Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall is for Football

Phoenix has no fall. Other than the drop in temperatures, the only way that one can tell of the seasons changing are the frequent Christmas tree vendors setting up shop on the sandy vacant lots – and even they have shorts and flipflops on. However, Phoenix does have one thing that screams of fall no matter where you are: Football.

Often I long for the crisp fall air and the trees changing orange and red. I miss fall. I’ve found that in the absence of tranquil mornings on the patio with a cup of coffee in hand watching the leaves fall gently to the ground, I’ve come to celebrate fall a slightly different way. I celebrate by watching 22 grown men bash each other’s brains in, while wearing tight pants, waiting for the quarterback to put his hands on the center’s crotch….all while wearing a giant foam “We’re #1” finger…..and wearing flip flops. No matter how hot it is, fall is for football.

This weekend I hopped on a charter bus with 50 of my closest friends and headed down to Tucson to watch the Arizona/Iowa football game. Along for the ride were 12 cases of beer, 16 cases of water, 2 gallons of vodka and rum each – and we had to make a beer run on the way home because we ran out.

Here I am with my wife before the trip. We are both still smiling because it wasn’t yet 105 degrees (the high of the day) and she wasn’t feeling the effects of being 7 months pregnant (everything swelled up like sausages).

Note however, that no matter where you are there isn’t a picture that I can’t ruin

Since I had just ran 20 miles 90 minutes before (read about it here), I wasn’t so dumb as to not work on a little hydration and compression before I hit the ‘good’ stuff. My brother in law was not amused by my early morning sobriety. My argument was that Iowa’s colors are Gold and Black. I matched!

A few more pictures to show you how we do. TV? Check. Random beer bong? Check (well, not me……seems like a great way to catch the mouth herps.) Random dude painted completely red? Check. Ummmmm, mariachi band? Check??

Mothers look away for this one At one point, the football the group was playing with got stuck on the roof of the camper beside us. Solution? Stack 2 coolers on top of each other, hop on top of the coolers, and boost your 5 year kid on the RV to grab it. If you can think of a better way, I’d like to hear it.

If I may, I would like to throw out a bit of a hail-mary pass (football reference, WIN!). My single, mostly disease free brother in law is looking for love. If you know of any anonymous ladies who like to go from tailgate to tailgate looking for free beers to shotgun, have I got the guy for you! Oh wait, it looks like he’s already found a few ladies that fit the bill. Never mind.

Finally, we actually did watch some football. Iowa lost, but it was still a really good game. (And I’m an Iowa State fan – so whateves) If nothing else, at least getting out and watching some football got me into the fall mood – even if it was about 50 degrees too hot for Irish hot coco. At least I got to wear my flip flops.


Barefoot Neil Z said...

Can't beleive you took your 7mo preg wife on this trip... You better go rub her feet or something... LOL. How old do you think your kid'll be before you start hoisting him up onto stuff, to get your stuff.

How come no pics for the ride back?

Andrew Opala said...

loved living the experience through you - ours is similar,

except the bus usually has the heating turned (not A/C),

the tailgate parties usually have 6 burly guys (named either Mitch, Sal, or Mac) in full winter clothing BBQ-ing polish sausage

the game is usually the Bills or Lions fumbling their way to a loss (oh don't forget the interceptions - there's a few of those too)

then the flip-flops are used to scrape the snow and ice off the bus windshield so we can get back

then at the border the customs guy gets on the bus and questions whether we should be let back into the country

C2Iowa said...

Man do I miss tailgating. Sounds like you had a blast!

Go Boilers! Even though we play only weak teams.

Laura said...

I so cannot relate to this. Us Canadians just don't do football like this.....
It sure looks like fun though..

Chad said...

We were just talking about hot football. Back in Louisiana I remember the first 3 games of HS football were sweaty affairs.

Luke said...

looks like your Brother in law and I have the same taste in women: drunk and minimal clothing from the start.

Emz said...


I actually asked the Pita on Saturday . . which comes first fall or autumn?


There are NO SEASONS but hot and cold here in AZ.

Adrienne said...

Dear EMZ
You know I love you but there is no Cold season here in Arizona.
Love your Colorado transplant friend,

Adam you are a party animal! Where do you get the energy? I caught a football game or two myself this weekend!

Coach dad asking 8yo if his opponent is tougher than him?
8yo responds-no
Coach dad--then knock him on his butt!
Next play: Huge grin on 8yo face after knocking said opponent on his rear.

FREAKING OUT inside as 10YO teammate goes up for a pass, catches it and gets bent over backwards and we were all pretty sure he was snapped in two. Driven off in ambulance--mother's worst nightmare! He is fine, just looked HORRIBLE, still makes me cringe.

Morgan said...

I was totally rocking recovery socks under my pants at tailgating on Saturday too! LOL! Looks like a ton of fun!

RunnuRMark said...

Well, I'm glad my cats could poo on your cyclone parade for the second year in a row! You came ohhhhh so close again ;)

...Barbie... said...

this post made me miss college and tailgating so much. ...killer, perfect tailgate & your wife is a total sport for tagging along!!

Tiffany said...

I would like to refer to Barefoot Neil Z's post and the fact that you should have rubbed my feet yesterday...hmmm. Let me just throw it out there that although I love my husband, he is not the most sympathetic to his pregnant wife. His pains and issues are always worse than mine. :)

Matty B. said...

We are living in very similar miseries: I am in Houston: Hot, polluted, urban sprawl, humid. You live in Phoenix: Hot, urban sprawl, dry.

Those socks are pretty sweet. I'm waiting for the companies that create them to not make techy looking socks, but to make old school, tube-sock looking compression socks so you can look for like Wilt Chamberlin and not some dude from Tron.

Her Name is Rio said...

Take a trip to Flagstaff and get your Fall Fix!

Johann said...

Now that is just awesome!

Tricia said...

Ooooohhhhhh...totally got called out by your wife in the comments :) shame on you-time to suck up buddy.

Tiff-apparently its just a guy thing. I flew from texas to s.carolina to see my husband when I was 8 months pregnant.Then we DROVE back from s.carolina to central texas.if I remember correctly it took us close to 24 hours,no hotel overnight-just potty stops. And would you believe my husband complained about how many potty stops I needed? HELlO I had a baby on my bladder. By the time we made it home my feet were so swollen they wouldn't even fit in flip flops and yet all I heard from him was how his back hurt from driving so long. MEN!


The Sean said...

I also watched that game, on tv and it was slightly less exciting for me... except I had chinese food

Jess said...

Here in FL, "fall" is called "hurricane season."

Jamie said...

Shame on you for supporting Iowa. GO CATS!!! I didn't get to go to the game, it was sold out. :( The tailgating looks like fun! I'll have to do that one of these days!

Chris K said...

You wore those compression socks at a tailgate? Really?

zbsports said...

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Erin G said...

I just found your blog through Courtney, but its nice to know you root for the right team. Go Hawks (and I went to Iowa State--but forever a Hawkeye fan).

Great game, bad ending! Stanzi is not getting himself a Heisman anytime soon!

RunningLaur said...

Ok, your tailgate looks good, but I guarantee my busgate weekend was better. sorry. Did you see the facebook photos? And we haven't discussed what didn't make it onto facebook. oh boy. good times.
these az people don't know how to throw a proper football party.