Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny Foto Friday: Working Hard for the Money

Wowza, what a week. As I sit on the plane Thursday night typing this, I’ve already put in 50 hours. I also work tomorrow. Things are busy, but it is a good kind of busy. Value is being added, synergies are being formed, **Insert your favorite corporate doublespeak here**

Since I haven’t posted since Monday, I’m going to combine a number of posts in this one. It is going to be part Funny Foto Friday, part innuendo, and part running update.

Running Update
Monday 5 recovery miles
Tuesday 7 miles w/ 5 at tempo of 6:53
Wednesday 7 miles at MP of 7:38
Thursday 5 miles with 5x800 at 6:29

My running has been really up and down.  I think that my 5 hours of sleep a night is really starting to catch up with me.  However, putting a sliver lining spin on it, I like to think of it as training for when we have a baby.

The tempo run on Tuesday was particularly bad.  I had a crazy side stitch that would not go away.  I tried all of the normal remedies to no avail: I stopped and stretched it out, tried belly breathing, sweared at it, tried drinking water...nothing worked!  I eventually gave in and took a 30 second breather and tried to rub it out.  Not even massaging my side worked.  So, I just grunted it out - literally.  I was totally that guy at 10pm in the hotel gym running on the treadmill grunting under my breath.  I'm sure I was a sight to see.

Funny Foto Friday
Popeye said it best. Spinach makes your thingie bigger! I yam what I yam. And, for the most part that is my motto. For better or for worse, no matter what the situation, I am the same happy go lucky guy that you read in this blog. However when I travel, I will admit that there are a few very distinct differences between my home life and my traveling life.

One specific difference are my cleanliness habits.

When I am traveling I no longer have the proverbial angel / devil sitting on my shoulders telling me what to do.  No longer do I have a nagging caring wife telling me to put some pants on and take out the trash.  You see, when I am traveling, I still have the devil and angel, but they normally say things like:

Devil: "We're in a hotel!!  Just throw your wet running clothes on the floor and at least throw your garbage in the direction of the trash - everything else just flush down the toilet."
Adam: "What do you think Angel?"
Angel: "Whatever dude, I'm on vacation"

For example, here is a picture of my home office. I had cleaned it up a bit because people were coming over but this is usually what it looks like. (As you can see, one of the guests was my wife’s aunt, doing her best impression of me “working”.) Note that everything has a place:
  • My laptop on the table
  • Notebook to one side
  • And for the record my race medals in the back. :)

My work office in San Jose is a completely different story. Where to start?
  • I count not one, two, three, or four, but FIVE stacks of papers. You know, one for old stuff, one for stuff that needs updating, one full of papers that should not have been printed but I felt guilty after I did print them
  • A water bottle that I know was at least two days old
  • A water cup that replaced said water bottle
  • If you look to the left of the water bottle, you’ll find the MASSIVE ball of cords that I refused to untangle in my caffeine deprived state as I unpacked in the morning. Somewhere in that, my cell phone charger got plugged in to the wall and to my cell phone
  • That desktop computer in the corner? Doesn’t have a monitor….and the keyboard is up on the shelf

Do you have a work persona and a home persona?  How about when you travel - do you go all Motley Crew and decimate the hotel room?


Jamoosh said...

Maids love me - that's all I am sayin'

C2Iowa said...

I am not going into details, but I have an issue with laziness when I travel. The OCD part of me goes into total overload!

Anne said...

I'm the opposite. Home office is a mess and work office is all tidy :)

Adrienne said...

I don't work so no desk issue. My minivan is my work. Whoever came up with the term "Stay at Home Mom" is an idiot because we are in our cars constantly. A few months ago I took my Tahoe in to get detailed. $100 and they said it would take an hour. TWO HOURS later they were done. Best money I ever spent! They had no idea what they were in for :)

Chad said...

I'm very attached to my weekly routine, so travel messes me up bad. I'm living 2 weeks in your shoes right now, and I hate it. I want to get back to my 5-day drive-to-work routine, but I have to get back on a plane in 2 days. ARG!

Jill said...

Your cluttered office looks cleaner than my clean office.

Andrew Opala said...

home and work are one for me, grasshopper - I'm waiting for a reno of my office down town

I basically don't have lots of paper around, but I have lots of other things like business cards, coasters, trade-show pamphlets that need a good box that I can write a date on ... once six months go by I chuck the box in the garbage ... couldn't have been that important if I never opened it!

Andrew Opala said...
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Andrew Opala said...

BTW I think your wife's aunt is related to the women in my family as well ... no respect - nada!

Zaneta said...

haha... i put the comment after the picture totally for the people like you that read my blog ;) lol... I'm a fast learner!

I dont have an office, but my desk at home usually has a space for my laptop and then a bunch of papers I throw in a pile(s)... Basically, it's a mess lol

Kovas Palubinskas said...

There is a lot of glare in that 2nd foto or maybe a smudge, might want to rub it out. (Any excuse will do, right?)

Chris K said...

Adam, let me have a seat at the table here. While it's always a moving target, I can see that after some critical thinking you aligned on your objectives and through your excellent thought leadership produced an exemplary post. Am I speaking your language? said...

Lol! I am guessing my hubby is the same way when he travels, I honestly don't want to know...

BTW, did you BNL has a kids album? It's called "Snacktime" and the it's awesome! It's hard to know who likes it better, me or the kids. Definitelyn a must for your baby (or yourself...) The only problem is when your kids go through the grocery store saying "BareNaked Ladies, BareNaked Ladies" This gets you funny looks!

One last thing, boy, I am really sounding like a bad mommy today, BUT....

My 8 yr old inherited an iPod and downloaded some things from my computer. A couple of days ago she announced "There is this guy on my iPod and all he talks about is running. He is really weird and really boring!" " probably don't want to listen to that one, sweetie!" "I'm not, it's REEAALLLLY BORING!"

Lol! Have a great weekend : ) said...

Ughhh... need to proofread my comments better, sorry!

...Barbie... said...

my work desk looks a lot like your work desk. so many stacks.

ShutUpandRun said...

I want to party with your wife's aunt.

Note to self: hide spinach in Ken's salad tonight. See what happens.

Cynthia O'H said...

My office is neat; my home office is a disaster.

Five hours of sleep is tough. For me, it's typical. I'm hoping that once the four year old turns five that I can sleep without that 5:00 wake-up.

Runners Fuel said...

Great job working so much and still working in your runs!!

Ace said...

You've been shifting some paradigms my friend, I like it. Also they really should think about putting industrial strength toilets in hotel rooms. You know what I'm talkin' bout...