Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Running Year in Review

As I hunker down with my tux on sipping champagne with beautiful people waiting for the balloon drop....... Well, probably at least sitting on my couch with close friends watching Ryan Seacrest and the seemingly immortal Dick Clark..... Actually - as I get up after being asleep for 4 hours and feed my 4 week old baby in the dark while wearing only my underwear, I'm likely going to think not only about the year ahead, but also about the year that has passed us by.

2010 saw me pass 1500 miles, I won my very first race, and I even pooped myself two three times. It happens.  A little bit by the numbers:

  • Miles ran: 1506 (29 miles per week average)
  • Marathons: 6
  • Half Marathons: 1
  • 10K: 1
  • 5K: 3
  • Pairs of shoes purchased: 6 (4 long run, 1 tempo, 1 speed)

A year ago, I set a number of goals that were not only measurable, but also very achievable.  I wanted to stretch myself not only with setting aggressive time goals, but also get myself out there and finally run a few distances that I never had before.  Here they were (and where I ended up):

Yeah, big fat FAIL on this one.  I hurt my foot while running Rock and Roll Mardi Gras.  Hurt it bad.  I didn't run for nearly 6 weeks while it healed.  It turned out to be some sort of tendon issue that fortunately didn't require any witch doctors surgery. What I think that I learned was that I can't run through everything. Some things just take some time to heal - kind of like hangovers!

Sub 3:20 marathon (I believe they call these "big fat hairy audacious" goals)
Ugg, another FAIL on this one.  I tried, heaven help me I tried.  I gave it a go in New Orleans, Seattle, and in Denver.  I got close, 3 minutes away.... hell, I can't remember the last time I pooped and it didn't take that long.  But at the end of the day, I didn't have it in me.  FAIL - this one bugs me.  A lot.

Race any half marathon
WIN!  Finally!  One that I can say that I did!  I ran the Rock and Roll Los Angeles half marathon but didn't really "race" it.  I probably ran a pretty solid 8 minutes longer than what I could have as I was recovering from Seattle.  But, I ran the race.  So, as long as "The Hills" can call it self "reality TV", I can call this one "racing".

Sub 19:00 5K (Another bigger fatter goal - probably harder than the 3:20)
Success!! Sub 19 5K WIN!! Not only did I do this with 10 seconds to spare, but I won the damn race.  Granted, there were only 200 people who participated - but I still crossed the finish line first.

Run a timed and accurately measured mile (Sanctioned race preferably)
I'm sure that you all have the censored naked picture of me burned into your head, so I won't digress into that again. Mile time trial WIN! Let it suffice that I did run a mile flat out.  Unfortunately, it wasn't a race - mostly because all of the races that I was able to find were kiddie "fun run" races.  Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with laying the smack down on some kids - but I was afraid of their dads.  Most of them are bigger than me....and I have little T-Rex runner arms.

Complete a sprint triathlon!!!
Yeah, big fat FAIL there.  Not sure what happened here.  I had thought about a few races here and there, but I really don't like to use the pool for swimming for distance....Instead, I like to use it for cannonballing, drinking beer, and splashing my wife. 


Detroit Runner said...

Damn! only 3 minutes? Now that one would really bug me as well but a 3:23 marathon in completely awesome!

Chris K said...

So your #1 goal for 2011 is to poop on yourself only two times?

Adrienne said...

3 minutes away. Ouch. Always next year. Overall, I think you had a very successful year. AND your biggest prize is your little 4 week old so your a total winner in my book.

TRI-james said...

You win some you lose some.

You are correct about your goals – looking at the McMillan running calculator puts a 3:20 marathon comparative to a 20:31 5K. Maybe too many marathons?

Colin Hayes said...

Those are impressive numbers — even some of the "fails."
And I feel like less of a runner. Not because I got hurt and missed a few months of running, but because I failed to soil myself (Heck, I didn't even wet myself). There's always next year.

Running Through Phoenix said...

Adam, I really believe you could shart 4 times in 2011, maybe five with enough mental prep and focused nutrition (dried apricots, enough said). I know you and KNOW you could do this. Oh, and congrats on Hayden --beautiful boy!!

abbi said...

Pretty sweet year!

Shawn said...

You slay me Adam...I just love the fail stamp

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

Congrats on meeting your goals!

Nitmos said...

A good year! Congrats. Heres to 2011!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

T-Rex arms? Now scientists are saying they had 45% of their mass in their tails - is that why you wear Shaq's shorts?

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

So, Colin--does it make me MORE of a runner since I did pee myself a little?

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice 2010 numbers!! Good luck in 2011! TRI or BUST! ;)

Chad said...

Nice recap, poops-a-lot. Don't poop at the Jan 8 race. Wives will be there.

So what's on tap for next year?

The Sean said...

Living the lifestyle of an athlete is a big win, these goals got you there!

Glenn Jones said...

Way to wrap up the year Adam! By the way - is that immortal guy talking yet?

Emily said...

Stupid 3:20 marathon...we'll both kick that one off the list in 2011.

But seriously a sub 19 5k coupled with an overall win? Bad. Ass.

Pam said...

I'm too sleepy to come up with a clever comment.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

can't wait to see all the ways you plan to fail in 2011...wait that came out wrong ;)

Jill said...

You have the best charts ever! I must take charting lessons from you!

2011 is going to be an amazing year for you, Adam!

And did you check your race results from Denver recently? Your time is listed as a 3:22:47!! :)

Matty B. said...

You and Lindsay, setting goals and self-evaluating. A skill I need to learn over the coming year.

I'm also getting mentally prepared for those early-morning feedings in my underwear/the buff. Can't wait.

I'm already not sleeping very well because my bed partner (my wife) is not sleeping well. Hurrah! Have a great and safe new year!

Christina said... did great meeting your goals.

The Laminator said...

3 out of 6 definitely ain't bad!
Congratulations on all your successes! Happy New Year!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I'd say you had an amazing year! Great post, and congrats on all your 'wins'... enjoy being a daddy!

Morgan said...

We both had quite a few FAIL stamps on our list but you know what, who cares, just focus on being even more awesomely boring in 2011! :)

kilax said...

Did this chart take as long as the virtual 5K participant one? :P

You have a 3:20 in you! Maybe this year?

Do you think you will do another half marathon?

Her Name is Rio said...

Man....I still haven't done my year review yet! You had an awesome running year! Seriously.