Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocolate #9 Winner and 8 Questions

Finally, what you've all been waiting for:  The show Wipeout in High Definition!!!  The winners of the Chocolate #9 giveaway contest.  Remember, there are THREE boxes of the stuff and therefore are three winners.  Unfortunately, that means I'm going to have to take a 4th mortgage on my house to pay the shipping bills.  C'est la vie.

So, without further grandstanding, out of the 125 entries, the winners are:
BerryFine @ Fat to Fab
Karen @ 21st Time
Zaneta @ Runners Luck

Shoot me an email at TheBoringRunner (at) by Friday 9/17 and let me know where to ship your chocolaty loot!


Andrew at Running Man Wannabe tagged me to answer 8 questions about my running (and I believe my bedroom "business").  Andrew is prepping for his FIRST ever 5K in TWO weeks!!! I've tried my best to answer truthfully and honestly.  Here goes!!

1.  What is the best 5k time you have had in the last 9 months?
Is it sad that it took me just a bit to realize that when you said 9 months you meant 2010 thus far? 19:42 during the First Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K. I WILL beat this by a solid 20 seconds on Sunday.  Well, since I delayed this post for a day, my NEW fastest was the 18:50 I ran during the 9/11 Memorial 5K!

2.  What was your body weight (with clothing, water, stuff) at this 5k time? (Guess is acceptable - but should be accurate!)
Fortunately, just like every time I get together with Jeff, this event was clothing optional When I run in 5Ks (and 10Ks for that matter):

  • I do not carry any water – so no extra weight there
  • I also don’t eat breakfast before a 5K race – so no extra weight there
  • However, I don’t crap before races either – probs 10 pounds gained there **Insert foghorn sound while pumping fist**  Craped for the first time before yesterday's race - that is probably how I got my PR.
Wait, what was the question? Oh right – 150ish. I’m up about 5 pounds of baby sympathy weight and plan on dropping it prior to my “A goal” marathon – Rock and Roll San Antonio.

3. Did you run a negative split during this 5k?
Nope. I very rarely negative split when I run (I can only think of once during a race). Just like the herps – some people got it and some people don’t. Know who you are as a runner and plan your race strategy around that. I know that I am not a negative split runner so I don't plan to be. *shrugs shoulders*

4. Did you fartlek at anytime during the run?
I try to fartlek 2-3 times a day. When I am traveling and am away from my wife I always seem to do it more. I mean, I’m in the hotel room alone, the pay per view girlie movies are a few button clicks away, the movie titles don’t show up on the bill….wait, what does fartlek mean again? (I only run specific intervals on Thursday during normal training. I’ll fartlek 2 times during a mile warm up before a 5K)

5. What is your age or age group?
I’m 29. 310 days until I turn 30 and will no longer be able to get by on my boyish charm. Not that I am counting.

6. What is your sex?
Didn’t we already talk about fartleks? They count right?

7. Have you ever run to a metronome?
I did, but between the weight of the metronome and the piano that it was attached to, it seemed to slow me down a bit. (Never. Sometimes you just have to unplug and go by feel.)

8. What is your stride length running at a 5k pace?
What do I look like?! Some sort of math guy? (Could have received a math minor with an addl 9 credits. LAME) I would like you to know that I ran with a tape measure like some sort of sadistic multitasking construction worker to do this. 3' 7.5" (or, 110.5 cm). I think that it is also valuable information that I was running at a 6:10 pace and I am either 5’9” or 5’8.5” depending on who I am trying to impress.

 You know what they say about guys with large strides……


Barefoot Neil Z said...

Largest stride = largest imflamation of the IT band.

And does Jeff know these event are clothing optional, or is is just wishful thinking on your part?

Anne said...

You're hilarious :)

Ewa said...

Thank you for bringing smiles to my morning. Now how about coffee?

C2Iowa said...

Your answer for Fartleks -- had my coffee flying at mach speed all over my desk. Thanks!!!

Andrew Opala said...

Great answers ... that have calmed me down from the fact that I didn't win the chocolate gooo.

The height and stride go together you are correct - but weight and height and stride ... well there's nothing else needed to get into the Swiss bank!

I'm glad I could set you up!

Emz said...

Awesome post.

Got to love Andrew [and his questions].

abbi said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud 8 different times in a single post. :-)

Adrienne said...

You're hilarious. And the movie titles might not show up on the bill but God knows. :)

Tricia said...

No no,RnRSA can't be you "A" marathon. You're supposed to pace me (push) me and hubs.
(Actually I jokingly told hubs he should run with you since he is faster than me and he made some crack about you being an anorexic kenyan.I'm sure that's a compliment ;)

Zaneta said...

Just emailed you! Thanks :)
Also, fartleks?! seriously? lol... had me laughing outloud lol

Jess said...

Love the fartlek jokes!

Julie said...

What? You flipping had a chocolate giveaway and I missed it!?!

OMG Adam! You totally crack me up:) Ha ha, the things you do when you are alone in hotel rooms:) Your little interview with Andrew was pretty entertaining! Thanks for making me smile and laugh:)

The Sean said...

Funny as always... well, exceedingly so in this case!

RunnuRMark said... don't eat ANYTHING before a 5K? No wonder you only weigh 150 pounds. And you definitely owe that dump as much credit as your summer of speed when it comes to your PR.

kilax said...

Ha ha. If taking a dump was the key to a PR I should have a lot more! :)

Spike said...

Always dump before a 5K...and if you are harry like me, get someone to shave your back.

Chad said...

You can calculate stride length with your cadence and pace. So if you're doing 6:10 pace and you're cadence is 90 right-foot-strikes/minute....
That works out to about 3.07 feet/stride.

Matty B. said...

I'm amazed you can even provide a range for your stride length. Is this a pre-req to filming yourself in slow-motion?

zbsports said...

Congratulation to the winners, they are very lucky!!!