Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mesa MI Amigo 10K Race Report

Time: 39:44 (6 minute PR!!)
Place: 59 out of 2637 Overall, 9 out of 151 AG (Stupid hard age group)
Pace: 6:24 / mile
Distance: 6.2 miles 
Average Heart Rate: 205 BPM (!!!)

I've ran the Mesa 10K Turkey Trot for the last 3 years.  In fact, it is the ONLY 10K I've ever ran in my life.  So, to say that it is my favorite 10K is a bit like saying that I love not having boobs.  It is all that I've ever known!

Unfortunately, the day started a bit ill-timed.  Either my wife or I (my wife) thought that the race started at 7:30 instead of when it actually started - 9:00.  Fortunately, I saw that before I got to the race that early.  Unfortunately, I still dressed like it would have been 7:30 so got pretty hot during the race.  But, even though we had an extra 90 minutes we still got to the race a LOT later than I like to get there.  So, after far too many swear words said by me, my wife dropped me off close to the start and parked the car on her own.

Swearing/parking issues aside, I was able to get signed up minutes before the race started.

I'm always amazed at the number of people turkey-trotting

While I don't run 10Ks (at all really) when I do I try to break it into three, two mile sections.  It seems like running 13 minutes at a time is a much more manageable than trying to wrap my head around the full 6.2 mile run.

Mile 1-2: Feeling good (6:25 / 6:31)
After I chatted with RunningLaur for 2 minutes and handed off my free race shirt to my wife, I jogged to the front of the race.  I've found that as I've picked up my speed I continuously underestimate where I should place myself at the start of races.  So, I've started to weasel my way to the front as much as possible.  This time I was around the 3rd row.

Just like any other race, these first miles were a bit of a blur.  I do remember passing a bunch of people but also getting passed by a few people - two of which were wearing vibrams and one guy who was pushing a DOUBLE stroller.  Nothing like a dude passing you while pushing an extra 50 pounds to keep your ego in check.  I get it dude - you're better than me.....and your junk is probably bigger than mine.

Mile 3-4: This suuuuuucks (6:32 / 6:28)
Just like during 5Ks, the middle portion of the race SUCKED.  I wasn't yet halfway done but my legs were already starting to burn and my breathing was labored.  I tried to remember some of the breathing techniques that we learned during one of our seemingly 15 baby classes but all that served to do was get me strange looks.  That said, I only slowed down a touch so there must be something to my constant lamaze breathing.  Hee Hee Hooooooo. 

Mile 5-6: Holy sh*t, I'm still on pace for sub 40 (6:34 / 6:15)
It was around mile 5 that I calculated in my oxygen deprived little brain that I could indeed kick Mario Lopez ass on dancing with the stars break 40 minutes if I held on to a 6:40 pace.  I was starting to get over the hump of hating life (miles 3-4) and really thought that I could actually hold that pace.  I know that I grunted and grimaced, but ultimately I was able to keep chugging along and keep the pace to put me at where I needed to be to run a sub 40 minute 10K.

Here are my splits - pay special attention to my heart rate which was pushing 220 towards the finish
I'm pretty sure I'm half humming bird

When I crossed the finish, I honestly was in a bit of a daze.  Not the good, "double martini", kind of daze - more the "wow, my heart is about to explode" kind.  Here I am a few minutes after I finished.  I wore my brand new Sugoi compression top that kept me warm and snuggly the entire race.

Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" like a massive turkey

After the race finished, it was off to fill my face with Thanksgiving food, my heart with laughter, and eventually my colon with previously mentioned/digested food.  Helping out in the colon laughter department were my brother in law (red shirt) and his roommate (gray shirt).  They took the traditional game of Thanksgiving football to an entirely new level with sweet outfits.  Seriously, these guys are SINGLE!?  

Of course, probably the funniest thing the entire day was something that my brother in law's roommate did during the "touch" (read: heavy petting) football game.  You see, he has a bit of a nicotine problem and needed to take a quick smoke break during halftime.  As you can imagine, I was there to capture it for memory sake.  If this isn't the picture of health, I don't know what is!


RunningLaur said...

1. congrats congrats congrats!!
2. I think the unicorn shirts should also incorporate a hummingbird - for your hummingbird power!

Chris K said...

Adam, you better go back and correct a few typos in your post. You accidently wrote that your avg pace was 6:24 and your HR got up to 205.

Shawn said...

Those are awesome numbers man!!! I wish I could see my pace climb like that instead of going the other way. You should be real proud of yourself for that effort...bravo!!!!

Suzanad said...

That compression top DOES look snuggly and warm :)

congrats on the time - incredible!!

run4may said...

Great job on the trot. You run much faster than I could ever imagine myself running. Are you still making podcasts?

Running Through Phoenix said...

Great PR my friend and next time we are out and about, I wanna see those boobies!

Raegun said...

That turkey picture is one for the books. Thanks for sharing an incredible race report as always. Congrats on the PR!

Tricia said...

Too bad you held back some during that race. Imagine how fast you could've gone if you had actually tried. Better luck next time.


Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Congrats on your super speedy 10K!! Yay for the PR:) You have been working so hard and it shows! Six minutes is huge!

Adrienne said...

Sweet job on the PR! The compression top makes you look like you have big muscles--double sweet. Your wife gets extra gold stars for still going to all your races while being 9 months(?) pregnant. Seriously you better go rub her feet, you have a keeper there.

Barefoot Neil Z said...

I thought a heart rate that high was typically a bad thing... I guess you proved that wrong tho. I'm going to train to a 220 hr from now on. Thanks!

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Congrats on the PR!! 10k's are tough...nice work :)

Pam said...

Wow, that compression shirt almost makes you look like you have pecks!

Great job on the PR! After the marathon next Sunday (HOLY SHIT, NEXT SUNDAY?!?!?) a 10K will be one of the few distances left that I haven't done. There just aren't too many of those to pick from around here.

Christina said...

Impressive 6 min PR and you broke 40. This is the first year I haven't run Mesa. Instead I ran the 10miler and missed seeing my friends that run Mesa.

Compression tights always make me cold. I guess a compression top doesn't?

Pretend this is real said...

Amazing race! Congratulations!

C2Iowa said...

Congrats!! Your heart rate has uts own orbit. Forget the unicorn! Outstanding sir.

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Wow, great job. That HR is out of the ball park that healthy? Maybe that is my problem, since I never get above 170...of course I am also not running at a 6:24 pace.

Your running rocks!

Chad said...

Dude, awesome post.
I lived 30 years before I knew people ran races on Thanksgiving. Now it's a family tradition.
Congrats on the PR. I want to be you (except for your face.)

Nitmos said...

Great race! You are smokin' right now! Congrats.

Jamoosh said...

Time to change your blog to "The Boringly Fast Runner"

Jen said...

Great! Love this blog. Awesome PR - you're my hero and that douche with the double stroller can suck it.

kilax said...

Awesome job Adam! You rock. And I love the pic with the turkey. What a kickass costume.

Was it really cold enough to wear that top? :P

Andrea Hill said...

Hey there, I'm running this race this week! What a great PR, that's insane! I like your "two miles at a time" approach, any other advice for the course? Will you be there this year?