Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rock and Roll Los Angeles Race Preview

I know what you are thinking. "Wait what?  Really Adam, ANOTHER race?" Yeah, I know.  While I'm no Marathon Maniac, I'm the Cal Ripkin of Rock and Roll events.  We've even both got steel blue eyes!  We're basically twins**.  To me, October means three things: Football is on TV, candy is sold by the bucketful for Halloween, it is only a matter of time before girls get dressed up as slutty witches/cats/wonderwomen for Halloween, and it is RUNNING SEASON!!

On Friday, I was able to get out for a nice mid morning 7 miler.  I pushed the pace a bit and cranked out a 7:25 overall pace.  I wanted to make sure that my speed was still there post marathon.  More importantly, I wanted to make sure that I could still run!  The little 4 miler that I did the day before was a bit of a struggle so I was a BIT concerned that I was getting slower.  Am I the only one that worries about that?

My strategy this race is to 100% run this race as a training run.  No sand bagging this time - not even in my bikini like the picture to the right (how random is THAT***).  There will be no blazing race times come hell or high water.

Originally I had planned on treating this as an "A" race.  Get the PR, hog-tie a unicorn.  However, when I realized that it was only 3 weeks before my REAL "A" race, Rock and Roll San Antonio, I realized that I had to back it off.  Fortunately though, this is my first ever half marathon so anything that I run is going to be an automatic PR.  So, my goals are as follows:

A Goal: Have fun, don't get hurt
B Goal: I'm going to carry my camera with a new SPI-Belt that I bought, so I want to get some killer mid-race pictures
C Goal: FINALLY look good in a race picture.  Normally I look like I am dying, peeing a kidney stone, or passing a pumpkin through my colon so since this is a training race there is no reason not to have great pictures

Has anyone else ever ran a half marathon as a training run?  Does that cheapen the experience for others if I do?

The cool thing about this race is that it is my Sony Sponsored race.  I'm going to wear my sleeveless shirt that Sony gave me and wear the Walkman that I wore for Rock and Roll Denver.

Finally, earlier in the week, I got an email from the Rock and Roll marathon people with an offer to try on my "Super 6" medal.  It is a medal that you get after running 6+ Rock and Roll events.  It seemingly weighed 10 pounds and would give Flava Flave a run for his money.

My mouth was open wide.  I think like 2 flys got in - carbo loading

**You know, except for baseball skills, unimaginable wealth, TV contracts, huge baseball playing muscles, etc
***And the prize for most random (totally in context) picture in bikinis goes!


Cynthia O'H said...

I never look good in my race pictures. Skipper has figured out the secret: shoot the profile! Those ones usually turn out better.

If you're using this as a training run, you should go slower than your race pace. Keep that mind but do what you want with it. I know you will.

Have fun.

Jason said...

I ran a 1/2 marathon with my wife as a training run for me and essentially just paced her so in my opinion I did not cheapen it for anybody and was there to support my wife.

Find somebody in the crowd who looks really nervous and run with them and pace them. They'll appreciate it and you won't think that you are cheapening it for anybody.

Good luck to you on the race.

Allie said...

On Nov 21st I'm running my second half marathon and it's going to be a training run for my marathon. I decided to do a race for my training run because, at the time, I didn't have a running buddy and I figured my long runs would be getting boring. Also, I'm moving to Germany soon and I knew there were only so many races I could do until we leave so I wanted to squeeze one more in. I'm going to really have to be disciplined to not run it faster than my training calls for, racing makes me want to push myself hard and last time I ran 13.1 I couldn't walk for 2 days.

ajh said...

Do it as a training run if you can. Sometimes that old competitive spirit kicks in anyways. Take pictures and have fun!

Raegun said...

Wait a've never run a half marathon before? I plead newbie ignorance here, but I always assumed that the Half was a stepping stone that all runners must have tackled on their journey to their first marathon. My thinking goes like this: I'll do a 5k, if I survive I'll progress to 10k. If I survive that I'll progress to a Half, and if I survive THAT.... ;)

Running Through Phoenix said...

Sleeveless? Does sony know about your full arm length prison tats?

Hi! I'm Erin said...

The little 4 miler that I did the day before was a bit of a struggle so I was a BIT concerned that I was getting slower. Am I the only one that worries about that?

Not the only one.

The only half marathon I've run as a training run I PRed at. So, I'm definitely not the person to ask about using a half marathon as a training run.

Julie said...

I totally understand the need to enter races:) I am a sucker for seeing a race and then signing up ASAP:) Are you doing R&R vegas this year?

I am in awe that you have never done a half marathon!?! I have done 9 this year. Since you are such a marathon junkie....this half will seem like a cake walk:)

Enjoy yourself and hell yes, take tons of pictures:)

ShutUpandRun said...

And here I thought you were running this marathon in my honor. Dammit. I personally like those pictures where it looks like you are contipated or about to give birth to a lamb. Nice of you to change it up a bit, I suppose. Best of luck!

As far as getting slower. It takes me 45 minutes just to get from the couch to the kitchen these days.

...Barbie... said...

are you going to run all the RnRs?! HA! I feel like you're always running!!! Come do RnR Savannah next year. I hope this is a great race errr training run for you.

I have run 2 half marathons as training runs for MCM it takes the pressure off them and you can enjo the course and sites so much more. Even though it's a training run I know you'll still do awesome. =)

Chris K said...

Or, you can run a diffent So Cal race that is ocean front and only has has 2K marathoners. It's in Feb and you can pace me :-)

Her Name is Rio said...

Looking forward to lots of pictures! Love halfs- enough distance to make it feel like a good run, but doesn't take too much out of you. Have fun!

funderson said...


Tricia said...

Just noticed your "toe the line" (race line up) in your sidebar

Are you planning on running your own race on the 21st? The rest of us will be there the 14th


Chad said...

Do you keep a folder of random photos for the blog, or do you google-image-search on the fly?