Thursday, August 19, 2010

Track Workouts and Cherry on Top

Thursday, in addition to being the day of the week I take my shower, is track day.  This is the day that I pretend I am a NASCAR driver and make only left turns for 45 minutes.  On tap today was 12x400.  400 meters, 12 times (with 200m of jogging in between).  Lots of thinking at 5:30 am for a guy who at one time has laced up his shoes for a run....without putting on any pants or running shorts.

Since I was having a piss-poor running week, I decided early on to really let 'er rip and see how fast I could do these.  I probably did them at 3K speed or just a click faster.  In short: I rocked the face off of the track.  I cranked out each 400 in an average of 86 seconds - 5:46 pace. Giggity. Giggity.

In addition to loving the cool guy Google satellite pictures that running track work creates, I lurves me some graphs.  I used to use RunningAhead to track my miles, but since I was tracking them in an excel file as well as the Garmin software, I thought that the third place was just a bit too much.  Of course, as irony would have it, I've since started using the arguably less featured DailyMile.  But, I digress...  RunningAhead has, by far the best graphing options of any I've used, and track work makes the most fun graphs to look at.  Bada-bing, bada-boom.  Behold: Today's run.

What do you use to track your miles?  Website?  Logbook? Carrier pidgin?


I'll admit it, that itching you've been having was me I'm a fan of Internet Memes. (Click that link if you are in the mood for a laugh...full discloure, it is a bit of an earworm song).  I'm always good for 20 random things about myself or tagging a bunch of other blogs.

A few days back, BerryFine tagged me for the Cherry on Top Award.  From what I gather, this award is given to bloggers who like pink and cupcakes - sometimes together.  What can I say, BerryFine has me pegged.

Rules are as follows:
  1. #1: Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
  2. #2: The second thing you have to do is, pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award.
  3. #3: The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award.

  1. #1: Would I change anything?  Honestly?  Nope.  Things really have worked out pretty well so far.  Since this is a running blog, it may sound a bit cliche, but the only thing that I would change would be to go out for track or cross country in high school.  I wonder how fast I could be, given a little bit of semi-professional training.  Well, also I guess if I had the possibility to go back in time to change something I would either buy one of those Back to the Future style sports scores books or maybe make off with a hover-board.

  2. #2: Propagating (triple word score!!) these lists is always hard.  I was ALWAYS the last person picked in every sport so I hate popularity contests.  But, rules are rules.  I decided the most democratic way would be to tag the people who gave some of the best advice on registering for babies.

    -- Alma @ The Average Woman's Running Blog not only feels my overwhelming pain, but also gave me boatloads of good advice - including a website that I can use while shopping in my underwear.  In fact, my wife ordered some things off of the website that she suggested and they came the next day!
    -- Zaneta @ Runner's Luck basically offered to knit me a blanket.  I would like my blanket shaped like a poncho and sweat wicking so that I can wear it while running in the cold cold Arizona mornings. You know, 60 degrees.  Burrrrr.
    -- Pam at Thirty Schmirty reminded me that I forgot the beer.  Touche Pam, touche.
    -- Andrew @ Running Man Wannabe: Andrew reminds me a lot of myself when I first started running.  His first EVER 5K is in 6 weeks!  He suggested my new baby boy should play with garbage.  Also, I am pretty sure that he recommended that I get breast implants.
    -- Jeff @ Running through Phoenix: Reminded me that if you get the right pump, it can suck milk from river rock.  Of course, I will listen to this because my entire front yard is FILLED with rocks! (Update, not sure where I learned how to count but I only had 5 when I first posted this.  Added Jeff to round out the 6!)
    -- Finally, I'll tag Jamoosh, but I honestly don't think he does these types of deals. He not only turned a casual email exchange that we had into a Internet sensation, but he was the catalyst for my most favorite post in recent memory.  (Scroll down, pee your pants, rinse, repeat)

  3. #3: Thanks BerryFine for tagging me!!  When I read your blog I constantly say ugg, this adult content warning makes me feel dirty "you always post exactly what I am thinking".  I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing, but it is definitely something.


Andrew Opala said...

is one shoe bigger than the other so that you don't even need to lean into the turns?


I have to checkout runningahead ... I'm on dailymile only because of the widget I saw on other peoples sites


you buggar!

destinationathlete said...

I said it before, I'll say it again:

DAMN. You're fast.

Chris K said...

Okay, according to Bart Yasso you are ready to make a BQ attempt. Follow my logic here. I took 5:46 per mile for 400M and added 10%. Seems reasonable since "Yasso 800's" only require 10 intervals. That equates to 6:20 per mile or a 3:10 marathon (according to Bart). Go Adam, Go Adam. BTW, Andrew is awesome. Good pick.

Jaime Runs said...

I use Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center. Neither is all that awesome, but good enough for what I need.

Damn, you ARE fast ;)

Leah B. said...

86 seconds??? Geez, I wish!

Andrew Opala said...

Ok, just went for a walk with my wife ... looked up at the moon and reviewed our lives today.

I'm up for the challenge. And I appreciate it.

Thank you Adam. I will need to do this in the morning though when I get back from my 7.5k run that you did not advise me to do. :)

Thanks Chris - I think you are awesome. But more, I'm very blessed to be within such a great group of uncomplicated people that are so helpful and honest. And I don't really remember how this all started. LOL :)

Adrienne said...

Holy crappers, guess your running slump bad mojo is over. Way to crank out those laps!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I love graphs too. I swear I spend more time looking at the graph from my run than I actually spent running.

C2Iowa said...

I am addicted to charts and graphs. However, I use Garmin Training Center the most.

I said it before and will again "YOU are WICKED fast".

Berryfine said...

1. The adult content thing makes me think I should put more adult content on the site. Really I think it got added when I set up the Little Black Book which is definitely adult contented (not a word. #$%#)
2. Anyone notice how great the picture of the Oktoberfest girls is? Boobs, booze and the two ugly girls are taking sips out of their beers so you can't see they're ugly and the hot one is looking at you like "yeah, Imma drink this beer and meet you in the room you stud". I'm just saying.
3. I'm glad I say what you are thinking. Guess I should talk a little more.

kilax said...

Those are some awesome 400s! Wow! The other day I had to do 8 and thought that was a lot. But 12?! :)

RunningLaur said...

Are you dizzy from all of those loops?

Sport tracks and that's all. As an engineer it's bred into me that any repetition of data will mean one of the two is inevitably wrong. Every item is only to be reported once and everything is to be recorded.

Runners Fuel said...

I love graphs, too. Right now, I'm just using the Garmin software.

Jamoosh said...

I'm supposed to track my miles - so that's why the computer beeps at me every time I plug in my Garmin. Well, this changes everything!

Raegun said...

I track my miles with the good ol' tally system:
- take pen
- mark little ticks in a notebook
- cross off when you get to 5
- repeat
It's easy when you are logging 3 miles per day, lol.
Congrats on the award! You blog is hilarious and great source of inspiration to newbies.

Spike said...

I did a similar track workout last Tuesday. 2 x (6 x 400) with 1:30 rest between 400s and 2:30 rest between sets. Had times very close to yours. But didn't run them in the am like I had wanted to (I seem to deal with track workouts better in the am).

So, basically, well done.

I track miles, miles per shoes, names of shoes, personalities of shoes, names of garmins, names of hills I run, names of ipods, and baseball stats.

Luke said...

I use to track my crap.

My best 400 is about 105 seconds. I can't beleive you are that fast and didn't run in high school!

Christina said...

I use for tracking my miles, shoes, etc.

Here's an interesting article on running burnout.

Glenn Jones said...

Have you checked out Sportstracks at It's great if you're a PC person.

Zaneta said...

Awe!! Thanks for honoring me by mentioning me in your blog!! I will have to get to that today or tomorrow :)

Ewa said...

Just found your blog.
I've been using RunningAhead for years. Love that website and the community is great also.
But since I am a data addict I also use SportTracks. This program keeps data on my Mac (or a PC)

Alma F. said...

Thanks for the cherry, Adam! I will post a response a bit later.
As for the baby junk...I actually have a little "memo" on the 10 things I thought were the most useful/needed items for the first weeks after baby came. If you have an email address, I can send it if you want? It came about because I was one of 16 friends/family having babies in 2009 and we were all making notes for each other to help out.