Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock and Roll Seattle Race Preview

Through traveling full time for work, I have had the opportunity to visit the far corners of the United States – with one exception. The Northwest. The closest that I’ve ever came to visiting the Northwest was when I went to Napa….and let’s just say that my trip to Napa is a little wine bottle “fuzzy”. So, since my wife is nearly 16 weeks pregnant and most of our summer trips are to visit family, we’re considering this little marathon trip a bit of a “babymoon”.

I can only assume that the term “babymoon” is the complex ritual where as the husband beats his legs to a pulp running a marathon, proceeds to “refuel” with grain liquor, and has the company of his wife to be the designated driver. If it isn’t, please don’t tell my wife.

We’re pretty touristy when we travel, so we’ve got activities galore planned – which is just the way I like it. Unfortunately, this means that I am likely not going to be able to meet up with a few other Seattle’ians or fellow RnR’ers. BUT, if you’re running, I think I’ll be outside of corral #6 30 min before.

Train for the race you want, race the race that you have
Over the past few weeks (taper madness?) I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide what my “goal” pace should be. I always like to have a range when I set a goal for a race, because so much depends on the day – specifically the weather. Hot day? Bump it down a bit. Cool day? Have at it. Gut-rot? Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Being a bit of a math dork, I used the McMillian calculator and the Runners World Smart Coach to try to reverse engineer my race goals. For example, I used the Runners World Smart Coach to try to spit out a training plan that seemed to match the miles and paces I ran. The great thing is that the training plans will tell you what pace you should race at! A little OCD? Yes. Did it help me sleep at night? Not as much as the booze did.

I was essentially trying to see if I could justify a 3:20 goal. Welp**, unfortunately it DID say that I could do it, so here goes the goals**:

A Goal: Sub 3:20
B Goal: New PR (3:25:30)
C Goal: Sub 3:30

To be clear, I’m not sand bagging. That is, setting low expectations and then crushing them on race day. These are honest to goodness goals that will require all sorts of horse steroids orifice puckering to achieve.

I’m reminded of the old saying about marathons: A 20 mile jog followed by a 10K race. This couldn’t be truer. (I originally had “more true” in there but grammar check didn’t like it) I can hold a 3:20 pace through 20 miles no problem – it is the last 6.2 that separate the Lady Gagas from the Justin Biebers.

So, I guess on Saturday, that is what I need to decide:
Do I want to be a slightly strange, take no prisoners, hard ass Lady Gaga?
Or, do I want to be a Justin Bieber?

Seems like a pretty simple answer to me. Poker Face Time

**Said with a slight southern drawl and a hint of suspenders


Kerrie T. said...

I think there will be LOTS of us at 6:30 Saturday morning. Happy babymoon!

Chris Korn said...

I'm feeling it. 3:20 and that's the truer.

inspiREDtorun13 said...

Usher would be so upset to hear your JB analogy! I feel like Justin's mom would be as well, so your point holds it's weight.

If you're up on Lady Gaga news, try not to flip too many people the bird in your last 6.2 miles ;)

Jamoosh said...

You are so not Justin Bieber. Kick ass and good luck!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Up-tempo 'yeah yeah yeah' music with all their chicka chicka will only lead you to trouble Adam. Run this race with earplugs in and don't pay any attention to all of the tomfoolery. Run the race to escape the crazy people behind you.

EZEthan said...

So does this mean you're running full costume?

Ed said...

Eff Lady Gaga!!! Go for the gold... Go for the Bieber! Then continue to baby boom your ass off! Have a good one! Good luck!

Angie Bishop said...

Have an awesome time!! Kick some assphalt and try not to let the paparazzi get you down :)

Ace said...

I vote for a Weird Al type run, CNR style. Rock it!

Colin Hayes said...

I might have read your post too quickly, but apparently you'll be running the race dressed as Lady Gaga?

Welcome to Seattle! Have a great race.

mo said...

um, don't want to burst your bubble, but Napa is not the Northwest.
I'm volunteering in the med tent- hopefully I wont see you there! Good luck!

Cynthia O'H said...

Babymoon. Plan another before Junior arrives.

Sending vibes for a 3:20.

RunnuRMark said...

You've got 3:20 man. Do it. I think we should hit Boston together in 2012. Make it happen! And by "make it happen", I also mean provide airfare, lodging, and wife convincing for me.

Pam said...

Sending you fast vibes right now as you are running!!!

64 CLASSIC said...

If you are a true "math dork" as you say you are..... go for the AAAAAAAA!!!!! 3:20!! Good Luck!!

Her Name is Rio said...

No matter the results, enjoy the sights and sounds of Seattle and drink a nice big glass of Northwestern special brew! Look forward to hearing about the experience!

Glenn Jones said...

Hope you hit one of your goals!

kilax said...

I hope you had fun today Adam, and met your goals.

Enjoy Seattle! The farthest west I have been is Nevada! I have a lot of traveling to do withing the US.