

Running for me is often times like a dream. I know that I have thoughts while I am doing it, but they never materialize when I am finished. Because of this, I usually tell people that I think of “nothing” while I am running. If I tell them I have lots of thoughts when I run they’ll want to know what they are – and the best thing that I’ll be able to come up with will be the monetary policies of a post oil Lybia, boobs, and how I sure do sweat a lot. Although, as I think about it, that is basically what I am thinking about all the time.

Now, the “Rules” say that I’m supposed to tag anywhere between 7 to 15 people. Not my style, so here are 5 new-ish commentors to the Boring Universe who you should go check out:

Run with Jess - Training for her first marathon
Runners Fuel - Not new to the blog, but I just love that her food pictures are of 'normal' food
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Slow and Steady - GA runner who is finally going to run the Peachtree 10k!
Taking it On - Super funny mom to like 5 kids

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It’s all in my head

Running, Kim Kardashian, and explosions
Isn't that what all guys are thinking about?
Probably. Unless it isn’t all in my head. Then I’m in trouble.

In a recent blog post, elite women’s marathoner Kara Goucher declared “I’m Back!” Referring to her pre-pregnancy speed and ability. In her blog she says: “The workout was a 10-mile tempo run at marathon pace. I averaged 5:22 per mile. ……. I celebrated by running another seven miles. (There’s no rest for the weary marathoner on a 120-miles-per-week schedule!)”

Good lord, where should I start. The pace? The weekly mileage? My wife permitting, the fact that Kara needs to dump HER Adam and get with another different kind of Adam? What these elite athletes do on a day to day basis amazes me**. However, when I was reading further down in her post, I was immediately drawn to something else she said about her mental state [edited for length]: Now that I’ve hit my tempo run milestone, I’m really looking forward to my next race. I’m nervous about it, because this is the first race since I started my comeback where I expect to run up to my usual standards, no excuses. At some point, I know the race is going to get really tough, and when that happens I want to avoid giving in and feeling sorry for myself. If I stay mentally strong the whole way through, the numbers will take care of themselves.

As I sit here 4 weeks out from my next marathon, I can’t help but let my mind wander through a number of naughty places scenarios about my race day performance. I’m sort of like a dog that knows he is going to be let out to play. I’m so damn excited I’m jumping at the door – but any second I might pee all over myself. I know that I’m not as well trained as I could be, but I’m still in the same basic PR shape that I’ve been in the past, so I shouldn’t let my head get in the way. I need to focus on not feeling sorry for myself.

Since being on these meds, I’ve ran 3 times for a total of 13 miles. Each time I’ve ran around my long run pace of 7:45 and have felt basically fine. I can tell that something is “off”, but I’m still able to put one foot in front of the other.

So, while Kara can pull off the booty shorts and belly shirt, I’d like to think that we actually do have something in common***. We both need to remind ourselves to think happy thoughts and trust our training. So, that is what I am going to do. Focus on the positive (I’m not hurt) and run the best race I can****. Honestly? I’m excited about it, I hope I just don’t pee on the floor.

What does everyone else do when they know they are going into a race less than 100% prepared?

**Are they elite poopers too? “15 seconds, BAM!”
***The belly shirt
****While not pooping myself

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Run-around…..

Since I'm not running (much) due to my stupid anti-biotic, I figured I was due for another run-around post....

It's been 4 days since our last "incident"
Have you ever been so busy that you completely forget to do something important? For example, you are working so hard that it is 2:00pm and you haven’t had lunch yet ? Well, today I realized that I haven’t pooped in 3 or maybe 4 days. Probably should get that looked into, but after my date with WebMD and the Cipro, I’m just going to double down on Spike’s Taco Bell Friday or something and hope that ‘nature runs its course’.

I can run!  But, it tastes like motor oil
Speaking of the meds that I am on, I emailed a friend who is a doctor, and she said that the Cipro warnings are a bit extreme and that I just needed to be careful. She said “of course, stop at any joint pain, but don’t become a completely immobile, flabby, turd-face”. (That last part might be my words and not hers.) Speaking of the meds, they do have some strange side effects other than making me feel like I just ate one of those huge cheese circle deals. Most noticeably, they make my mouth taste really funny. Not metallic, but kinda like I am licking the ass of a Terminator. Or, at least what I assume that would taste like.

Wait, who said that TV could change?
In the United State’s version of the sitcom The Office, the main character Michael Scott is leaving the show. On Thursday they announced who his temporary replacement would be: Will Ferrell. I have to admit, I loved his first movies, but recently he seems like he takes every random sport and does a movie about it. Not the good sports where all of the players are overpaid injury prone whine bags. But instead the crappy ones like dodgeball, NASCAR, figure skating??? There better not be a bunch of Office episodes that feature kickball or else I’m going to go postal.  Does anyone else watch the office and have any thoughts?

Finally, on the meds front (since I am not running, that is all that I have to talk about), to answer some of the comments that I received on my last post (**cough cough** Walt), I do indeed have an actual tested/confirmed infection. I generally HATE taking medicines and instead take a rainbow of vitamins each day that would make a Skittles commercial whisper “Taste the Thiamine Mononitrate”.

Unfortunately, in what I can only assume is my superior genetics, whatever I caught was resistant to the first round of drugs that I received so we're on to round #2 - which leaves my options somewhat limited.  Cest La Vie.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: Shut up and Poop!!

Shortly after the birth of my son, Beth from Shut Up and Run sent me an awesome baby gift.  I was (of course) not expecting anything, but I have to admit that the shirt that she sent defiantly had a Shut up and Run flavor. (Read: Kinda poopy, but very funny)

Since he is growing like Snooki at a Waffle House, he fits into the 6 month size already at 4 months.  Head of the class!!

I'm going to have a bit of time this afternoon to get caught up with everyone's blogs and hopefully give everyone an update on my medication situation (spoiler alert - they make my mouth taste funny - like I am licking the ass of a Terminator)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stupid Internet Ruins Everything Fun

I'll take 3 of these, please
This post could also be titled: “how google’ing a prescription I am currently on might have saved the rest of my running year”.

Last week, I complained mentioned how I had a fever and was on an antibiotic. I had a 102 fever and was running like I had a load in my pants and toddlers strapped to my shoes – toddlers who wanted candy**. But, I kept running. After all, it kept me relatively on plan and it gave me something to bitch about. Win/win!

Unfortunately, my symptoms came back this week, I went back to the doctor, and got put on a second antibiotic that would kill even the nasties that Lidsey Lohan has crawling inside of her. Cipro. You might remember this little gem as the magic bullet that cures Anthrax should you happen to slip and fall into a envelope full of powder.  Not THAT kind of powder…. And not THAT kind of magic bullet (which yes does sound like a something that you would buy at a passion party – Perv***). My doc thinks that will zap what is bothering me as well as hopefully give me some sort of super powers.

When I got back to work, I did what everyone does when they are on a new medicine. I watched like 7 episodes of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman I googled the shit out of it. Unfortunately or fortunately I found this little gem on WebMd:

Federal regulators are ordering new warnings on Cipro and similar antibiotics because of increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture. The new warnings apply to fluoroquinolones, a class of antibiotics that includes the popular drug Cipro. The FDA has told companies that the drugs must now carry "black box" warnings alerting doctors and patients that the drugs can increase risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture in some patients.
Fluoroquinolones have carried similar warnings for years, but officials say they continue to receive reports of safety problems. A "black box" warning is the FDA's sternest warning.

Now, let’s be honest. I’m not one to listen to advice**** but that stuff is pretty damn hard to ball up in my head and store away in my happy thoughts place. (The place I put any movie with Tony Danza) So, I’m probably going to take it easy for at least a week – and the ease back into it after that. Unfortunately, that means that my Oklahoma City race is probably going to be a fun run and I’m going to be set back more than I would care to admit in my goals to break 3:10.  To prove how bummed out I am, I give you a very unflattering picture of me:

But, putting a positive spin on it, I am VERY glad that I found this tidbit of information. I probably would have been fine if I would have ran (and I’ll probably still jog slowly now and again over the next week), but if I was to rupture something…..that would have been very bad.

Has anyone else found something on the internet that their doctor “forgot” to mention?

** Usually toddlers who want candy scream, bite, and otherwise slow you down, right?
*** Of course, I’m the one who thought of it first. Hmmm
**** I always wear dirty underwear specifically in case I get into an accident

Monday, March 21, 2011

Binge Running

This weekend I played host to some very good friends from Chicago. Fortunately for me, playing host means that I get to ignore all of the “to do” lists my wife has created for me throughout the year. ”Sorry hon, I can’t mow the lawn this weekend – we have company!” Luckily, our company enjoys all of the finer things in life: beer, wine, and poop humor running. In fact, he is the one who basically got me into running – so he is to blame for the innuendo and off color humor on this blog…..or at least some of the running updates. Of course, we did kegstands on the front lawn had a few drinks, went for a hike, and nerded out about all things running.

Rocking the baby biorn.  Cool with a capital K.

But then, I realized that I have a race in 5 weeks – and proceeded to panic like I had overslept for a flight….to Hawaii….to be the lead photographer on a swimsuit calendar….where the swimsuits were invisible.

Enter so much binge running that even Snookie could keep up. So, in short order I had registered for the Oklahoma City Marathon, booked hotels, and even checked out the course map a bit. You see, when you visit my house for the weekend, not only do you get to help me mow the lawn but you also get to watch me mess around on my laptop registering for races. I’m an excellent host.

As I was thinking about how I was going to get to where I am now to a race in 5 weeks, I got to thinking about how I was going to have to break some rules. I can’t think that it was just coincidence that Shut up and Run recently went from just a normal blogger with a rather active colon to an interwebs super star with her internet meme of “Top 10 list of rules that she breaks”. I have to be honest, I really wanted to participate in this one. I thought to myself “I’m a badass, I have to break all sorts of rules!!"Chicks dig a bad boy. But unfortunately, while SUAR may be the Fonz, squealing tires in the parking lot, I am just a simple Alfalfa with a nerdy spike of hair in the back.  I don't break any rules that are fun.

So, I decided to list of the things that I’m currently doing wrong for this marathon training plan.  The list is larger than I thought.....

  • 10% rule: That simple rule that says that you’re not supposed to increase your week over week mileage by more than 10%. Last week I ran 42.5 miles. I increased by 100% two weeks ago and 25% last week.  So, either my legs are going to fall off, or I'm going to start racking up some huge mileage.  Which brings me to.......
  • Not ‘enough’ miles: I’m going to target a 3:15 marathon in Oklahoma city. Conventional wisdom says that I should really be running around 50 miles per week and drinking glasses full of raw eggs and kicking baby puppies to get myself conditioned to perform. I’m doing none of those.  I need to buy more eggs.
  • Testing out a new pair of shoes: I recently received a pair of sweet Pearl Izumi shoes from Outside PR. While I like them a lot, the experts say that you’re supposed to have your training shoes pretty locked down by now to avoid injury.
  • Beer? Oh yes, I do that too: Jill is a certified coach and says that it does everything bad (dehydration, poor sleep patterns, illegitimate children).  Fortunately, she hasn't made any mention to how it makes your baby makers small (since obviously – beer makes them bigger).
  • I don’t mow the lawn: Still haven’t done that. There will be hell to pay.

Anyone else break the rules and know that they are doing it? I know that it isn’t ideal, but it’ll get me as ready as I can be for the race in the Midwest!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: Beer Troubleshooting

After pissing and moaning about my crappy runs earlier in the week, I’m finally starting to hit my groove. Murphy’s law says: As soon as you complain about something, it will get better. Based on that, I’ve started to complain non-stopped. Might as well if it is going to get better afterwards! It is logic, duh.
I had a very good marathon pace run of 10 miles yesterday and hit the track for some 400M repeats this morning. Marathon pace run was at 7:29ish pace and the 400 repeats were at 5:39 pace.  Not quite as fast as I would have liked, but close enough to be considered a win!

Also, if you didn’t win my Sony Walkman MP3 player giveaway, head over to Kim @ iLax Studio’s blog. Right now there are only 27 entries!! It is like wasting money if you don’t go enter.

Finally, I hope that everyone had a great St Patrick’s day. I did my part by wearing green and eating the most authentic food I could find – a bowl of lucky charms. They were delicious, but I could have done without the leprechaun asking me to touch his pot of gold….

Since St Patrick’s day is a bit of an armature hour, I thought that everyone could use a bit of training on handling some of the situations that you may face while knocking back green beer. Happy Friday!

(Click to enlarge)
Add caption

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My amazing machine

Feed me!!
First, I was honored to have tricked her have been asked to be a guest blogger on the mega-blog Endurance isn’t only Physical. Tricia is going through a rough patch and asked a favor to see if I could tell a bit about my ‘story’ through weight loss. I don’t talk about it a ton (or at all) but I used to be bigger. Like 45 pounds bigger…..or like “I basically lost a Calista Flockhart off of my body!” bigger. Head over to her blog to read all of the chunky details.

Anywhoo, some people say that their body is their temple. A machine that they use to perform not only the mindless tasks of the day (pooping) but also the machine that enables them to complete their endurance activities. (For me, it is mostly an amusement park. Built and designed for my own personal pleasure**) During the last of my three runs, I was reminded that, while our bodies are amazing machines we still suck and should get off our high horse because an ant can lift 800x its own body weight the smallest hiccup can throw a wrench into the best laid plans.

My hiccup? An infection and the fever it caused.

This little bug knocked me down for 3 runs and counting. Check out my entries on DailyMile (in picture form because I know I’d be too lazy to follow a link if I just linked to them):

As you can see, I have been struggling through my runs this week.  Not by the paces (which are relative to the goal) but by the little face that is sticking his tongue out and looking rather uncomfortable.  In fact, today I gave the proverbial bird to running and decided to give my legs and body a bit of a rest and push my schedule out a week. I’ll still get in the miles, but they will be better runs - not slog-fests like I am a hungover Paris Hilton. I’m staying flexible while still maintaining consistency (a theme in my guest post mentioned above).

Truth is, while I try to not let a group of crappy runs bother me, they always get into my head just a little bit. I have another marathon coming up in 6 weeks and have little time to lose to anything – be it fever, good TV on late at night, or even (and I can’t believe that I am saying this) having a hangover. I have to remember that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is another day. My body is indeed an amazing machine and it will start to put out quality runs eventually.  I just need to keep at it.  Keep fueling the fire.  To quote my favorite quote that I mentioned in my ABC post: Keep breathing, keep living, because tomorrow the sun will rise.......and who knows what the tide may bring in.

Does anyone else struggle with forgetting crappy runs and pushing the nagging voice out of your head? Instead of telling me to burn things, the little dude in mine is screaming that I am going to bonk…….and sometimes that is hard to block out.

**Like doing kegstands or riding on merry go rounds.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Run-around…..

Other than running, blogging about running, tweeting about running, and talking my wife's ear off about my last run - I actually do have other things that I am interested in (like: running magazines).  Specifically, I'm a bit of a closet car guy.  I don't really keep up with much of it, but I've been slowly collecting a bunch of car crap to hang on my garage walls.  This weekend at a car show, I scored all sorts of good things.  A real stoplight that is about 4.5 feet tall (or, as long as I am doing my conversion right, about 900 cm) and two "metal tube things" according to my wife.  It was fun to check out all of the cool cars, regaining a small slice of my manhood.  Unfortunately, I was wearing the baby bjorn for most of the day - so any gains in manhood were quickly relinquished.

This is my brain on….102 degrees. Like I said on Friday, I got really beat down by a pretty nasty infection late last week. I had a 102 fever on Thursday that lingered around 100.8 through Saturday. I was a walking, talking “this is your brain on drugs” poster child. Fortunately, my fever is gone (but I’m not 100% cured yet) so I can hopefully get back to my regular pooping routine. It is the small things in life that I am going to enjoy.

MIA: Energy. Since I haven’t been sick for a while, I sort of forgot how much it takes out of you. I heeded the advice on twitter and decided to not run on Saturday while I was still feeling a bit crappy. So, Sunday mid morning I went out for what turned out to be the worst 12 miles in QUITE some time. I was sore, tired, and a bit bloated. I tried taking pamprin after I got home but it didn’t help. I’ll keep you posted on these breasts that seem to have sprouted. I got the miles in, but was a full minute off pace. When I run, I set the bar of a successful run as not having any miles below X pace. For that run, the pace was 8:00, and I had 6 miles that were slower than that. Not a good run at all. Does anyone else have any experience with coming back after having a relatively high fever? How long does it take to be 100%?

Finally, I drew the names of the winners for the Sony Walkmans! They were Madison from I’d Rather be Eating and Laura from Laura's Boise-full Life. Congrats ladies! Shoot me an email at the address in the upper right of my blog and I’ll get them shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny Foto Friday: GraphJam

First, don't forget to enter my Sony Walkman Giveaway!  This isn't one of those giveaways where I am just being a blog whore - I actually do love the music player! (That and, I'm a big blog whore)

Things in the 'Boring household have been a bit.....germy.  My wife is sick with a nasty cold and I had a 102 fever last night.  So, as much as I wanted to put on a tough guy front with my tweet about how I WAS going to do my mile repeats this morning - they didn't happen.

Not only can I not run in cold weather, I can't run when my body is a measly 4 degrees hotter than normal.  I'm such a wuss.


There are a number of websites that I "use" when I am trying to avoid doing chores bored.  One of the good ones is  It serves to help graphically depict the way things are in the world - with hilarious results.  Happy Friday!

They forgot to mention all the pillow fights that go on in girls bathrooms

I totally played the "pause button" game while I was growing up - who didn't!?
This is so funny, it hurts - literally

And finally, one for my Canadian Friends.  I'm thinking that the author of this one weighted Justin Bieber pretty high - and made a horrible mistake with Celine on the good side.  The "making us look bad in comparison" one made me laugh pretty hard though. It's funny cause it's true. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sony Walkman Giveaway(s)

A while back I was contacted by Sony to run the Rock and Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon.  You can read my report about the race here.  It was basically more fun than mixing Nuun with Wine. (Meaning, some indigestion, a little memory loss, but overall lots of fun).

I received a Sony Walkman of my own to try out and wear during the race.  I cranked out a review and have basically been wearing it non-stopped ever since.  Literally:  On the toilet?  Tunes blasting.  In the shower? NPR podcasts in my ears.  During 'business time'? I'm humming Lady Gaga's latest hit. (A win/win for everyone)

If you've never heard of the new Sony Walkman, it is a fully enclosed over the ear MP3 player.  Think Ipod, but without any wires or Mock Turtlenecks to worry about.

Now, since I know what you are thinking, I’ll answer the question you all have in your head: is it better than an iPod? In short.... probably.... depending on which iPod you’re talking about. At $60, it is most similar to the iPod shuffle which it is certainly better than: All of the features of the shuffle but no cords to worry about PLUS it is waterproof. My sweat factory has already killed two shuffles and counting - I've washed the sweat off of the Sony Walkman in my pool. Like the kids say "nuff said".

Here are a few pictures of me during races wearing my new favorite gadget (basically I wear it all the time):
From my Gear'd up post

Also from the Lost Dutchman half marathon

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K

Turkey Trot 10K (around my neck)

Well, to my surprise, Sony gave me a shout and wanted a few blog readers to share in the love!  So, I have TWO Walkmans to give away.

Mmmm, bacon
Here's what you do to enter to win one of TWO of the Walkmans.
Comment for each entry you do. Like I say for every contest I do, I don't have those ANNOYING word verification dealies (seriously, I get like 1 spam comment a month without it, tops), so extra comments take you about 2 seconds.
  • Follow my blog +1
  • Follow me on Twitter Here
  • Retweet this: "Check out for @TheBoringRunner Sony Walkman giveaway!” +1
  • Post this contest on your blog, twitter, FB, whatever +1 for each!!
  • Answer this question: "Are you pro-music while racing?"  I have a feeling that most people could care less while training, but there is a BIG heated debate on wearing headphones while racing.
It is as easy as that!! Get as many entries as you can before Sunday March 13th - and then get your chocolate eat on.
Got these for free (and so can you! Why are you reading this down here?? You're seriously wasting time when you could be entering more times. Enter enter enter!!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend in the Arctic (Iowa)

There is an airport scene in the movie “Up In the Air” with George Cloony where George points out how burdensome traveling with children can be. Let me tell you, he was RIGHT.  Fortunately, I had this little guy entertaining me.  While on planes, if I don't have any distractions I try pulling the escape hatches or get into arguments with flight attendants about proper seat belt usage.

This past weekend, I was visiting my wife’s family (and mine) in Northwest Iowa. While it was fun to be back, we were there because a family member found out that he has cancer and has months not years to live. Never a fun situation, made worse by other various circumstances. Fortunately, I was able to cash out what may be some of my last frequent flier points from my years of traveling resulting in a net cost of $20 for the entire trip. Hooray!

During the trip, I did lots of visiting, plenty of drinking, and far too little running:

Ah yes, running.  I remember running.  It seems like, for me, running is soooo February.  Based on my log, I had my lowest mileage week in over a year last week.  12 miles.  TWELVE.  As in the number of days before Christmas, apostles, or the minimum number of minutes that it takes me to poop.  I wish I had a good reason for the lack of miles like: The dingo ate my baby, or my legs were in cement because I didn't use bonafide union labor - but I don't.  Some of it was because of scheduling issues, but honestly I have the most to blame on giving my knee a rest and being too much of a wussy because of the cold:
I had planned on running 15 or so miles, but when I started out on my 18F degree run, I soon realized that I was WAY under dressed.  I was basically in the blue outfit above, with thin gloves and my running tights.  After about 1KM (you're welcome metric folks) my hands were burning and my face was numb. Turns out that all of the windmills in NW Iowa are there because the wind is a bitch.  Who knew!?

This week however, I'm going to log 40+ miles. 10% rule? 10% is for wussies.  Today I did 7 miles with 5 at tempo.  It felt like I hadn't ran in 5 days.  Oyy

A lot of the reason we went back to Iowa was to brag about the warm weather in off our son ............. see relatives that we haven't seen for far too long.  We chatted about the price of gas, the weather, the price of gas, how cold it was, and then what we thought the price of gas was GOING to do.  And I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

My grandpa, me, and my son
We took another one with my dad to round out the generations (on a different camera)

Finally, I started to notice about half way through the weekend that I was heavy on putting beer in my pie  hole, and light on putting anything else in my pie hole - except for pie.  I did eat that.  I seemed to take my drinking up the beer food chain (getting nicer and nicer), but I'll let you be the judge:

First I felt like I was in college.
Playing bridge, drinking a Keystone.

Then I classed it up a bit with a Sam Adams

But then, I got to try some of my dad's home brew - probably the best of the bunch

So, all said it was a good trip.  But I'm still bummed that I'm such a cold weather wuss now.  I knew that something was up when I started to dress in layers for temperatures in the 50s, but I didn't know how soft I had actually become!  Looks like I need to put a treadmill in a walk in freezer for training!