Friday, October 1, 2010

Random is as Random Does

I’m still taking off running with my next anticipated run being Saturday. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday morning that felt like I was running through molasses. It was rough. I cranked out the miles in a pretty respectable 7:52 pace, but they felt like 6:30 pace. Not exactly what I want to feel, but a lot of that is in my head. I’ve spent too much time getting fatter, not enough time sweating out the booze.

So, on Saturday, I'll try for 10 miles.  I'm not 100% pain free, but I just need to get out there an knock off some of the rust and see where I am at.

Many moons ago, I was tagged by Adrienne and Kovas to provide 10 random things about myself. Honestly, I think I live a pretty random life but this list was particularly hard to spool up for some reason.  It seems to focus around rural livin' and runnin' - ain't nothing wrong with that.

10 random things
1.  I grew up on a farm and I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. I certainly enjoy the conveniences of city life, but there is something awesome about being able to get your mail in your underwear or pee off your back porch see seemingly millions of stars in the sky at night. I love how everything is just, quiet.
My dad's "tools".  This is how he do

2.  My first “official” job where I wasn’t slave labor for my dad paid taxes was in a ‘factory farm’. We raised bacon. During the week I would wash down the nurseries but on the weekend I was a normal hired hand taking day to day care of all of the little baby piglets. I have stories that would turn your stomach.
Smells like....bacon

3.  In 2009, I ran 1290 miles. So far, this year I’ve ran 1083. In spite of running that far, I have yet to ever run a half marathon. The reason? They are EXPENSIVE! Most often they are only 10 or 20 bucks cheaper than the full marathon! Fortunately, that record will be broken in 3 weeks.
Ready to have your face rocked of RnR LA!

4.  The first race I ever entered was the Kansas City marathon. I ran it with one of my best friends. We decided to “run our own race” which resulted in me going out to fast and bonking – only to have him catch up around mile 20. He then bonked at mile 25 and we didn’t finish together. I still regret not running the entire race with him.
Me and my buddy who also ran the KC marathon
Had a sFx in this pic in MN, so I decided to cheer like a champ

5.  I’m 40 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest (around 3 or 4 years ago). Behold!! I give you fat Adam. He looks hungry. We should feed him a cheeseburger. (The other lovely lady is my mom)
Feed me

6.  I’m an emotional guy. I get far too many lumps in my throat and have shed tears: after half of my marathons, whenever Bambi’s mom dies, during the movie The Notebook, and during the episode of Deadliest Catch when Captain Phil dies. Fortunately, I usually have it together by the time anyone is around to take my picture. Usually.
RnR AZ - most of the tears had dried, right?

7.  Fall is my favorite time of year – and I miss it more than words can express. F-you Phoenix 106 degree heat in October. F-YOU.
My house in Kansas City in the fall

8.  I only drank once to the point of intoxication before I turned 21.  I always had a pretty fun time acting like I was loaded without the hassle of getting illegal booze.  However, that one time was a DOOZY.  I don't remember anything after 8pm and, as the story goes, my night included: a cold shower in my swim trunks, barfing all over my brother in laws bathroom, my brother in law taking my contacts out for me, sleeping on the patio shirtless in a sleeping bag.
Post 5K recovery carbs

9.  I didn’t go out for track, cross country, football, basketball, etc etc etc in high school. I was in band…..where all the hot chicks are and everyone gets laid. Right? I played quads and LOVED IT.
Not me, but that is basically what I looked like
Only I had lots of chicks around

10.  I still subscribe to my town’s (population 1800) local paper. It is cross country season (or it was), and based on the results I could currently be one of the top 3 or 4 varsity runners on the current team. To me, THAT is pretty cool.
My hometown is named after an Indian princess

If you haven't done one of these, you should. They're fun! You can say that I forced you.  Hell, email me the link and I'll mention it a blog post!


Chad said...

I have a few jokes for you:

1. "Peed off your porch"? If you lived in Louisiana you'd pee ON your porch! Am I right??

2. Your mom is hot. Not a joke, just a fact.

3. Can you come to ironman and cry for me when I finish? I have never been able to cry, because I'm A MAN.

Andrew Opala said...

so sweet!

You are just an all American kid ... being corrupted by the system!

so sweet!

I actually did the random thing but it wasn't as funny as yours ... here

Julie said...

Your mom looks so flipping young! I know why you still look like you are sixteen:)

The people in our high school band were the party animals! They were always so much fun to be around!

Happy Friday!

Jamoosh said...

Lady J is disappointed you would post a picture of yourself in a Clemson shirt the day before they play Miami.

I tried to talk her out of a voodoo doll, but was unsuccessful. Um, good luck on your next run...

K said...

Confession: I was in band in high school too... but still managed to run cross country (3 years) and track (4 years)... among other things- bowling and billiards anyone?

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I can't believe you're older than your mom, so strange and random. Hey you could go back to HS and totally be a varisty runner like Drew Barrymore in that movie, can't remember the title.

kilax said...

Love this list. But PLEASE don't even share those pig stories. PLEASE.

I can't believe you haven't done a half yet. Craziness!!!

Did you like the KC marathon? Do you have a write up of it? I would love to read it. I was signed up for it in 2009 but had a stress fracture.

And good for you on keeping the weight off! :)

C2Iowa said...

Ahh the immortal Pocahontas later known as Rebecca Rolfe. boy do I need a life.......

I want to hear about the pig stories.

Karen said...

I live in a Kansas town named after an Indian chief. We have concrete ti-pis in Satanta, to.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

this is a great list. fun to read.

and your mom is a HAWT lady! seriously? That's your mom! DANG

and only 1x of intoxication in your life...are ya a saint??

and love that you still subscribe to the local paper. is it online yet??;-)

Adrienne said...

Farm boys are the toughest! Even if they cry, it's heart warming. I agree with you about Fall. Missing that here in AZ right now. I'm pulling out the Halloween and Fall decorations tomorrow even though it is still 105! Band rocks!

Adam said...

Oh no - only one time drunk before I was 21!!! I won't tell you how many times I could beat that over the last two weeks..... :)

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Cripes I was the drunk dummy from the time I was 14. Was going to the pubs when I was 16. (legal age 19 here).

Anyroad. Hey. You think you entered my contest. But sorry to tell you, you don't follow me in my followers list. Just thot ud like to know that b4 you get dq'd. Thant wouls suck. Especially if you won and I had to re-draw.

Rad Runner said...

OMG way RIP Captin Phil...
I Totally invision myself tearing a lil after my first full in less the 18 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

During my last huge run last week, I almost started crying at mile 20 ish (but I just felt sad because the sun was being mean and was beating down on my ass) either way, we shall see, Sr. Farm boy..

JojaJogger said...

I grew up on a farm and my hometown is named after an Indian Chief...looks like young looking genes run in the family. (skinny Adam looks way better than fat Adam)

Pam said...

One of my coworkers was talking just the other day about helping on her granddaddy's hog farm when she was little. She told us about having to hold the newborn piglets while he pulled their teeth so the sows would nurse them. She said their squeals were deafening. It makes me weak-kneed just thinking about it.

Angie Bishop said...

I grew up on horse ranches. There is nothing better than a dark night sky. Loved sleeping on my friend Jeannies trampoline in the summer. She lived on a farm too.
I have always wanted a pig as a pet.
I still like bacon though.

Its harder to pee off a porch being a can be done though.

Christina said...

I love these random things about people. I get to see how bizarre people are or how much I have in common with them (they aren't the bizarre people). I to love fall, grew up with chickens (kind of a farm but not really), love the fact you're an emotional guy (there should be more like you), and I went out for band too (band freak)

Chris K said...

I can't really think of anything funny to say. Weird. I had thought you were a bean pole your whole life so that one surprised me. Not sure how you stay so thin with all the traveling you do. Nice job. Take it easy on the old, I mean young hip. Glad to see that you are running!

Running Through Phoenix said...

The old fat Adam is the new fat Jeff. Not for long. Hopefully a guy named Bob will get fat next.

Jamie said...

Yeah band nerds! I played bass.
I'll definitely have to post one of these.

Her Name is Rio said...

I love piglets too much for their cuteness to work with them on a farm. Don't tell me any of those stories!!!

In my first year of my "born again running" (post high school) , I would occassionally cry during my longest runs- it was like emotional gates would open and I'd just bawl. Tears and miles sometimes do mix.

Colin Hayes said...

Man, I didn't realize you had dropped that much weight! Nice job!

Not sure if I ever mentioned that I grew up right outside of Kansas City (Gladstone, MO). Fun place to be a kid. Hot, muggy summers, though. I lived there back when the Royals were actually good!

Spike said...

I have an ongoing joke about the adventures of Fat Spike and Skinny Spike, it makes the Redhead wonder about me.

RunningLaur said...

1. I KNEW the 'fat Adam' would be one of the things! (and that Chad would say that your mom is hot, somehow.)

2. Quads + girls? I'm not buying it.

The Sean said...

I love peeing off my porch, except for when the dogs, in their attempt to cover my scent, pee on my leg as I relieve... is that gross?

Andrew Opala said...

I need to add this cuz I've been holding it in for so long - your Mom is hot!

Ed said...

I think Fat Adam is Awesome!
That's all I got.

Fat Ed

Christy said...

I freaking LOVE fall. Favorite. Season. Ever.

I might have to steal this random things post. I need some ideas for my own blog since I'm sans running right now. :(

Ace said...

Band Geeks Unite!

You know, by playing Louie, Louie or something.

funderson said...

truly truly enjoyable, this..