Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reminder!!! Giveaway / Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K - Jan 8th!

Cold weather have you flicking frozen nose boogs (or maybe just wiping them on your running partner)?  Several feet of snow collapse your house/football stadium?  Do I have the solution for you!  Move to Arizona Run the 1st annual Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Virtual Race!  January 8th 2011!

What the crap is a virtual race?
For those of you who haven't ever participated in a virtual race before, here is the deal.  On Saturday, you go out and run 3.1 miles / 5K.  You can do it as part of a real race, a longer training run, running in place in the shower - however you want!  Nudity is not only welcome, it is preferred.

But, I'm in Australia!  It is hotter here than a dried turd on the barbie.
It doesn't have to be cold where you are (I'm talking to you southern hemisphere folks!).  Instead, you just have to promise to run the 5K and not brag TOO much about how it is 30 degrees Celsius where you are.

Who: You and 10s of your closest Boring Runner readers (along with 12+ Phoenix area runners on a measured 5K course)
What: 3.1 miles
When: Saturday January 8th, 2011 (loads of time for you to prepare and me to figure out prizes)
Where: Wherever the crap you want!  Outside, treadmill, in front of the WII, nude in the shower, wherever!
Why: Because basically everyone is doing it
How: A mixture of GU and horse steroids

Feeling left out in the cold like a puppy who just pooped on the carpet?
If you feel like you are missing out on all of the fun, it is NOT to late to enter. Leave a comment on that post and I'll add you to the contest!

If you are tired of being labeled with the scarlet letter of "virtual status", are in the Phoenix area, and would like to meet me in my meat flesh form.....a group of us are running the race in Papago Park at 7:30am on Jan 8th.  Shoot me an email and I can get you the details!  There will be race medals, poop jokes, and maybe just a little bit of Jeff nudity.

Wait, there are prizes?! Tell me kind sir, what flaming hoops to I need to jump through to win!?
Just sign up! (And, I suppose actually do the run.)  If you want to do a full blown race report, even better! If not, no worries - you are on your own honor.  But, I mean I'm doing a race report.....So, there is that.....not that I am setting any sort of precedent yes I am or trying to guilt you into it yes I am. Finally, No strings here (like shipping to the USA only).  I'll ship the goods to Siberia if you want me to.  The loot that I'm giving away (all self funded because I was too lazy to whore my blog out for free loot):

Here are the participants in the order that they signed up.  This table took me probably 2 weeks to put together, so at least humor me and check out some of the blogs.  I'm thinking a comment like: "Boring Adam spent way too many hours putting the list of virtual participants together (instead of spending time with family, friends, or working) so I'm making him feel like his time was well spent."  Or, maybe a simple. "Yo, nice run".  Whatever.

If you see an error on here, fix it yourself email me right away and I'll get it fixed!!! (Email address in upper right corner of blog)
Andrew Opalahttp://runningmanwannabe.blogspot.com/
Tim Wilsonhttp://blog.262quest.com/
Jamie & Hubshttp://heatrunner.blogspot.com/
TahoeGirlno blog :(
Keelie Sheridanhttp://www.keeliesheridan.blogspot.com/
Deanna-The Unnatural Motherhttp://www.theunnaturalmother.com/
*~* *~* Tracyhttp://machenfamily.blogspot.com/
Kovas Palubinskashttp://www.midwestmultisportlife.com/
Stephanie Annehttp://runtohealth.blogspot.com/
Kim (Bookworm Runs)http://bookwormruns.blogspot.com/
Detroit Runnerhttp://detroitrunner.blogspot.com/
Paul Rhodeshttp://runnershigh-paul.blogspot.com/
Cynthia O'Hhttp://cynsspace.blogspot.com/
SarahB17no blog :(
The Seanhttp://incleanair.blogspot.com/
5 Miles 2 Emptyhttp://5mls2mt.blogspot.com/
One Crazy Penguinhttp://onecrazypenguin.blogspot.com/
MCM Mamahttp://mcmmama.blogspot.com/
Jamie Hno blog :(
Karnano blog :(
Riema's Journeyhttp://riemasjourney.blogspot.com/
Aliceno blog :(
j2reynano blog :(
The Green Girlhttp://www.therunninggreengirl.com/

If you feel like you are missing out on all of the fun, it is NOT to late to enter!  Go to this post and comment to let me know that you're ready to slap on your shoes, and go for a run!

Anyone else notice that I used a lot of exclamation points during this post?  I'm excited!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I'm not a blogger but I want to run the virtual 5k!

James said...

Thanks for taking the time to list the particpants and their blogs. Now I've got more blogs to follow!

jess said...

WooHoo your list looks awesome and I can not wait for this Saturday :) It is suppose to be 20 degrees and snow here in Ohio, so my run will be awesome!

GeorgiaSnail said...

I am still looking for my Tech-race shirt....

Rose said...

I'm excited! since I broke my ipod, and my phone hates trail running, I'll likely be doing this from the safety of my garage treadmill, AFTER I do a regular trail run with my running group.

But maybe my phone won't be a dirty little whore this weekend, and I'll only have to run once. =)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

It was my understanding that my prize would be coming before the race, as a motivational tool, as it were. That, or a pair of Shaq's shorts, maybe.

Katie said...

WOW that's a lotta bloggers and a lot of work! Thanks for putting it together :D

Jamoosh said...

Shouldn't it read "The Fabulous Jamoosh" instead of just "Jamoosh"?

I kid, I kid!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm running a half marathon in Boulder City, NV...will that work ?!! :)

Pam said...

Boring Adam spent way too many hours putting the list of virtual participants together (instead of spending time with family, friends, or working) so I'm making him feel like his time was well spent.

Oh, wait, you meant I was supposed to use the provided links and post this on OTHER blogs...?

Angie Bee said...

well crap. Count me in since I need an mp3 player. I have a 12 hour race in may to train for and no music so I will run 5k to try and win it!

Love a virtual race!

Nicole said...

I'm excited too! Exclamatory aside, I actually am quite excited that I might break my 5k PR that was set in 95 degree weather. Hooray!!!

Jill said...

Not that I'm complaining, but I made my blog exchange list alphabetical! But thank you, kind sir, for putting together such a fine line...gonna be an awesome race. And don't I can't stomach the GU so I'll just take the Walkman. Thanks!! :)

C2Iowa said...

I bet that I have the slowest time - can I still use my cane? If not, I must crawl.

My course will have to be (I ahte to even mention the place: the mall) I cannot walk outside yet; Iowa sidewalks are a mess still.

Julie said...

Okay, I am in! I can do this:) January has slim pickings for normal races here in Minnesota. I am up for a virtual run:)

Sarah Mann Willcox said...

I'm In! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Uh, northern hemisphere here and it was 26 C when I got up this am. Might hit 30C today. Gawds I'd die at those latitudes. :)

This is Kathy but I can't remember Google pwd.

kilax said...

Holy shit a lot of people are participating! And what awesome prizes! My run will be part of a long run with the new running group. Fun!

I am going to keep this post unread so I can go back and check out all the blogs when I have time :)

Detroit Runner said...

Thanks for putting this together Adam. I can't wait for Saturday!!!!! and !!! and !!! :)

Her Name is Rio said...

Can't wait to run on Saturday!

Julie said...

I'm out of body glide and spent all my allowance on booze and books! Is it too late to enter??

Aww, what the heck. I'll run it anyways ;-)

Lisa said...

I was a late entrant, posted on your original virtual race post yesterday, but ran my virtual race today and am working on my race report, but I'm not on your list (yet?). :-)