Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Registering

First, the heavens parted, the monsoon rains cleared any sidewalk bird/dog poop, and The Fonz gave a boisterous "Eeeyyyyy" of approval during my run today.  The slogfest running streak is over.  I agree with most people that the new shoes helped, but honestly it was just a matter of time before I finally had a decent run again.  Did 7 miles of marathon pace-ish running at 7:35 pace.  That puts me at 19 miles for the week thus far - on my way towards 40ish miles for the week overall.


This weekend, my wife and I registered for all of the various baby paraphernalia that we'll need to raise a happy, healthy, productive producer of poop and spit-up.  Registering for anything, babies, weddings, sweet 16s, whatever, is a very interesting occurrence.  Essentially what you are saying is:

"Something special is happening to me.  Oh, you're going to buy things for me?  Well here, take this list and buy me EXACTLY these things."

As if I wouldn't be appreciative of a ball of yarn and some chopsticks. (Build your own blanket!!)  But, I manned up like a little sheep of society and registered. Just like all of my role models say:  "Don't hate the player, hate the game....and don't buy me any of those ugly baby clothes with the pictures of bizarre dump trucks on them. (kidding kidding...they're on the registry)"

Registering for the baby was actually both really fun and terrifying at the same time.  On the positive side, you get to use a gun...that has lasers(!!) and you get to pretend like you're a gun slinger in some very strange B movie:
Saving the world from high prices
One arched eyebrow at a time

Also, probably one of the most fun things was terrorizing my wife by registering for things that were in no way related to the occasion at hand.  For the baby, it was TVs and candy.  For our wedding, it was little kid's spider man underwear.  Both times, I thought that I was HILARIOUS.

Hello - price cut!  
Our friends would be stupid if they DIDN'T buy this for me.

Unfortunately though, after a while, registering for baby things gets a little bit frustrating and a LOT overwhelming.  There are just so many things that my little man is going to need!  I think that my wife and I were both very overwhelmed at various stages in the process.  How many undershirts does he need?  What about burp rags?  Do we actually need a running stroller and a regular stroller?  What about 3 different kinds of teethers?  It is enough to make a guys head spin.

I'm going to need to be more hydrated.  Not even a drop came out!

The stores that we went to were really good about providing some lists of all of the things that they feel that you'll need.  Of course, those lists were overinflated with basically everything in the 4 baby isles.  But, even in spite of the huge lists I did find a few things that were not on the list that, as a germophobe, I felt were absolutely necessary.

Babies are dirty.  I registered for 3 gallons.
You can dip kids in bleach a-la flee dip, right?

Eventually though, we did figure out everything that we needed...hopefully.  After two trips to both of the places we registered at, we both think that we're pretty well covered.  If anything I'll use our registry list as a good "things to buy" list once the baby is a bit closer.  Until then, I'll continue to freak out just a little bit every time I see anything in the shape of a teething ring.


onebadrunner said...

other than diapers and a few shirts, our babies needed none of that crap.
they chewed on whatever was at arms-length, played with anything big enough to 'grasp' (baby-lingo), and ate whatever I put in their mouth.
you'll be great parents just because you're freaked out about it. those who don't freak - beware!

C2Iowa said...

Babies are dirty. I registered for 3 gallons.
You can dip kids in bleach a-la flee dip, right?

LMAO! Too funny.

Chad said...

1. Don't bother with the hand-operated breast pump. We rented a proper pump, and it was awesome.
2. We got a few of these SwaddleMe things, and they ROCKED. Leah loved being wrapped up tight at bedtime. It was the only way to get her to sleep through the night for the first few months.
3. Get one type of bottle and stick with it. You don't want to try matching nipples to bottles in the middle of the night.

Cynthia O'H said...

Don't get the pump until you're sure you need it. Not all babies take to the boob - I know, hard to believe. Yes, I wrote boob.

Don't get too much until you know what you need; diapers, p.j's and blankets. That's all you need for the first 3 months. Besides, babes grow quickly and you don't want to waste clothes. Spend the money on running gear instead.
Just kidding.

Get two strollers - a small one for the car and outings (i.e. cheap) and the Mercedes of Baby Joggers (that way, you'll have it for years and years of baby running; I'm still using mine after 5 years - and he's over 40 pounds).

Emz said...

Ok-this post rocks.

one of my favs for sure.

Never give the MAN the scanning device. .... Always the pregnant chika.

Barefoot Neil Z said...

Gawd Adam, that is good stuff. You have no idea of what you don't know yet! Make sure you pick all the toys that YOU would like to play with, because baby doan care for the first 4 months. Also. Get more burp cloths that you think anyone could ever use. ever. And diapers. A container of diapers from China aught to do it.

Tricia said...

You're going to end up with a bunch of stuff you don't need and not enough of the stuff you do need. Thats just the way it always happens.

abbi said...

I loved this post. I don't have kids and have no idea what all they need but here's hoping you get all your 'stuff'...including that TV!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Always request cash and then get stuff for yourself. It's more fun anyway.

Ace said...

Clearly you are on track for successful parenting. Though I would strongly suggest that you NEED a 100" HDTV not that tiny one you were scanning in the picture. Don't make the kid strain his eyes!

Andrew Opala said...

too funny ... mojo is back for some time dude (couple of months at least) ... use it well.

Children play with packaging ... just pull that out of garbage bins ... you can dunk in Clorox and you've got it made. Buy more bleach.

What you really need is a gigantic chest to put all the crap in. When people drop in and you need that one room to be clean - this is the biggest life saver ... by the time the car doors close on the driveway to the doorbell ringing - you've got enough time to put everything in any room into that big chest!

Remeber adam BIG CHEST!

Julie said...

Hi Adam,
Woo are registered! I remember doing that not too long ago. My little guy is four:)

BTW, there is no way and hell you are getting the TV but great idea:)

Cute picture of your wife...she is adorable preggers!

Angie Bishop said...

Its funny how much stuff you get when you have your first baby!! Get a good sling for holding him close to your and still have your hands free and your life will be a million times easier!! I like the Maya wrap the best. Order it online.

After having 4 babies I have learned that a sling when they are little is priceless. I always carried them where they were in the sling vertically with legs tucked under them and cinched tight to my chest. They never liked to be horizontal and its not very good for their spines according to many chiropractors.

After they get to be about 5 ish months old you can put them in a front/back pack carrier.. I like the Mei Thai but an Ergo is good too. Google both for sure.

Besides those, if your wife breastfeeds then you need diapers and some easy on, easy off clothes and you are set :)

Adrienne said...

I know this is going to sound weird but: you can have my breast pump. My kitchen is CLOSED! Seriously it's awesome ($300) super deluxe Medela brand. You can order your own tubing and suction cups for like $30 bucks but forget the stores just come to my house for anything you don't get at your shower, or send me a list and I'll round it up and ship it to you. Other stuff you can have is baby bjorn, carseat (s) and I've had about 10 strollers over the years so take your pick. Can you tell I'm trying to unload my stuff..... Happy days ahead for you.

Luke said...

i did the same thing for our wedding registry, Cb wondered how we got registered for so many containers of trail mix..everybody thought the wii was me too but that was her.

A buddy of mine gave me the advice (not that I need it because kids are the devil) to start buying diapers as soon as you find out she's pregnant. You can never have too many, and when the kid grows just exchange them for the new size.

The Sean said...

Great post, Adam:) Lynnea just opened a baby store here in our little town of Boone!! A great way to test out the merchandise.

Pam said...

Dude, you forgot the beer.

Lisa said...

First, congrats on the runner.

it's interesting to hear a guy's point of view on all this. I can't imagine what it's like to be expecting a baby and dealing with such a huge life change. Sounds like you got it all figured out and you'll be ready for your little guy to arrive! At least with enough burp cloths and onesies!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Please register for condoms --this can't happen again!!!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Take Adrienne up on her offer!! That is the cadillac of breast pumps and will suck milk from a river rock. Also, stock up on plain white cloth diapers. They are perfect for all kinds of spit up stuff and cleaning. Get a case of bottled water and put it on the floor right next to her glider/rocker and your pokey camp chair.

Alma F. said...

Babies R' Us made me cry the first time I went in - way TOO overwhelming - but it looks like you had the right attitude :)

Can you register mom for some pre- and post-natal massage???

For baby, I highly recommend (not available at BRU but Amazon yes):

*Sofie le' Giraffe for teething. Nothing better.
*Ergo (beats Bjorn & all others, hands down, more comfortable for wearer & wearee)
*Moby wrap (requires PhD to learn how to use but once you get it, fantastic for mom for first 3 months, allows use of arms while still holding baby)
*Happiest Baby on the Block DVD is essential to survival if your baby isn't a sleeper

As for pump - I had one for home, one for work, so I didn't have to schlep back & forth. Medela InStyle. Good good but takes practice. Don't buy though until you know you will need it. And it's perfectly OK to use formula if the breast feeding thing doesn't work out. Small hand-pump (AVENT is good) great for weekends away. You can always get a pump on Craig's List or at a consignment shop & buy new parts (tubing, bottles, funnel part) that actually touch the milk (no point in paying new $$ for just the pump motor when you can use that cash for other stuff).

Our little guy is 14 months old and you know, it's such an incredible experience. Say goodbye to your heart because it's about to get stolen...

Alma F. said...

oh hey - and check out

free OVERNIGHT delivery for orders over $47 (it's easy with diapers) and they sell all kinds of stuff.


Jill said...

Most of that crap you'll never use; register for 500,000 diapers!! I promise, you'll use them all!

Her Name is Rio said...

If you go for a breast pump, Medela makes great ones...much better than the handpumps. Can cost a bit, but some hospitals rent them.

Diapers. Can never have too many diapers.

Zaneta said...

hey... im a pro with yarn and chopsticks! seriously! haha so if you want a handknitted baby blanket let me know ;)

Barefoot Neil Z said...

This comment thread is awesome. My guy is 3 now and I sure wish I had this list when i started. Good on ya for sharing Adam, it's already paid off for you!

Leah B. said...

Aw, a exciting! I was overwhelmed just registering for my wedding. I can't imagine for a baby. And you NEED a running stroler. I just think that would be so much fun! said...

Lol! Since you are having a boy, you will definitely need a TV and candy. Did you register for the X-Box and COD yet because my son tells me this is an absolute necessity from birth : )

Awesome run, did you bike and swim, lol!!!!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

yes, you need a running stroller and a regular stroller. UNLESS you get a running stroller where the front wheel can lock or unlock. Trust me.

Looks like you had a lot of fun...but thank GOD I am not having to shop off yoru register. Actually, when my brother and his wife registered I bought a coke and a snikcers off the register. It was hilarious I thought. =) Oh and cheap! Saved me a lot of money!

ShutUpandRun said...

What?? I think the little guy really needs a new Garmin and maybe a treadmill.

Glenn Jones said...

I hope you didn't forget the important stuff - XBox 360 and sports games. Hey - the kid will need to learn eye hand coordination and the intracacies of team sports!

Anonymous said...

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