Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Foto Friday: The $765 beer...squirrel!

I couldn't make this up if I tried.  A Scottish firm BrewDog is selling a 110 proof (55% alcohol) beer that not only costs $765, but is served in...squirrels.  While the article is quoted with saying that they were all roadkill, strangely PITA was not asked for a comment.

Mmmm, tastes like nuts.

(By the way, for those of you that are wondering, I did forward this over to Jamoosh prior to posting it on my blog. Of course, never one to be out of the beer loop, he said that someone had already sent it to him. Jamoosh, you never disappoint.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poop Coffee and CSN Winner!!

I didn't run this morning - FAIL, but I have a good excuse....promise. Like I mentioned yesterday, this is my last week in San Jose, CA. It is tradition at the company I work for to go out for a dinner to end all dinners when you leave a project. I did that, annnd how. What followed was a collection of "firsts" that rivaled my first ever elbowy roll in the hay (yes, I just compared dinner to bumping uglies):

  • 3 types of Foie gras. (first time) Buttery, tasty...poor poor liver swollen ducks.
  • Steak. Let the animal killing continue.
  • Wine. Mmmmmmmmmm Def not the first time here
  • A nightcap of Kopi Luwak Coffee. (first time) Nothing died to produce this. FAIL

Kopi Luwak is the coffee that is eating by a little Asian rat thing, pooped out, and then brewed up into smooth dark goodness. Yes, I drank POOP coffee. You may have heard of this coffee only because it is known as "the most expensive coffee in the world". Lets just say that I have spent more on most 5K entries than I did for this 2 cup french press full of coffee.

How does this tie into running again?? Well, I had drank this coffee at around 9pm. That means that I was awake until 1am with more energy than Lindsey Lohan on meth. If you remember, my heart rate / energy level is already pretty high (last marathon I AVERAGED over a 180 bpm), so the caffeine sent me over the edge. When my alarm went off at 5:15 (after 4 hours of sleep) I reset it and went back to bed. 4 hours was not enough sleep for 6 miles of running. So, I'll do them tonight!

Anyone have any firsts lately?


Now, on to our CSN contest winner!!! We had a really good number of entries for the CSN gift card giveaway. I used my trusty random number generator and out of the 92 entries received, Blaine @ Another Day, Another Run was the winner!! Check out his blog - he has an ENTIRE box (not case...BOX) of shot blocks and is looking for creative solutions for them. Please shoot me an email at TheBoringRunner at and I'll put you in touch with the CSN folks and you can get your shop on.

Thanks to CSN for offering up this contest!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blogging intervals: Tempo Runs, Sensitive Nipples, SF Marathon Winner

Running has really been clicking lately. I’m sweating my balls off trying to get through the heat as much as possible. But believe me the 61 degrees of San Jose, CA this week (vs 90 in PHX) was basically like sticking ice cubes down my pants. That is to say, it was “refreshing”.

I’ve ran twice with my Sony Walkman and I have to say that I really like it. The best part? No headphone cords!! I have sensitive nipples. I always run with ‘em covered, but even then my iPod headphones rubbing will cause a bit of arousal pain. Full report after I run with it for a few weeks.

I ran a 5 mile recovery run Monday night and a 7 mile run with 5 tempo at 6:59 today. Did I mention that it was 60 degrees? Did I mention it felt like ice cubes against my jumblies? Feel free to hate me at any time.

Keith Bechtol, a NON-elite athlete, won the 2010 San Francisco Marathon with a time of 2:23:28. Three awesome things: First check his bib number. 30,811!?!? It would seem he either made a typo on his expected finisher time or just signed up on a whim. Second, I can’t tell you how much I love that he is wearing a Team Zombie shirt. Hopefully he got some free brains for the promo. Finally, he is wearing the Brooks Green Silence shoes that I just bought as well. It is like we are twins!! 2:25, here I come!

Has anyone else seen the show Boston Med? It is a reality show following the major hospitals in the Boston area. I’m not sure if it is the fact that my wife is pregnant, but I feel like my hormones are all over the place – I’ve shed a tear in almost every episode. I swear, if I start lactating I’m going to the doctor.

Finally, I’m a consultant (which means that I bounce to and from different companies) and this is my last week here in San Jose. I was thinking about how I form pretty “close” business relationships with…the hotel staff. I know a lot of them by name and I will miss a couple of them more than my clients! But, I’m a realist. I realize that, just like strippers, they are paid to be nice. Cest La Vie!

Monday, July 26, 2010

BRICK....a slice of humble pie

Humble pie - The stuff that is made from a mix of failure, a heaping pile of butt whooping, and a a dash of talent. Mmmmmm, tastes like high school.

I'm a runner. You see those shoes busting out of the road in my title bar? They aren't those fancy clippy shoes that snap into bike pedals - and they don't have Velcro. BUT, I'd like to get into biking. You can go lots further in an hour, the wind cools you down, chicks dig guys who shave their legs, and it is a nice break from the pounding that my legs take while running. Besides, biking is fun.

So, when my super nice Ironman next door neighbor offered to take me out on his brick workout (two sports after one another - swimming/biking or biking/running) on Sunday morning - I jumped at the chance. I had originally planned to run 14 miles, but I figured that since I wasn't training for a race I could switch it up a I knew that this ride wasn't going to be like when I rode my bike with streamers on my handlebars and a basket on the front. This was going to hurt.

We started out pretty early to beat the heat - 6am. This was good because I had a bunch of things that I needed to do in the morning (church, poop, yard stuff, the usual). Unfortunately, because of all of those things, I wasn't able to get schwety at yoga with Jeff and Lauren. Next time. When I met up with my neighbor I wasn't sure that I was going to have a fighting chance, but fortunately he decided to ride his 20 year old all steel Trek (picture to the right - note the shifters on the bar under the crotch!!) instead of one of his 4 other much lighter/faster bikes (including a 100% carbon fiber one). Overall we biked 20 miles: 16.9 MPH (18.7 MPH w/out the stoplights). It hurt...a lot. The overall MPH seems a little slower than I remember but that is mostly due to stoplights.

I'd honestly put my level of effort at just below a tempo pace. I was working. The one thing that I learned was that drafting by getting into a big line of bikes makes it a LOT easier. I could hold a 17 mph speed for a while with a normal effort....put me right behind him and it jumped up to 19 mph - with NO additional effort. Of course, this isn't legal in most triathlons. FAIL.

Ah, but once we were done with the bike, he was on my turf! (Meaning, the ground.) We did as fast of a transition as possible and were out for 4 miles. He is normally a 8:45ish runner, so of course I pushed the pace around 8:00 for the first 2 miles. hehe :) Overall, we ended up at 8:17 pace.

I really liked going out with him. We both agreed that we pushed each other harder during our weak sports than we would have normally gone.

What do you do to cross train? Or, are you a card carrying member of the Triathlon club?

Don't forget to enter my CSN $40 gift card giveaway!! You have until Wednesday to rack up as many entries as possible.

Friday, July 23, 2010

CSN $40 gift card giveaway

First, a running update. Because of my little trip to the ER yesterday, I moved my interval / track work to today. I had 3x1600 on the agenda vs the normal 12x400. One of the people who I consulted while building my 5K summer plan, The Sean, suggested mixing up the track days with some 1600s when I was feeling up for it. Nothing to loose but last night's dinner! And, since I didn't see any piles of barf along the edge of the track I figured that I could really push it.

I am SO glad I did. I had one of the best track sessions in recent memory - and set my own personal mental PR in the process. I ran the fastest non-stopped mile I've ever ran: 5:54. I'm not sure if it was the cooler weather ("only" 84) or the great track I ran at (google satellite picture to the left) but everything was clicking. My times were 6:03, 5:54, and 6:04. Not super consistent, but consistent enough for the girls I hang with.

I ran with my new Brooks Green Silence and didn't even wear my clown nose or rainbow colored hair. Me and these shoes are going to become great great friends.


CSN has offered to give my readers a $40 gift card. (Actually, not cash, gift card) Never heard of CSN? They are an online store that sells everything from Platform Beds to Wine Glasses to Exercise Equipment. What else do you need? Drink, sleep it off, then exercise. My own personal triathlon. I practice it every time I go to the Emergency Room.

As I was surfing around CSN's website, I noticed three things:

  • Their website is REALLY well organized. Maybe even a bit better than some of the other major retailer's websites
  • They have a crap ton (which, of course is 2,004 pounds) of fitness stuff for sale....over 100 gym bags
  • I really need to close this CSN window as I have been surfing around looking at kitchen equipment for 30 minutes....literally

Here's what you do to enter! Comment for each entry you do. Like I said last week, I don't have those ANNOYING word verification dealies (seriously, I get like 1 spam comment a month without it, tops), so extra comments take you about 2 seconds. :)
  • Follow my blog +1
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  • Answer the question: Do you keep any sort of mental "training PRs"?
It is as easy as that!! Get as many entries as you can before Wednesday July 28!

Legalese: CSN Provided this gift card...and I didn't get anything for posting the why am I posting legalese? Hmmmmm.

Funny Foto Friday: Beards

I'm sure you all remember my failed attempt at growing a beard:

What I grew:

What I thought it should look like:

Apologies to anyone that actually CAN grow a beard. But, you know what they say....if you can't join them, make fun of them behind their backs!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trips to the ER, Lake-B-Gone, Sony Loves Me!

No running this morning.  Here is why:

ER Trip
First, everyone is fine.  My wife has been battling what turned out to be a stomach virus and bladder infection for a few days and the cramping got to the point that her OB recommended going in.  As I am painfully aware, cramping with pregnancy is not something that mixes well.

So, last night (this morning) at 2:30am I was awoken from a semi unconscious state to go to the ER....little did I know this would be the first of TWO times that this would happen to me during the 4 hour trip.  If the next time you see me I'm passed out, I'll answer to Bernnie and I prefer pleated pants and wind breaker jackets.

We arrived, got checked in, and an IV was started for my wife.  (This is where things go bad.....)  I don't like needles and I HATE blood.  So, as soon as they started putting her IV in I TOTALLY blacked out....Very similar to my experience with accidentally mixing wine and Nyquil (THAT post is worth the read) I was down for the count.  From what I am told, it was all the male ER Nurse could do to shake me / rub my chest to get me to wake up.  I'm not 100% sure why I blacked out (again) but I do know that I accidentally drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine last night and I had taken two Advil in some sort of sleep deprived error in judgement just before leaving for the hospital - I thought that I was sore after yoga!

So, I suppose that along with don't drink and Nyquil, I should add: don't drink, IV, and Advil.  My wife has already informed me I'm not drinking the month before she is due.

(Update: My wife wants me to reassure everyone (again) that everyone is just fine.  She is on the mend and I didn't bonk my head...this time)

Yesterday early in the morning the rubber dam that created the largest lake (man made) in the Phoenix area sprung a leak! Or rather, the thing gave way - letting all of the water spill out.  I know what you are thinking:  Are you really THAT out of content that you mention this in your (mostly) running/fitness blog??  The issue with the lake draining is that I can't hide my trash in there anymore Ironman Arizona is there in a short 4 months!!  

The current plan is to fix the rubber dam over the next 90 days and refill the lake during the two weeks after that.  Not exactly TONS of time for someone who threw down $500 for a race.  Hopefully they get it figured out.  I DO want to say - what the hell were they thinking making the dam out of rubber!?  I think the heat might have been getting their brains.

Check Lauren's Examiner article for more pictures, but here is one quick before/after.

Sony Love

You may have noticed on my sidebar that I am now Powered By Sony.  As much as I would love to say that I have a robotic terminator style appendage developed by the brilliant minds there...I can't.  FORTUNATELY, I can say that Sony has selected me as one of their Bloggers Powered By Sony Walkman for the Rock and Roll Los Angeles Marathon in October!!  Yippee!  They sent me one of their new Walkman MP3 players and a "Bloggie" video camera.  Plan on pictures of me making a fool out of myself with both.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bikram Yoga – As if I needed to sweat more

I’ve said before that I would try anything once. ANYTHING.** Jeff over at Running through Phoenix decided to take me at my word and suggest we go do a Bikram yoga session. If you aren’t familiar with Bikram yoga, let me walk you through it:
  • 90 minutes long
  • 105+ F degree room
  • 40+% humidity
  • Minimal clothing because of the previous two bullets
  • Adam sweating his balls off a lot
  • Lots of cool yoga poses that push down on your colon
  • Lots of people watching due to the minimal clothing mentioned above

How could I not say yes to that!? I do live in Phoenix after-all. So, we decided on Tuesday as being the day of yoga.

As I was getting ready to go, I received a few “tips” from my ever supporting wife. Most of them were along the lines of: “Stay in the back, because you’re going to look dumb”….”Don’t go near any mirrors”…”I wonder if your life insurance covers death by Bikram?”. While she was spewing nonsense, I was practicing what I assumed were yoga poses (with stupid flash-induced red eyes):

The hopping bunny:

Walk like an Egyptian:

Christ the Redeemer looking over Rio de Janeiro my couch

I’m too hot to do any more yoga:

Here we all were before the start oblivious to what we were in for:

I had told Jeff and RunningLaur about my “practicing” before, so they decided that they should get in on the action too. Doesn’t Jeff look constipated? Maybe he ate a lot of cheese before.

The yoga itself was really really fun! Yeah, it was hot, and yeah I had to look for guidance on the poses, but I honestly felt really loose and refreshed after we finished. The instructor was pretty good about telling us when we were doing it wrong and no one seemed to have all of the poses down 100% without falling which was really nice. I've never been to a "real" yoga session before, but I assume that the Bikram hot yoga sessions help the muscles get warm and loose. Believe me, I need all of the help I can get.

I honestly feel like this could help with my running. I'm pretty good about stretching, but I could feel that I was working muscles that don't get worked a lot (a lot of my side muscles) and stretching areas that I didn't even know that I had.

One thing that I didn’t like so much is how quiet/serene it was. If I had my way we would have been cracking jokes the entire time. HOWEVER – Jeff did get one really good zinger in there. I was sort of slipping around on the carpet when we were off of our mats at one point and the yoga instructor said:
Don’t worry, the wetter these floors get the stickier they become”. Jeff didn’t disappoint and followed it immediately with a “That’s what she said!!” under his breath. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Finally, since I sweat more than a whore on dollar night, I decided to gross RunningLaur out and take a picture of me wringing out my towel that was on my mat. If you don’t have a slight dry hurl when you see these pics, you don’t have a soul.


Laughing at how gross it was…..

Gone!!! (look at the puddle on the ground)

Has anyone else ever tried Bikram Yoga before? What did you think?? Should I go back or should I just stick to normal yoga?

This morning, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to stay on plan and complete my 6 miles at basically marathon (7:40ish) pace. Big mistake. HUGE mistake. I was able to hold the first 3, but then I totally bonked because of the combination of still being dehydrated and the 93 degree temperatures. This is just about as good of a combination as Lindsay Lohan at a Tequila “tasting” event. Only bad things can happen. But, I got all 6 miles in, averaging 8:00 pace. At the end of the day, not all that bad.

**Except for that…..pervert

Monday, July 19, 2010

CEP Socks Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I was especially interested in a few of the things people learned. For example, did you know that:
  • Stacie said...If you send in a finishers picture of you wearing CEP socks (from certain races) they’ll send you a free pair! I actually emailed her about this and can confirm it is true!! So, if you want a two for 1 deal, check it out here
  • Barefoot Angie B reminded us of the the video showing how to put them on quickly coming out of the water. Now, if I could only figure out how to put on my underwear after getting out of the shower without drying off. Hello time saver!!
  • Finally, a number of people commented how they can improve performance by 5%, but Founder of Jog for Joubert Syndrome said it best when she said: "if i win the bright green socks it improves my cool factor by 105% :)" Good call Laura, good call. I need all the help I can get.
Since I was out of town all weekend, I wasn’t able to advertise this giveaway via social media as much as I normally would have. But my busy schedule is your gain! In spite of my inaction, I had a great response (probably because the socks are so awesome) with 178 entries. Out of those, the randomly drawn winner is:

Chad at his beginnertriathlete page! Congrats!! Chad is a Phoenix Triathlete who is currently training for IMAZ. Obviously, he needs these to fit in. Send me an email TheBoringRunner (at) and I’ll put you in touch with CEP!

Come back tomorrow – I have a straight up gift card giveaway! *cough cough*

Not In Kansas Anymore

This past weekend, my wife and I traveled to northwest Iowa for her 10 year class reunion….and while we were there ate more fried food and consequently spent more time on the toilet than I previously thought humanly possible. I had drug her to both my 5 and 10 year reunions, so I felt obligated to cash in my frequent flier miles and make the trip. It was one of the more memorable trips to date with fires, fast cars, tornados, and even some running.

This trip, for the first time ever, we just borrowed a car from my dad instead of renting one. Little known fact: I’m sort of a closet Hagen Daz binge eater car guy. My dad is less of a closet car guy and is more a full on gear head/Harley guy. This is what we drove the entire weekend:

2010 Camaro SS. Yes, we were totally that couple who rents the Ferrari and drives it to the reunion….while wearing tuxes….while making it rain…drinking Cristal. It was a blast. Turns out Cristal Champagne corks CAN take out an eye! (Who knew!?)**

While the car was fun, the entire weekend I was SUPER nervous that something was going to happen to it. This of course was made all the worse by the tornado spotted at 1am just as things were winding down at the reunion! I quickly decided that even though hanging out in the dark to see the tornado that was 2 miles away would be FUN, we should probably head to my dad’s place where there is a garage and a basement. Was I worried about my wife? Unborn baby? My own health? Naw, mostly about the car. So, 5 miles later (3 minutes, 95 mph pace***) we hunkered down. Everything eventually blew over and all was well.

My wife’s maid of honor and yours truly making everyone else look normal
(taken before th tornado)

While there, I was able to stick to my normal running routine. On Friday, I ran my intervals on the local HS track. Turns out, what I thought was a HUGE track area growing up turned out to be rather small. I guess having a graduating class of 60 doesn’t require an Olympic sized venue:

I ran another set of 12x400 (3 sets of 4) with an average pace of 5:59. I was right where I wanted to be, if not just a squeak fast, again. One thing that I didn’t like is that I fell off pace a bit towards the end, adding 3 and 4 seconds to the last two intervals. Must work on that.

The next day, I ran my long run of 14 miles. It was hot, humid, and I ran out of water around mile 10. However, it was the weekend of the local county fair, so I was able to stop there and snicker at the thought of ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters refill my water bottle. Honestly, the fact that it was so hot was a bit my fault. I didn’t want to run around and around and around the (approximately) 1x2 mile town so I ran on county highways with little shade and less wind. But, it was good training and I held a decent pace (8:21).

Other fun tidbits about my trip to Iowa:
  • A few statistics: Population of the town I grew up near: 600. Population of the town my HS is in: 1900. Number of people in my HS class 60ish. Miles to the closest WalMart: 40.
  • I was in 4-H for 8 years and had the Grand Champion Market Steer two times. Respect.
  • The fire department is all volunteer – including my wife’s grandfather. When I was chatting with RunningLaur**** on the phone outside of the local bar he came RUNNING (literally) out of the bar because he had received a call that the local grain elevator was on fire (a big deal). I am pretty sure that I’d only seen him move that fast INTO the bar, not out of it.
  • Finally, to get just a bit sappy, I am always sad whenever I leave Iowa. As I see the symmetrical grid of corn and beans get smaller and smaller out of the airplane window, I’m flooded with the memories of growing up. Seemingly, you can take the boy out of rural Iowa, but you can’t take rural Iowa out of the boy.

**Actually it was Bud Light cans…for $2 each…at a bar! #SmallTownWin!
***Hooray county roads and cops busy storm spotting
****Totally a business call, my Brooks Green Silences are in!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funny Foto Friday: Healthy Snacks

What, PEZ aren't healthy? Jolly Ranchers have fruit juice in them, right??

And, since I'm having such a crappy/busy week at work - a little more 6th grade humor with some REAL healthy food. Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stoplights: To stop or not to stop

First I'm behind on EVERYTHING: Blogs, twitter, pooping, trashy reality TV..... basically my life. I'm transitioning my job to another gal which means that I'm transitioning 8 hours a day and then working another 3-6 hours a day. BUT - I am still running. GYAMA (Get Your Ass Moving Anyway). Like everyone else, I get everything done - but I just get less sleep while doing it! :) Here is where I've ended up over the past few days:

-- Monday: 4 recovery miles at 8:15 pace
-- Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 kick ass miles at 6:55 tempo pace
-- Wednesday: 6 sorta long miles at 7:51 pace

Since I have only two weeks left in San Jose (where I travel for work) on Wednesday I decided to scare the locals with my bare chest get off the treadmill and get out into the streets. I had 6 miles planned at my new "normal" pace of 7:45. The issue? Stoplights. While silicon valley is not super populated there are a TON of stoplights to maneuver. I counted no fewer than 16 stoplights that I went through during my out and back trip. SIXTEEN! It was my own virtual game of Frogger.

Since I'm a bit of a blogging tool statistics dork, I try to keep my pace as close as possible to what I had planned...but the stoplights slowed me down. If you check out the Garmin pace graph dealie you can see the blue pace spike when I had to stop for a red light.

Normally, as much as I hate to admit it, I jaywalk (jayrun) across. I'll look both ways, make the sign of the cross, validate I have my RoadID on, and sprint across hoping that I don't end up flatter than Mel Gibson's career. It helps me save a bit of time and it is a bit of a impromptu Fartlek run...but it really throws me off.

Am I alone here? (Said in my best Dr Phil voice) I am as serious as a duck at a picnic table. (??? His similes make JUST as little sense) I'm truly interested in hearing how everyone handles these. Jayrun across? Wait it out? Or, strap on your leggings, head band, and maybe a side ponytail and jog in place at the stoplight. Doesn't jogging in place at the stoplight seem so 70s? Shoot - if you're going to do that, you might as well go ALL out 70s and join Jazzercise.

Let me know! As soon as I figure out how to make my own side ponytail, I'm going to get caught up on blogs. I miss seeing what everyone else is doing!!

Don't forget to enter my CEP Recovery Socks giveaway! You still have time to earn like 19 different entries!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Try it Tues: CEP Sock/Sleeve and $60 GIVEAWAY!

Feeling a little bound up? You're not alone. Compression technology is taking endourance sports by storm. (What kind of bound up were you thinking?) I became a fan of compression socks when I finally spent the money and decided to do something about my SUPER tight calves. I was almost immediately a convert. Every marathon since, after I've crossed the line I snuggled up in my tin foil blanket, grabbed some bagels, cursed at Phidippides and threw on compression socks. If you don't believe me, check out these pictures.

I was recently sent a pair of CEP (Compression Enhances Performance) recovery socks and calf sleeves to try out. You've seen them before. They are the ones that almost EVERY triathlete wears and a lot of the front runners in 5Ks and 10Ks wear. I've been wearing the CEP compression socks after nearly every run over 2 hours or so and even tried wearing the CEP sleeves while running during the Phoenix summer. I've found that when I wear them after a run my legs are a lot less sore and I SEEM to be able to run faster, sooner.

Exhibit A: Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald. If wearing the socks makes me big OR sexy, I'm in.

My attempt at being either big or sexy. FAIL

Per CEP's website: Give yourself an edge with CEP Running O2 Compression Socks featuring 18-25mmHg compression. Used by professional triathletes around the world, CEP running socks are the first scientifically proven compression running socks to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time.

Sounds good. Sign me up.

  • CEP sizing using calf circumference seemed to provide a better fit
  • My use of CEP as recovery as really proven to reduce both the initial swelling as well as reduce recovery time (thereby scientifically reducing the Adam Complaining Rate (ACR) by 47%)
  • If you have a pregnant wife, compression helps with leg swelling - increasing your video game playing time quality 1:1 time with your growing family
  • All the pros are using them, so if you wear them you will also look professional (same applies to shoe polish under your eyes like a football player)

  • At $60, they cost twice the other compression socks I've used (RecoverySock)
  • Because they are so expensive, I felt like I needed to take EXTRA special care of them (no drying, no bleach)
  • The calf sleeves while running are HOT in the Phoenix summer. HOT HOT HOT. Must try them again in the winter.

Overall? The CEP sock and sleeves get my overwhelming Seal of Approval. I really like how they fit and am interested in taking them on more runs when it cools down. While the price is a bit steep, I think of them as an investment. Similar to how I would justify a massage after an intense run.

BUT WAIT!! How can you eliminate my only real complaint with CEP? Get them for FREE!!! CEP has offered to give my readers either a pair of socks or sleeves. Here's what you do to maximize your chances. Comment for each entry you do. I don't have those ANNOYING word verification dealies, so extra comments take you about 2 seconds. :)
  • Follow my blog +1
  • Retweet this: "I just entered @adamrisu $60 CEP sock giveaway at Why haven’t you?" +1
  • Post this contest on your blog +1
  • Goto the CEP Website and tell me how you got your learn on

I'll pick the winner via random number generator on Saturday July 17th, so you have until 12:01am central on Saturday to get as many entries in as you can!

Got these for free (and so can you! Why are you reading this down here?? enter enter enter!!), but wasn't asked for a positive review