Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock and Roll Denver Marathon Race Preview

Rock and Roll Denver is my first marathon in Colorado, it is my 5th Rock and Roll marathon of the year, and is my 10th marathon overall.  But, no matter frequent or similar races get, I never EVER get any less excited about them.  Even though this is a "training race" and am pretty calm right now, rest assured that this is the calm before the anxiety attack storm.  Bring on the Prozac - or was that Cymbalta that helps with anxiety?  Whatever, I'll just take them both..............

For this race, I just want to get in the miles.  There were a number of things stacked against this race that would prohibit it from being a 3:20 race (my 2010 goal) so I decided early on that San Antonio in 4 weeks would be where I tried for another massive PR.  Why?  This race is at altitude (mile high city - 5280 feet), there are about a million turns, and did I mention it was at altitude?  While it isn't hilly, I went on a quick run this morning in Colorado Springs and found myself really straining to hold any pace.   Bleh.

But this is a race - and I want to set some goals either way.  I'm not sure why I do, but if you have the answer go answer Kim's Friday Question.

Like I am a fan of doing, I always fart in elevators with people and look at the dude in the corner I have three levels of goals for the race on Sunday: A, B, C. My A goal is if everything works right, unicorns and rainbows collide into an orgasm inducing run. Something like this:

My C goal is the time that, if I don’t beat, I’ll be very disappointed in myself.  Something like this lady:

My B goal is a goal that is somewhere between rainbow orgasms and total failure. Something like this:

So, without any further sandbagging here are the goals:

A Goal: Sub 3:25:30 (my current PR)
B Goal: 3:27
C Goal: 3:30

Right now I feel like I am in 3:18 to 3:20 shape.  I just need the right collection of circumstances to collide to get me there.  So, I'm going to use half of this race as a long training run and half of it as a marathon pace run.  I'll run 13-15 miles at 7:38 pace, then back it off to long run pace of 8:00 or so (which is 3:30 marathon pace).  If you're doing the math, that would put me exactly in the middle of 3:20 and 3:30 - 3:25.  A new PR.

Honestly, if I'm feeling good around mile 22 or 23 (highly unlikely) I'll promptly hi-five whomever is around and kick it back up to marathon pace again.  Why not?

Where I am at a bit of a loss for this race is with regard to fueling.  I am a bit of a tight ass, so I don't fuel nearly as much during training runs as I do during races.  (At $1 a gel, who can blame me!? :)  During training I'll eat a gel every 6.5 miles or so.  However, normally during races I'll gel up about every 5 miles (45 min as per the package).   So, should I fuel like a training run or should I sugar it up like a race??  Help me out!?

Finally, good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend.  I know of a handful of people who decided to give the middle finger to Hannah the palindrome and run on 10/17/10 instead of 10/10/10.  Good luck to everyone running Denver, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Rhode Island, or any others that I (likely) missed.

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And may your sphincter be strong (because isn't that the most important thing anyway?)


Raegun said...

This post wins for Best.Pics.EVA!!! Good luck with the race this weekend!!

C2Iowa said...

Treat it like a race and you will achieve a rainbow!!

Chad said...

Lots of fun in this post. Let's see...
1. If you nail that 3:20 at Denver will you just walk San Antonio with a camelback full of beer. If so, I'll join you. (IMAZ permitting)
2. That unicorn is my new favorite thing about the internet.
3. You should fuel like it's a race, because IT'S A FUCKING RACE.

Adrienne said...

Wow, she really chose elephant? And no I didn't do the math. Good luck in Denver!

Tricia said...

If you get your A goal will you pace me in san antonio? ( that what Chad meant when he talked about "walking" san antonio?!?)

Tricia said... don't get free GU? You need to step it up in the blogging buddy. I didn't realize people still paid for running gear/fuel/race entries



Jill said...

Do you want me to look into the price of an Oxygen tank for you???

I heart Chad!

Andrew Opala said...

Good luck Adam - but I wonder how much of Jill's advice you should take. I've been following it for about two weeks now and she claims I can come in about 6 minutes under my 10k training PR for my Sunday race. Funny thing is I believe her.

Hug Beth very gently - she has that hip thing that may cause her to poop her pants when you touch her.

P.S. Let me know if Jill's a babe like she keeps telling me she is.

EricaH said...

I am sure you get this all the time but I always leave you blog feeling smarter, word of the day palindrome.

Good luck in your race and do me a favor and include a pic of the medal in your race report.

ShutUpandRun said...

Here's to a strong sphincter. And a Goal A!! See ya tomorrow.

Pam said...

Dude, I've been trying to figure out what my next tattoo is gonna be. You answered it in this post. That unicorn belongs on my ass.

Alma said...

Good luck!

Chris K said...

I have no question in my mind that you will run sub 3;20 in S.A. For sure you need to fuel every 45 minutes in Denver. Isn't it more of a time trial than training run.

Jamoosh said...

Based on your goals, which I believe are spaced too closely together (my two cents) you should juice like it's a race.

My "A" goal would be to come out of the race in tip top shape for San Antonio.

Morgan said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! Spike and I will be awaiting a text with your finish time! You got this!!!

P.S. I will be dreaming about unicorns tonight for sure... LMAO!

Her Name is Rio said...

If you want a preview of how you'll do in San Antonio, why don't you fuel like you would in San Antonio now..that way you have an idea what to expect (and not get too many surprises during your "A" race)?

(Also, either the Prozac or Cymbalta can be for anxiety.)

Running Through Phoenix said...

If I won a unicorn man in your half-man contest, I would probably keep him in the backyard.


Hilarious post Adam!! Have fun in the race and hope you finish healthy!

Zaneta said...

good luck this weekend!! :D

kilax said...

Thanks for the link! :)

I think you should fuel like it's a race. Maybe that will put you closer to running marathon pace at 22/23 and handing out those high fives. I wish I was there to get one.

I can't wait to hear how it goes! I always love reading your reports!

A question - since this is your 10th marathon, do you ever order the race pics? Does it kind of lose its buzz?

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

can't wait to hear the final results and I hope i can get that unicorn image out of my head...distrubring really

JojaJogger said...

That B Goal picture is just scary.

Christina said...

I know you're prob at the starting line as I write but fuel like it's a race. It is still a race.

Love the goal C picture.

Julie said...

Good luck to you Adam! You are so freaking fast! I am just dreaming of a sub 4 right now:) Enjoy the race and have fun in Denver!

Matty B. said...

I'm struggling:
1. Is that a man unicorn (I didn't know they existed) or a female unicorn.
2. The "fail" picture, is that real?

Hope you had an awesome run! Denver is gorgeous in the fall.