Friday, October 29, 2010

Hitting my Running Groove

  • After taking a rest day, I had a really solid tempo run on Wednesday. I did 8 miles total, 6 at tempo of 6:49 pace. During the run I got a bit dehydrated so I loaded up on water during the early morning hours. 70 oz of water and 3 hours later, I was a peeing machine!
  • My running is really clicking right now. Clicking a little TOO well. I’ve sort of become (even more) one of those bubble boy guys who is afraid to do anything – lest I fall while screwing around in the parking lot and pull an ass muscle. No more crazy activities for me - unlike the kiddos to the right.  (Of course, since typing that I had a pretty sluggish Marathon Pace run Thursday……hopefully just a blip)
  • Speaking of my running clicking, I’ve recently set two awesome PRs (18:50 5K and 3:23:53 marathon) and I need to up my “normal” training paces. Am I the only one that sort of groans about the thought of faster training paces? I know I can run the faster paces (and need to) but getting in the mindset of actually ratcheting everything up by 15 seconds a mile is a bit hard to wrap my head around. What can I say, I’m a lazy runner.
  • Whitney over at Its What Moves Me just had her baby, 3 weeks early. EEK! For some reason that hit me like a ton of bricks. My wife will be 35 weeks on Monday and therefore is to the point where if it happens, the doctors won’t stop it. More terrifying than a disgruntled Justin Beiber when he runs out of mousse.

  • Finally, I have never (and probably will never) ask for money on this blog. Said in my best George H. W. Bush voice “Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent”. However, a friend of mine is looking for some love - Laura from Absolutly Fit who is the current WORLD record holder for being the youngest person to run a marathon in each of the 50 US states.
Laura was hooked up with Tennis Pro Justin Gimelstob in an effort to train for the NYC Marathon.  The goal is to hopefully beat Andy Roddick in the Marathon because Roddick wins too many things....and his muscles are too big......and he is too attractive.  The regular men of the world need to rise up and strike those guys down a few pegs once in a while.

Together with the training, Laura and Justin Gimelstob are working to raise money for the Justin Gimelstob Children's Fund.  Here is when the fun part comes in.  Like we all would have, Laura started a blog ( As part of the fund raising activities she is raffling off two things:
  • The chance to be her date at the Justin Gimelstob after NYC Marathon party
  • The opportunity to store your stuff / shower / etc at her place if you are running the NYC Marathon since she lives 3 blocks away from the finish
So, for $5 an entry, you can help save the kiddies, beat Roddick, and hang off of a world record holder's arm for a day.  Go to her BeatRoddick blog for more details.


Jamoosh said...

Why? Seriously, Why? Couldn't we have just one Bieber Free Day...

Chad said...

Dude, are your ready for the baby??
I can't wait to hear the name you came up with. My prediction:
Haile Chad

It has a ring to it.

Chad said...

PS: There's a moment when you get home with young HC and you and your suddenly realize that you have to keep this thing alive for 18 years. Yeah, txt me when you are there.

Adrienne said...

Your wife is 35 weeks and you flew to LA last week? You are so in denial.. I'm excited or upcoming posts--ahahahaha...I say that with love.

I really do have a "tubing" picture that is just like the one on this post. Fun family outings.

Runners Fuel said...

Great PR's.

Cynthia O'H said...

I'm opposite. I push in training and cringe at speedwork. But, then I love speedwork. Quite honestly, it is a love-hate relationship.

Upping the training pace is really quite easy. It won't take long to get use to a faster turnover.

C2Iowa said...

your are clicking and are a speed machine. nothing to worry about. I agree -- you are in denial at 35 weeks. ha

Chris K said...

Everything's coming up Milhouse! Adam is en fuego Baby.

Her Name is Rio said...

How do you do tempos that fast for that long?! Amazing.

Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

I groan at fast training paces also, but still love 'em. Your paces and new PR's are awesome!!!