Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Picking up the Pace

I complained a few weeks ago that I wasn't looking forward to the increase in training paces that would follow my Marathon and 5K PRs.  After training at essentially the same paces for the last 6 months, I'd gained a level of comfort in my normal training runs. Much like a ratty pair of old underwear, you know that you should just throw them out and start fresh, but there is still some elastic around the edges and they feel so, so good**.

But, all good things must come to an end.  Thus, out with my SpongeBob undies and out with my old training paces.  In full disclosure, here are my training paces and here is what I am now going to start striving for.  Of course, all of these paces depend on a number of factors not exclusive to: Recent bowel movement frequency***, quantity of alcohol consumed the night prior, stress at work, etc.

Old Paces:
400 interval track work: 5:50/mile
Tempo: 6:50/mile
Marathon: 7:35/mile
Long run: 8:00/mile

New Paces:

400 interval track work: 5:40/mile
Tempo: 6:35/mile
Marathon: 7:25/mile
Long run: 7:50/mile

This should put me around a 18:40 5K and a 3:15 marathon.  Easy to type on a blog, very very hard to execute****.

The Execution:
My first day of new training paces was what I would describe as a total and complete FAILURE.  (I was going to say "FAIL" but I've been told by people MUCH cooler than I that saying FAIL is soooo 2009. FML)

On Tuesday, I had planned on running a 6 mile tempo run with 4 miles at tempo of 6:35.  My miles ended up at: 6:33, 6:47, 7:32(!!??), 7:22.  I basically threw in the towel after 2 miles of tempo.  Suck.  It just wasn't my day.  I felt tired, honestly a bit bloated, and my legs were heavy.  It probably didn't help that I got very cold (40 degrees!  hehe) in shorts and a T-Shirt and could never warm back up.  Lesson learned.  Fortunately, Scott from Outside PR has the hookup with some sweet winter gear (more to come on that).

This morning's run was a LOT better - but still sort of bleh.  I ran 5 miles at my new marathon pace of 7:27.  Got the miles done, but there is NO way I could have held that for 26 miles.  Not a chance at all.

BUT, after a week off of running after my last marathon of the year I'm back at it.  And no matter how crappy the runs are, that is a good feeling!!

**Not to mention the fact that they have enough holes to not have to take them off while peeing!
***The more, the faster I am - obviously
****Same for jokes about pregnant women


Jamoosh said...

A pregnant lady was in an accident and she woke up in the hospital. She noticed she was not pregnant anymore and asked the nurse what happened to her baby.

The nurse said, "You have two healthy babies, a boy and a girl!" The lady said, "Oh, I must name them," but the nurse said, "You were unconscious, so we called your brother, and he named them!"

The lady said, "But he's as dumb as a box of rocks! So what are their names?"

The nurse said, "The girl is called "Denise." The woman replied, "Well that is a pretty name, so what did he name my boy?"

The nurse replied, "Denephew!"

Huh, that was easy...

Kirstie said...

I couldn't agree more. A crappy run is still a run! After being off running last week, I was so happy to get back at it.

Love the wedding picture. I used to have that one somewhere.

Emz said...

the photo rocks.

My damn twin sister is always having all the fun.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Disappointing. After all of 2 runs you are not maintaining new pace goals. Might as well take up knitting.

Chad said...

Don't worry. Soon you'll have a baby, and you won't do silly things like run anymore. That's what my in-laws told us before we had Leah. Funny stuff.

Jill said...

Yep, you definitey need the Santa undies for the holiday gift exchange!

Shawn said...

Recent bowl movement???? this the BCS Bowl placements, do you have a poltergeist...or do you have OCD and re-arranging your cupboards is the crazy du-choice?

Great read as per usual Boring!!!

RunningLaur said...

1. Your list of influences didn't include lack of sleep via HAVING A NEW BABY. Might have a little influence from what I hear on 16 and Pregnant at least.

2. I had the same thought this week (and last, and the week before that) that I I can run 10:30 for 5 miles, ok, but 26.2? How the hell is will it ever happen. We need the added power of the unicorn shirts.

Kathy said...

Rediculous. I need to get my ass into gear . LOL

Quix said...

Good post. That's on the docket for me too. Faster, faster, faster.

When I first started running I went from a 12 min/mile to a 10 min/mile comfortable pace rather quickly. Sadly, reducing from 10 min/miles to 8 minute miles has not been the same way. :)

10 min miles have been my ratty underwear for a long time. I can do better, but its just where I land if I don't pay attention.

RunnuRMark said...

I'm pretty sure you're just still fatigued from pulling 7 people out of the water on Sunday. That was 88% of the work for all of the swim spotters, apparently. Fortunately, I'm not suffering from the same problem. Go me!

RunnuRMark said...
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Pretend this is real said...

Good luck with those goals. And maybe if your underwear didn't have so many holes you'd have been warmer on your run. ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

Matty B. said...

So awesome that you're making a jump to an even more difficult pace; I know you're going to rock it. You've built up a really nice base of endurance and it will definitely pay-off for you.

Her Name is Rio said...

Maybe your body hasn't fully recovered yet...that excuse always works for me! By the time it's ready, then you'll be sleep deprived by a new baby. Fun times. Fun times. :)

Chris K said...

But have you figured out how to "race" in line with your expectations?

Adrienne said...

Dude what are you doing? Goals are for January, we still have a whole month to blow things off :)

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I think you will do fine once you are healed up. Remember that it really takes around 4 weeks to get fully healed after a marathon, so you will "grow" into your new paces.

Laura said...

I am stealing that Fail picture for my Reggae Marathon race report. Basically, I almost ended up like those people in the background (except I had a top on).